Download JEE Main online answer keys, 9th April, 23rd April, 25th April

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JEE Main online answer keys for 9th April, 23rd April and 25th April are given below


9th April Answer Key within the question paper


download here


23th April Answer Key within the question paper

download here

25th April Answer Key within the question paper

download here

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Keval Pandya says:

Kyaa 23rd april ki answer key 100% sahi hai? kyonki mere 179 ke badle 139 marks aaye hai.

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Q39 of Chem, 25 April.Is its ans. Correct?

Are solutions of 23rd paper 100% right?

Ishaan Chaturvedi says:

I was expecting alot from maths… but i ended up with a 33. What about you? I think maths has a few mistakes…

Yeah even I am thinking some answers are wrong..specially in marks have also gone down the hill…I think there was one question wrong in phy…

Sumit Sapra says:

which ques is wrong in phy ques 11 ?

Yes…it's wrong right?

What are your scores coming to people, for the paper of 9th April?

185.. n agar woh p,d,m hai toh 190

Kuldeep Meena says:


Samlesh Choudhury says:


Has any other institute uploaded the answer key for JEE Mains Online : 9th April

sujnesh says:

i think in 25 paper answers for physics annd chem are wrong

AabhasMehrotra says:

are all solutions given for 25th apr 100% correct

sujnesh says:

@AabhasMehrotra no i dont think so especially physics and chemistry parts

AabhasMehrotra says:

@sujnesh maths r 100% crrct

Sajal Hada says:

please upload 25th april jee main paper

Samlesh Choudhury says:

kaun bewakoof 9th april ka answer banaya kyunki in this solution physics 3 questions answers are wrong and chemistry 1 question answer is wrong I am 1000 % sure.

BeIng Mohit says:

mujha bhi kuch aisa hi lag rha h >>.

BeIng Mohit says:

@samlesh choudhury: yaar tumh konse questions k solution galat laag rha h >. plzz… specify them !!

mujhe b laga.. N 1 question in maths… Plz specify… I think in phy. 24 n in maths Ques. 61 answers are wrong.. :/

Samlesh Choudhury says:

physics mein glass slab wale question mein ans 49:1 aayega ,q vs t graph question mein ans p,d,m aayega and dipole ke q mein ans 6p1p2 wala option aayega kyunki 3p1p2 ke denominator mein X^3 hai toh woh nahin ho sakta aur at the end chemistry wale enzyme q mein ans diastase aayega maltase nahin ncert mein likha he

BeIng Mohit says:

@samlesh choudhury : i'm 100% sure about .. dipole wala question;
ans would be 6p1p2/x^4.
and.. q vs T graph : ques's ans would be p,d,m !!
becoz.. dQ/dT = n.Cv..

BeIng Mohit says:

Samlesh Choudhury : atomic size wla question mai : ans : K(e^2)/mc^2
hoga yaar.. check it .. im 100% sure about that !!

Physics : 1. Dipole question ka answer 6p1p2 /x4 aa raha hai.
@ BeIng Mohit : yes, atomic size wale question ka answer k(e^2)/(mc^2) aa raha hai. @ Samlesh Choudhary : The Answer is DIASTASE and not MALTASE. @ Vatsal Prakash : In Maths, the answer of q61 is without the minus sign.

Nope. Atomic size is the value given in option 4. That's the formula for radius of an orbit.

Samlesh Choudhury says:

and 49:1 is that the correct ans of answer of glass slab i am getting

Samlesh Choudhury says:

anyone present

BeIng Mohit says:

@srihari radhakrishnan : atomic size means wht ???
atmic radius nae !!!

BeIng Mohit says:

Manan Ramnani : wht about q vs T graph : ques's ;
ans would be p,d,m !! nae

Radius and size are compared here. That's the logic, I think. But maybe I'm wrong.

Samlesh Choudhury 49:1 for sure.

BeIng Mohit says:

Srihari Radhakrishnan : ohh..! god make dis happen !! :)
well . ol dl best frnds!!

@manan .. yup :) thanxx..

Vatsal Prakash physics main 24- P D M maths: 3/(1-x)*2 chemistry- Diastase converts starch into maltose

Samlesh Choudhury says:

ya its P D M sure itna worry karne ki koi baat nai

Samlesh Choudhury dipole monent ka answer k 3p1p2/x*4 hai its a printing mistake by CBSE

Samlesh Choudhury ' glass slab wala question wrong hai , kyonki neeche wali ray completely reflected ho rahi hai so full intensity will be reflected, hence no answer

Samlesh Choudhury says:

Himanshu Varshney first point :
in the dipole question answers are two 3Kp1p2/x^4 (when the two dipoles are parralel and one is paasing through the equitorial axis of other ,in avertical plane in short ) now the second situation is when both are axial with each other and are parralel then ans is 6Kp1p2/x^4 and as in the q it is written they are short diples so no problem (this the hidden trick in it ) and for the slab q there was also a hidden information that is u will find that though they have not shown refraction at the second surface but they have cleverly shown refraction at the first surface and now if the ight ray has ungone total internal reflection on the second surface then it would have not emerged from the first surface becoz u will find that it is the same angle of incidence inside the glass slab in both cases (first case on reflection from second surface and second case on reflection from the first surface )in short we have to consider refraction at all surfaces and you ans will be coming 49:1

Samlesh Choudhury ok leave it, I suppose online papers were much much harder than offline . were they?

BeIng Mohit says:

may be ??

Nope! the offline paper's physics was freaking crazy. the paper of online was a bit easier.

no offline was much easier than online, physics in online had only 2-3 difficult question

and question on molecular weight of polymers was out of Ncert syllabus

Zohan Dvir says:

yes man!,some questions are wrong, in the 9 april solution, electroosmosis and one other is surely wrong,i checked from ncert,and even in physics 1 questions is definiterly wrong,,even if u are the head of fiitjee or vidyamandir,u dont mess with what ncert says!!

Keshav Chandra says:

22 april?

Kindly upload the April 22nd answer key as well.

Lakshya Mjforever says:

22 april?

Kranthi Saiyan says:

what about 22nd paper?

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