Facebook offers NIT Allahabad student Rs 1.34 crore package

This is a spectacular news , probably to all the students who are in NIT’s , The Social networking giant , Facebook has reportedly made an offer of Rs 1.34 Crore which is $262,500 to a student at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. This offer made to MNNIT student is probably the highest offer made in the campus placements this year in the country.

Apparently the average salary at MNNIT is Rs 12 Lakh and there are exceptions of  Rs 19-20 Lakh packages offered to students at the institute , but this is the first time that a student at MNNIT has received such a huge package. MNNIT has earlier approached facebook but this is the first time a student has cleared 9 rounds of interview and has impressed recruiters at facebook.

Facebook has made several offers at engineering colleges in the country, the company offered 65 Lakh package to one IIT Delhi student and two IIT Roorkee students and 77 lakh packages to four students at IIT Kharagpur . But this offer made at MNNIT is the highest packages this year.

Geet Sethi says:

iit is not everything:)

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talented is always won. insititute doesn't matter on the way of success.

AshokKuppala says:

Good to see Great Talent from India

Clooney Rises says:

so it is officially proved that there is life beyond IIT.
pls guys share other success stories of engineers from normal colleges and NITs.

very nice………..

Mayank Yadav says:

so in india.. Every thing is not just IIT.

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just ossum

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Don't worry..next is our turn.

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just awesome..must read this article.

That's my Colg GuY we rocks..

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