Top 25 Private Engineering colleges in India

Here is the list of top private engineering colleges in India

  1. BITS Pilani – Pilani
  2. International institute of Information Technology (IIIT) – Hyderabad
  3. Dhirubhai Ambani IICT – Gandhinagar
  4. Vellore Institute of Technology – Vellore
  5. Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) – Mesra (Ranchi)
  6. PSG College of Technology – Coimbatore
  7. Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology – Patiala
  8. R.V. College of Engineering – Bangalore
  9. Nirma Institute of Technology (NIT) – Ahmedabad
  10. Manipal Institute of Technology – Manipal
  11. SSN College of Engineering – Chennai
  12. Sardar Patel College of Engineering – Mumbai
  13. P.E.S. Institute of Technology – Bangalore
  14. Maharashtra Institute of Technology – Pune
  15. Amrita Institute of Technology and Science – Coimbatore
  16. National Institute of Engineering – Mysore
  17. B.M.S. College of Engineering – Bangalore
  18. Amity School of Engineering – Noida
  19. S.J. College of Engineering – Mysore
  20. Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology – Hyderabad
  21. SRM Institute of Science and Technology – Chennai
  22. SASTRA – Thanjavur
  23. Bangalore Institute of Technology – Bangalore
  24. M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology – Bangalore
  25. Gitam – Vishakhapatnam
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Adarsh Jha says:

No need to worry kid.If your performance is not leading you to some better colleges then don't get disheartened.

how is gandhi institute of engineering and technology, gunupur, orissa.

how many of these colleges are still taking admision forms!

Education Diary how much donation will u take ? for admission in VIT ?

pec is not a private college..

Vaibhav NV says:

ok so MS ramaiah and bangalore institute of tech are there but PESCE, Mandya is not there…this is a joke man!

Sai Rohith says:


Shubham Singh says:

ak garg..?????

Shubham Singh says:

ryt amity jst sucks

Nishant Prateek says:

100 Marks : Dafuq did I just read? " IIIT Hyderabad doesn't figure out in top 100 engineering colleges for computers science", you might want to do some research on this

Vishvesh Bhandari says:

100 Marks In VIT we could have admission just be giving donations.

Can we have it in IIIT???

obviously IIIT is better than VIT.

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Vikash Tiwary says:
Vikash Tiwary says:
Vikash Tiwary says:
Vikash Tiwary says:
Crystal EduVision says:

Direct Admission in most of the Colleges

Satyam Goel says:
Satyam Goel says:
Satyam Goel says:
Satyam Goel says:
Satyam Goel says:


Satyam Goel says:
MayankJaggi says:

what is the closing ranks for these colleges?

Education Diary says:

ridiculous……VIT nd 2nd bst privte colge…..not possible even in dreams…..

Rahul Ranjan says:

what shud b the cutoff of Dhirubhai Ambani IICT –

SatyamGoel says:
raghubandi says:

VIT can not be put in the 2nd place. It should be somewhere between 10 and 15.

ridiculous that VIT is font of IIIT hyderabad.

100 Marks says:

Jayant, IIIT Hyderabad doesn't figure out in top 100 engineering colleges for computers science and VIT has many other non-IT branches, especially VIT also ranks in top 100 for Mechanical Engineering too

haaaaa is vit is better than thapar r u joking…..

Umesh Gupta says:

ya its true thappar is just a brand name now its not that what it was before ….im from patiala and can tel lu better

VIT bettr dan IIIT!! a u mad??

VarunMangla says:

i got around 100, where should i go?????

educationdiarychennai says:
Mohit Anand says:

amity is there in the list……wtf…and jaypee?

jappy jappy jappy 😛

Kudh ko tassali de te rahe moti.

Mohit Anand says:

abe chal….

Education Diary says:
Avi Jit says:

Direct Admission?

srm 21….
no 1 private Engineering College In India.

Education Diary says:
Rishabh Bhadauria says:

dude BITS pilani is the best private engineering college in India … dont talk shit Danveer


Anubhav Singh says:

vit above thapar …fool …and jss ,noida ?

there are certain irregularities with the list..

Rishabh Choudhary says:

Hey wat is the rank of PEC-Punjab.

Ramraj Meena says:


Education Diary says:
Manjeet Singh says:

there should be itm gurgaon coz outlook have voted it no 65

Manjeet Singh says:

Education Diary

Can i get amission in vit through management quota.My rank in vitee is about 2700

60 no ho to kha aajaye ga.

the list is true or not !

100 Marks says:

why do you doubt? govt doesn't release a list like that, it should be 99% correct

Education Diary says: