NIT Surathkal Cut Off JEE Main 2013 (Revised)

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NIT Surathkal Cut Off JEE Main 2013 – Closing rank for all courses at NIT Surathkal, Karnataka

National Institute of Technology, Surathkal
Course wise Closing Rank List
Branch State category PwD Status Quota Closing Rank
ChemicalEngineering\Technology GE false HOME STATE 11722
ChemicalEngineering\Technology GE false OTHER STATE 8455
ChemicalEngineering\Technology OBC false HOME STATE 42156
ChemicalEngineering\Technology OBC false OTHER STATE 17692
ChemicalEngineering\Technology OBC true OTHER STATE 265260
ChemicalEngineering\Technology SC false OTHER STATE 69440
ChemicalEngineering\Technology ST false HOME STATE 216896
ChemicalEngineering\Technology ST false OTHER STATE 116571
CivilEngineering GE false HOME STATE 14084
CivilEngineering GE false OTHER STATE 7441
CivilEngineering GE true HOME STATE 722377
CivilEngineering GE true OTHER STATE 125620
CivilEngineering OBC false HOME STATE 44854
CivilEngineering OBC false OTHER STATE 13499
CivilEngineering SC false HOME STATE 132698
CivilEngineering SC false OTHER STATE 49752
CivilEngineering ST false HOME STATE 139228
CivilEngineering ST false OTHER STATE 59614
ComputerEngineering GE false HOME STATE 4108
ComputerEngineering GE false OTHER STATE 1785
ComputerEngineering GE true OTHER STATE 113317
ComputerEngineering OBC false HOME STATE 21044
ComputerEngineering OBC false OTHER STATE 5765
ComputerEngineering OBC true OTHER STATE 124115
ComputerEngineering SC false HOME STATE 84494
ComputerEngineering SC false OTHER STATE 31173
ComputerEngineering ST false HOME STATE 105988
ComputerEngineering ST false OTHER STATE 51634
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering GE false HOME STATE 3206
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering GE false OTHER STATE 2456
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering OBC false HOME STATE 12030
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering OBC false OTHER STATE 6724
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering OBC true HOME STATE 59804
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering SC false HOME STATE 58414
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering SC false OTHER STATE 42017
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering ST false HOME STATE 83444
Electronics&CommunicationEngineering ST false OTHER STATE 61402
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering GE false HOME STATE 7808
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering GE false OTHER STATE 3769
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering GE true OTHER STATE 99336
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering OBC false HOME STATE 33226
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering OBC false OTHER STATE 8572
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering SC false HOME STATE 109652
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering SC false OTHER STATE 47816
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering ST false HOME STATE 122124
Electrical&ElectronicsEngineering ST false OTHER STATE 50156
InformationTechnology GE false HOME STATE 7874
InformationTechnology GE false OTHER STATE 5302
InformationTechnology GE true HOME STATE 117500
InformationTechnology GE true OTHER STATE 198344
InformationTechnology OBC false HOME STATE 36789
InformationTechnology OBC false OTHER STATE 16551
InformationTechnology OBC true OTHER STATE 348297
InformationTechnology SC false HOME STATE 152599
InformationTechnology SC false OTHER STATE 68454
InformationTechnology SC true OTHER STATE 824394
InformationTechnology ST false HOME STATE 210970
InformationTechnology ST false OTHER STATE 109657
MechanicalEngineering GE false HOME STATE 7522
MechanicalEngineering GE false OTHER STATE 3178
MechanicalEngineering GE true HOME STATE 236636
MechanicalEngineering GE true OTHER STATE 14280
MechanicalEngineering OBC false HOME STATE 29484
MechanicalEngineering OBC false OTHER STATE 7681
MechanicalEngineering SC false HOME STATE 82069
MechanicalEngineering SC false OTHER STATE 32337
MechanicalEngineering SC true HOME STATE 569652
MechanicalEngineering SC true OTHER STATE 174101
MechanicalEngineering ST false HOME STATE 102529
MechanicalEngineering ST false OTHER STATE 55119
MechanicalEngineering ST true OTHER STATE 466220
MiningEngineering GE false HOME STATE 220682
MiningEngineering GE false OTHER STATE 16628
MiningEngineering OBC false OTHER STATE 29363
MiningEngineering SC false OTHER STATE 102606
MiningEngineering ST false OTHER STATE 82280
MetallurgyandMaterialsEngineering GE false HOME STATE 32765
MetallurgyandMaterialsEngineering GE false OTHER STATE 16122
MetallurgyandMaterialsEngineering OBC false OTHER STATE 29203
MetallurgyandMaterialsEngineering SC false OTHER STATE 103329
MetallurgyandMaterialsEngineering ST false OTHER STATE 129139

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Yes, your are lucky to have in obc group. you can get a seat in nit, whereever you want.

Parth Agarwal says:

Pavan Ahuja sorry but not now!! :( hai dude!!

Pavan Ahuja says:

can u get over this..

Parth Agarwal says:

from where do u get this cut off list?

What about srinagar.

Yugesh Sahu says:

I hve 97750 all india rank nd I belong to obc category nd I hve got 24997 in all india category can I get any nit in spot round or not as I hve not got nit in both the round. If I get nit then which one I get nd tell me the branch. Pls send me msg in 8103216202.

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