Jee 2013

The All-India merit list with category wise list of top 20 percentile to be generated for JEE 2013

A separate all-India merit list will be generated for admission to different categories.

As IIT council decided only students in list of top 20 percentile of board marks will be judged on basis of their performance in JEE Advanced. Reportedly, new pattern will not affect reservation policy, and all-India merit list will have category wise list of top 20 percentile holders of the respective school boards, not a general list. For example, if any candidate belongs to ST category, his/her marks in XII board will be compared to marks of other candidates in same category.

The screening of 1.50 lakh students after their performance in JEE-Main will also be done keeping the percentage of reserved seats in mind.

Number of seats reserved

SC – 15%, ST – 7.5%, OBC – 27%, seats are reserved in all IITs

Percentile formula – Percentile score of a student is obtained by dividing the number of students below him or her with the total number of students appeared in the examination.

Bommala Manas….
You sound quite stupid.

you will know the truth after you complete your iit, every second you used for facebook and wasted time it will count then. u will not understand cannot get seats by commenting here for the things that will not change if you study as thats the end if not i get iit you will sure be in that 50% if not even god can't help you at the month of feb you will know the things are going tighter and not time to read or do it perfectly, its a hell that time please saying you all leave face book and work for iit as a must do thing and must enter thing. partial workers will not enter into iit for sure. all the best who hate teaching you here, but its truth.

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Raghu Raman says:

15+7.5+27 = 49.5% — then what about rest. I think none but this is the only reason for the poor quality of students at IIT nearly 50% of students go into IITs with their quota and those who have worked hard should face the troubles… this is not a good format…everyone in a country has equal rights and merits must be given for the marks of students and their efficiency not for their quota…

bhaiyya you are known before your 10th class about this reservation system and you know that it cannot be changed just like that and if you stop using face book and commenting everywhere about reservations and read perfectly you will there in the other 50% for sure, i think if that 50% reservation is not there then too some one would overcome you and get a seat, but craps like you will not get as you are just escaping from competition and you wanna justify your ego and so commenting like this, my advice is to read perfectly and get through those 50% people if you think you work hard and you are deserved candidate for iit. best of luck. DON'T WASTE TIME FOR UNCOMMON THINGS.

Raghu Raman says:

If i comment like this it does mean that i love to enter into IIT with a good competition not that Im feared of competition…If you say that i waste time for uncommon things then what u sincere and 100% perfect guy is doing here….

i came here to see the post by the admin, not that of urs i felt wrong seeing your comment below so i just suggested you my view, you take it positively o negatively that's upto you.

sit..i am ian indian..but have given +2 from nepal..what is min..marks required for us? I am also taking coaching and will be sitting for exam in 2013..