India Today 2013 Ranking – Top 10 engineering colleges

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Top 10 engineering colleges in India listed out in India Today 2013 ranking

Rank 1 - Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Reputation 1
Academic Input 1
Student care 1
Infrastructure 1
Placement 1
Perceptual Rank 1
Factual Rank 6
2013 Ranking Rank 1
2012 Ranking Rank 2

Rank 2 - Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Reputation 2
Academic Input 2
Student care 2
Infrastructure 2
Placement 2
Perceptual Rank 2
Factual Rank 4
2013 Ranking Rank 2
2012 Ranking Rank 1

Rank 3 – Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Reputation 3
Academic Input 3
Student care 3
Infrastructure 3
Placement 3
Perceptual Rank 3
Factual Rank 5
2013 Ranking Rank 3
2012 Ranking Rank 3

Rank 4 – Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai

Reputation 4
Academic Input 4
Student care 4
Infrastructure 4
Placement 4
Perceptual Rank 4
Factual Rank 10
2013 Ranking Rank 4
2012 Ranking Rank 4

Rank 5 - Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Reputation 5
Academis Input 5
Student care 5
Infrastructure 5
Placement 5
Perceptual Rank 5
Factual Rank 3
2013 Ranking Rank 5
2012 Ranking Rank 6

Rank 6 – BITS Pilani

Reputation 6
Academis Input 6
Student care 6
Infrastructure 6
Placement 6
Perceptual Rank 6
Factual Rank 9
2013 Ranking Rank 6
2012 Ranking Rank 5

Rank 7 – IT, BHU Banaras

Reputation 7
Academis Input 7
Student care 8
Infrastructure 7
Placement 8
Perceptual Rank 8
Factual Rank 7
2013 Ranking Rank 7
2012 Ranking Rank 7

Rank 8 – VIT, Vellore

Reputation 9
Academis Input 9
Student care 9
Infrastructure 9
Placement 9
Perceptual Rank 9
Factual Rank 2
2013 Ranking Rank 8
2012 Ranking Rank 12

Rank 9 – Delhi Technological University

Reputation 13
Academis Input 12
Student care 12
Infrastructure 12
Placement 12
Perceptual Rank 13
Factual Rank 8
2013 Ranking Rank 9
2012 Ranking Rank 11

Rank 10 – Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Reputation 7
Academis Input 8
Student care 7
Infrastructure 7
Placement 7
Perceptual Rank 7
Factual Rank 17
2013 Ranking Rank 10
2012 Ranking Rank 10

Note: Some premier institutes are missing in this list as they did not participate in India Today 2013 ranking

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where is iit mumbai.

Debojyoti Choudhury says:

Where is Jadavpur University-Engg Dept ?? ..

Anuj Rathore says:

its out-standing

nit trichy is missing… great blunder

Ameya Waikar says:

Crap rating…

rubbish to say the least!

Rajat Garg dtu is a stupid college … cant ifgure out how it ranks above nit trichy and nit surathkal

it is it bhu only and this list is a much better compilation nice job

Parth Shah wow… its plain obvious the money vit charges from its students is being channeled to get into the rankings … the college sucks

how cum vit makes an entry….. where is iit bombay.

Kapil Agrawal says:

Singh Ayush hmmmmmmmmm

Singh Ayush says:

purani ghatia stats hain….. iit bombay ka naam hi nai hai

Anuj Maingi says:

dude it is IIT BHU and it is better than DTU and IIT guwahati is also better than BITS

very correct

Anuj Maingi says:

Abhishek Gupta dude he is talking abt IIIT hydrabad and IIT bombay bhi nahin hai

Kapil Agrawal says:

is there not iit bombay.

Ishan Dave says:

bilkul sahi baat ……(y)

abe chudur Parth Shah st. Kabir ki aulad, pehle profile dekh kahaan padhta hoon main!

Aakash Pal says:

VIT walo ne paisa kilaya hai india today walo ko…

Aakash Pal says:

Parth Shah shut up!! VIT walo ne paisa kilaya hai india today walo ko…

ohh… i know that u r from vit thats why u are half minded …… see the placement record of IIIT alahabad dude then u will understand :-D

I smell bullshit.

naveenaries891 says:

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where is IT-BHU, varanasi ????

Nivas Bachu says:

how embrassing…………no iit bombay…… but vit

Vishal Reddy Don III says:

fake one.

Rahil Gupta says:

time waste…iit bombay nt in top 10…n vit ranked..8…wt a bullshit…

joke? vit better than iit bombay………….biggest joke of the millenium.

Souvik Roy says:

joke of the century.

Ritu Raj Raman says:

joke of kalyuga

Divyanshu Rai says:

kya zamana aa gya h…

Akshay Kumar says:

haha :)

Rajan Sen says:


Jayant Gurawa says:

VIT walo n paisa khilaya h India Today ko.

Vasu Kumar says:

This is Crazy! VIT number 8! seriously! :D

Rajat Garg says:

DTU no. 9. SERIOUSLY?????? :P

Shivank Garg says:

Abe kahan pe dekh raha hai bey! India today ki site pe dekho Aishe shock passout ko mat dikhaya karo!

Prem Rai says:

AIEEE,GATE Cut off's for IIT's, NIT's,NSIT,DTU,UPTU,admission details and are other engineering stuff is present at <a href="">Engistan||Engineers Community</a>

Rahul Sharma says:

Best ranking I have seen so far -

Sumanta Sarathi Borthakur says:

Where is new IIT'sin the list @Rahul Sharma

Rishabh Gupta says:

iit b is the best.

top 10 colleges.
1.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai.
2.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.
3.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.
4.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.
5.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai.
6.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee.
7.Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani.
8.Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi.
9.Institute of Technology-BHU, Varanasi.
10.Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati.

Arpit Bhandari says:

wat about srm.

hahahahahah!!!! saala biggest joke of the year!! SRM.. hAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Gulam Ambia Shaikh says:

iit mumbai is d dream of every engineerin student nd its not in d top 10 colgs.
wat a joke!

Gulam Ambia Shaikh says:

iit mumbai is d dream of every engineering colg nd its not in d top 10.
wat a joke!

pura farzi hai sala….

Shubham Singh says:

This ranking is bogus.

Prem Rai says:

AIEEE,GATE Cut off's for IIT's, NIT's,NSIT,DTU,UPTU,admission details and are other engineering stuff is present at <a href="">Engistan||Engineers Community</a>

Idiotic compilation of the list. The top choice, IITB is missing, should've atleast been in the top 5. Another blunder is the eighth spot occupied by VIT! Above DTU and IIT Guwahati. Is desh ka kya hoga!!

Parth Shah says:

VIT is better than ur st pauls

Shrikant Parashar says:

Chutiya samjha he kya …. ? Bc

Nischay Malhan says:

wrong rankings
where are iiith and iit bombay.

vit is not even in top 30.

Madan Kumar says:

exist no where

Parth Shah says:

r u blind?see the ranks..IIIT is not even der..

Jatin Kumar says:

whr's mumbai.. I was expecting it in top two!

Sree Niketh says:

where is iit mumbai

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