Few questions from JEE Main online exam, 9th April 2013

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There are some questions from JEE Main online exam that was held on 9th April 2013. These questions are provided by users on 100Marks.
If you remember any other question, please mail them to us at info@100marks.in.
1. An engine is getting up a hill. It is at 0.9km then the driver sounds a Horn and its echo is heard by him after 5 sec . It the sound travels at a speed 330m/s . Then what is the speed of the engine ?
2. ( 1 / 1 ) + ( 1 / 1+2 ) + ( 1 / 1+2+3 ) ….. upto 10 .. the sum would be
Option A ,. 20 / 11 B,. 18 / 11 C,. 16 / 9 D, 22 / 13
3. If A B C are the sides of a triangle then Determinant a b c , b c a , c a b would be … ( its in the determinant form 3 x 3 matrix ) would be
options 1, Positive 2, Negative 3, Non- Negative 4, Non-Positive
4. Here’s one x^2/4c^2 + y^2/c^2 = 1 is an ellipse and there is a circle x^2 +y^2=9a^2 …. Find the condition in terms of a and c such that they intersect in 4 points..

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Tavleen Kaur says:

please help me out. I have a confusion. at the end of the online paper. there was a list showing the no. of questions attempted, mrked fr review and unanswered. I want to knw if suppose there are 10 questions in marked for review column. do these 10 questions include those questions which I have not attempted but marked for review OR does it include those questions which I have answered but marked fr review and they will be counted for evaluation. reply please

noo unanswered questions and marked for question are diifferent

Tavleen Kaur says:

ok that means if i have 57 attempted and 10 marked fr review , and if say all my answers are correct , no negative, then my score would be 268 ? this is wat i actually want to ask

but the 10 question u marked for review will not counted in your score only 57 question will be counted

Tavleen Kaur your marked question will so be counted in your total score
u can even check instructions in mock test given in jee mains site

Ya 268… national topper :P Congrats! :D

Aditya Mahajan says:

anyone please post questions that came in jee main held on today

SahilSinghal says:

help me with que no. 2

AppunniMohanan says:

HCl + 3-phenylpropene gives  ?
 ans : 1-choro-1-phenylpropane

guys what is the benefit of uploading these questions as the paper is different in online.

Adicherla Shravan Kumar says:

mine exam is on 22nd.

MangeshKokare says:

what is  the method for 2nd sum

AppunniMohanan says:

@MangeshKokare 2[ (1 – 1/2 )+ (1/2 – 1/3) + ……. ) upto ten terms so last term will be  (1/10 – 1/11).  All terms cancel out except first and  last so  answer = 2( 1 – 1/11 )= 20/11.

Tavleen Kaur says:

1.let v be the velocity of engine. so relative speed of sound is 330-v whereas the distance it has to cover is 1.8km or 1800m (900m in going and 900m in returning).time taken is 5 sec. so 1800=(330-v).5

kitna padtii hn yr bus kr :P

Tavleen Kaur says:

Yash Bhandari lol. mere paper me aaya tha ye question but waha mjse nhi hua becoz of shortage of time and more nd more panic. :)

arey whi to bola tjhe relax kr paper ate jaate rhenge :P

Tavleen Kaur says:

hehe.! yea.. :)

Post something useful atleast? :P

Tavleen Kaur says:

I posted it there. At ths 100 marks page, in comments. I had no idea that it would become a newsfeed. :p

TavleenKaur says:

1.let v be the velocity of engine. so relative speed of sound is 330-v whereas the distance it has to cover is 1.8km or 1800m (900m in going and 900m in returning) .time taken is 5 sec. so 1800=(330-v).5

Karthik Gade says:

please share ques from organic.

Harsimran Singh says:


Shona Jali says:

hey plzzzzzzzzzz cn any one here tell me some question came in online exam I hav my exam on 22 plzzzzz help me plzzzzzzz I need help plzzzzzzzzzz.

Aayan Mitra says:

mil jaye toh hame bi pas karna …plz my exam is on 25 email me question ayega forward kar dena plzzz… form.of.2013@gmail.com

Keshav Nagpal says:

hey mine too…on 22..

Adicherla Shravan Kumar says:

hey mine too.. on 22nd

apney bhi yahan post kardena plz mera 23 ko hai

Rishav Jalan says:

mera bhi 23rd ko hain..will be waiting for some more questions….

Rishav Jalan question same thodi aa raha honga yr

ans for
1. 30
2. 20/11
3.non negative
4. 3a>2c, 3a<-2c.

Purlov Arora Babbar says:

how 30?
& for 3 question im getting non positive
& do tell ma abt the 4th question

1 mein velocity -30 aa rahi hai

mastercool8695 says:

@admin keep updating the main post from the fb comments.

Anirudh Challa says:

here's one more question -

sin[cot*(1+x)] = cos[tan*(x)].
Value of X is.
A) 0 B) 1 C) 1/2 D) -1/2.

Note- * implies inverse.
Ans is D.) -1/2.

Aayan Mitra says:

anirudh will u plz provide me online question paper of jee main held on 9 april ……question paper was mailed on your email id by jee … plz forward it to form.of.12@gmail.com so that we will prepare …..our exam is on 25 april

Keval Pandya says:

Hello, If you get some more questions like this, you may post them here. And thnx for this questions.

Chembrolu Kameshwar Rao says:

Keval Pandya .one more question from chemistry:
which of the following will exhibit the most no of ox.states with its compounds?

Tavleen Kaur says:

option <a>

Chembrolu Kameshwar Rao is ans c

Tavleen Kaur which question & what is d ans of chembrolu's question

Tavleen Kaur says:

Bharat Bajoria ans a of chembrolu's question

Rohan Pandey says:

1) ans is 30 (it was in d optn).
and the answr for 3rd one is negative bcoz the triangl was given to be scalene(question is incomplete here).


3.non positive

3.non negative

getting 335 fr first ques.

Varun Mathur says:

dude units r in km and m/s convert!!

Ashwani Agarwal says:

answer of 4th question is: c<3a<2c.

Jatin Malik says:

Here are the answers to first 3 questions:

Dhananjay Rajsharma says:

ans of 3 is non positive as the determinant is zero for equilateral triangle

Samlesh Choudhury says:

jatin u are wrong the first q ans is 30

@jatin: thnx bro!! and damn dat gave some hopes coz all my answers were correct

Samlesh Choudhury dude 30 wasnt even the option provided there

Dhananjay Rajsharma yea i guess ur ryt

Samlesh Choudhury says:

u better cross check subham dude i am giving u a link http://www.100marks.in/ask/questions/5166d67f33350/physics-question-on-9th-april-jee-online-exam and i doubt whether 200 was there in option :D

can someone explain how 200 came..??

Samlesh Choudhury says:

200 cannot come as it is not the ans

Akshit Goel says:


Parikshith Nair says:

q had scalne triangle

yaar thodey questions aur post kar do

Dhananjay Rajsharma Answer is negative since its given scalene.

@jatin.. bhai in first ques 200 is nt in option
options are
32, 60, 30, 27.5

Chandana Kuruganty says:

test to differentiate formaldehyde, acetaldehyde.

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