IIT JEE from 2013 will be conducted twice a year

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Apparently MHRD minister Kapil Sibal is trying hard to bring big changes in the way entrance examinations are held in India, especially with ISEET  (ISEET is renamed back to IIT JEE) and NEET.

It is already reported that from 2013 the earlier pattern of IIT JEE is scrapped and AIEEE examination is totally scrapped , but there will be one test JEE which will constitute of Main and Advanced test with 40% weightage to the 12th board performance (The exact formula to calculate the percentages is already developed by Statistical I)

Reportedly now MHRD has decided to conduct JEE twice a year  once in November/December and then in April/May  starting from academic year 2013, the move is apparently to decrease pressure on students , as  there will be a single exam in place of IIT JEE and AIEEE and students might loose one year if they don’t do well in the JEE if it were held only once in a year.

It is also reported earlier that MHRD is also thinking about allowing engineering aspirants to take multiple attempts at 12th board examinations in a bid to remove stress from students.

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Sagarika Mukherjee says:

wat abt droppers?

Aakash Verma says:

superb…education evolution…happy with it…

Anjali Yadav says:

a gd
idea I guess!

Sanidhya Gupta says:

itni late sujhi maine to is saal de diya ab kya drop karung 2 bar dene ke liye? but still an awesome change.

Aditya Bist says:

topper 2 baar air 1 laana chahta hai?

Sanidhya Gupta says:

Aditya aur kya

Shubham Jais says:

wht's abt board exam it will incrse prssure on stdnt..

Ananya Mohanty says:

A very good move…. the stress will definitely be reduced to certain level.

Rahul Bhatia says:

are you kiddin me..hw cme mixing 2 xmz and dn just having it twice will reduce stress..plus level of jee is too high not evry1 can be so good in jee so what will happen to dose who cant perfrm good further there will be lots of clashes in ranks because now since ppl going to nits will be selected from lower ranks there will be lots of ties n biggest thiiing the institutes will have to have two seprate batch 4 each stream

Ananya Mohanty says:

Rahul Bhatia i think parents expectations will definitely be met by the students by taking multiple attempts. the interested students become depressed and again have to wait for 1 year in order to give the exams again if they fail the 1st time. but, reforms should brought in class 12 syllabus too like it should be a bit in level so that there won't be much problem while preparing for the entrances. about separate batches the institutes must definitely take care of all that.

Rahul Bhatia says:

Ananya 6 month or 12 those who have potential and zeal never get depress so dsnt make much of a dfrnc 4 dm and newys evry1 knws they have 1 xtra chance only so 6 mnth 12 dsnt chnge nethn

Ananya Mohanty says:

all students are not the same. 70% students get depressed. anyways for me its a good move. others may have different viewpoints.

Siddhartha Verma says:

Rahul Bhatia Most get depressed. Most feel it isn't even worth 1 year to waste. JEE level is high just because the coaching-waalaas made it so. Otherwise, it was meant to be at par with all other exams.

Siddhartha Verma says:

And I think they are going to make it like SAT. Many times a year, giving score cards instead of ranks, where students with higher scores, and higher aptitude get selected.

Rahul Bhatia says:

Siddhartha Verma no dude..those coashing walas din e1 existed in 80's n so bt stil the level n toughness during thattime was wway tooo high atlst 10 times tougher dn nw…n no way is it psble that coachng ppl mke it tough just andr myth abt coaching n ya yar if u dnt thnk dt another yr isnt worth 4 jee dn deep dwn inside u knw dt its nt meant4 u n u cnt clear it..those who knw they cn do it they nvr loose the hpe n nvr get depresed..n blv i hav persnally observed ds cz i myslf m in iit n knw d trends…dtz my 4 yr xperience dt …1)coaching dnt affect jee 2)dose who cn do it nvr loose hpe

Nikhil Roy says:

Ananya Mohanty ARE you trying to say that it is good because it favours the fulfilling of parent's expectations..come on…Students like to study for JEE because of it's toughness..SIMPLE DEFINITION FOR ISEET:IT WILL FAVOUR THE ENTRY OF BRAINLESS MEMORIZERS..THE DEATH OF ENGINEERING.

Nikhil Roy says:


Have the boards been consulted on conducting borard exam multiple times? They have not. They do not have the time or the resources to do so and most boards will never agree as they cannot do it. So the HRD is behaving in a shocking manner by inventing things and claiming impossible things just to push this thru.

Vincent Jayakumar says:

whether we need to qualify both the exams?.


will we take both of exam?

Rohit Lazy Guy says:

omg gr8

Ram Siddhartha says:

It now becomes easier for you … But you are not getting into IIT dude … Haha ..:P

Rohit Lazy Guy says:

Ateendra Ramesh Vikki Vignesh Sanjana Sarangarajan Rho Arc Krunal Patel Akshay Pk Balaji Venkat Arun Adhithya and others..

Divine scam – Ramadoss in Medical Scam, Ramasamy in Engineering Scam, Hey Ram! Did Gandhiji foresee this?


Very Nice Changes.
Kepp it up Sibbal!

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