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JEE Mains 2016 Online Paper Wrong Question.

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Earlier this month in JEE Mains offline exam, there were 4 questions that were reported to be incorrect. Check the 4 incorrect questions here for JEE Mains (3rd April, 2016) Concerned about this situation and seeing the growing confusion among students, we took an initiative to file a petition against the board to bring in a framework to avoid such negligence. …

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CBSE Mains Offline 2016 – Y U Make Incorrect Questions (Petition)

Hridesh Jain CBSE (VII, IX, X), Engineering, Important Information, JEE Main, News, Recess, State JEE/CET Leave a Comment

Hey! We know there is a lot of confusion among the student community relating to the bonus marks because of the wrong questions in JEE Mains offline. We are appalled by this situation and we hope the CBSE board takes the right decision in this scenario, but that is not what we are agitated against. We are concerned about such …