Percentage marks required in 12th board for top 20 percentile in all boards for JEE Advanced qualification

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Here is approximate percentage required in 12th board marks for all boards in India.


Board Percentage Required
Andhra Pradesh 87.2
Assam 54.2
Bihar 64.6
CBSE 77.8
Chhattisgarh 56.8
Goa 56.25
Himachal Pradesh 63.2
Jharkhand 52.4
Jammu and Kashmir 67
Karnataka 67.5
Kerala 76.5
Meghalaya 49.4
Manipur 64.6
Madhya Pradesh 64
Maharashtra 61.17
Mizoram 56.2
Nagaland 49
Orissa 56.33
Punjab 70.8
Rajasthan 63.8
Tripura 50.8
Tamil Nadu 78.17
Uttarakhand 55.2
Uttar Pradesh 65
West Bengal 58
National Open School 60.6

For top 20 percentile cut off 2013 check this link

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Anonymous says:

For GENERAL-PwD Candidates……what is the top 20 percentile CBSE cut-off mark for JEE advanced…?

Sai Sarath says:

lets shift to nagaland.

Geet Sethi says:

very bad system:(

Please give the percentile for isc board.

Priya Dave says:

what about the gujarat board?
our 11th board is counting or not?

Find Us:

Vasu Mistry says:

Where the hell is Gujarat Board?

Shivani Gandham says:

so people in andhra should suffer!
wt d hell!

Shivani Gandham says:

we r not robots sir..

Shweta Anurupa says:

kapil sibal and iit jee board thinks that all indians(twelth passed) are humanoids!

Manoj Kumar says:

even though andhra ''ll be topper..!

Shubham Yadav says:

are u sure about this given %? for maharashtra

Bhrigu Srivastava says:

how much do we need for ISC to be in top 20%ile?

Vishal Mishra says:

what about Gujarat board?

Avinash Shinde says:

it is confirm by government.

surendra says:

It is a matter of surprise that despite of no common syllabus in all boards, govt is insisting a common percentile formula which is against natural justice. It should be opposed by all corners and IITs are requested to oppose the percentile formula in the sake of students & institutes dignity.

Sri Teja says:

until now, people who have 60% and above only are eligible for iit. Now, people having less than 60 % in some boards are also eligible but people having more than 80 % in other boards are not eligible?

is this the justice the government has done in the name of normalisation?

yes its a nice way

Preeti Verma says:

its a gr8 idea not injustice

Jay Tejawat says:

Sanjeev Tiwari bt listn if i score 60% in 12th std do i luk a good student? obviously not!! so wat happnd to kapil sibbal nw?? is dat quality students defination for him?? :(

Ashish Singh says:

you wud hardly see any iitian having 12th board % less than 80..

Nishi Parameshwara says:

dats a myth!

KarunakarDikkala says:

What about SC Category , ST Category, OBC Category, PH Category,  & Armed Personnel Category Cut Of percentages for each and every States & All the 42 Boards?
 So, it it is an ingenuine/unscientific selection. If any body goes to the Court of Law(ie., filing of Cases in different High Courts) is the SOLUTION to this irrational criterian.  So with  board marks’  cut-off waitage, as there will non uniform methodology of adoption be prevailed.  Common Test  ISEET Main and ISEET Advanced may be conducted  but no such variation of 49% in one State(Nagaland) and 87.2% in another(Andhra Pradesh).  As the pass  percentage of  marks, number of candidates appearing for Class XII are different in the country.
 And there is no common syllabi in all the states and 42 boards. 
It is is a caution to students/parents of all the Categories : Be prepare for the court cases in all the Honourable High Courts.

happy life for oll worad.

Ganavardhan Kotyala says:

is the required percentage the average of two years or only the second year in case of andhra pradesh?

dude dey consider only second years score

Ganavardhan Kotyala says:

but the ap board results come as a combination of first year and second inter………??

Vyshnavi Gupta says:

even i have same confusion!

Ganavardhan Kotyala says:

please some one clarify my doubt….many people are having this doubt …???

Vyshnavi Gupta says:

wht's ur percentage in IPE??

Karthick Arya says:

dude……….if its for 2 years u r screwed!!!

Ganavardhan Kotyala says:

am safe boy…..!!
but i heard its for 2 years for ap board….!1

Karthick Arya says:

but ur overall % goes down man….if it is 4 2 yrs

Pavan Kumar says:

lol its highest in andhra pradesh and I live in that place only.

what's the % for isc board?

Preeti Verma says:

only top 5800 student of isc board will qualify

Shweta Anurupa says:

…I think 85%+

Shreyas Walvekar says:

even i would like to know this..
when is the board going to declare the 80 percentile marks.. :/

Evilz Shinichi says:

gr8 I'm in nagaland board.

Vishnu Vardhan says:

S.A.D – I suggest you go to mizoram and qualify.

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