AIEEE rank prediction

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Here’s a rough AIEEE 2011 rank prediction based on previous years ranking, please use this as just a guide and not a reference.

Predicted Rank Marks
1-100 more then 325
101-500 290-325
501-1000 275-290
1001-2000 262-275
2001-5000 240-262
5001-10000 218-240
10001-20000 190-218
20001-30000 170-190
30001-50000 145-170
50001-100000 122-145
Below 100K 122
  • ayush ranka

    this is bullshit…test was much tougher this time!!!!!

  • Ketan Joshi

    I like iit jee

  • http://no silly

    this is not correct. …this is too high ,, there were three factors this time that will decrease the cut off :

    1. Paper was delayed.
    2. Paper was of 360 marks.
    3. Physics was of JEE level.

    But the above statistics that you have written is completely stupid………….check out the resonance’s rank predictor, its perfectly made………….yours not !

  • Kovid Sachdeva

    well… last year i got 206 marks and 10997 rank.
    so the above marks vs ranking doesn’t seems good.

  • shashank

    dude…its wrng…last year lowest 98 marks pe bhi u were gting les dn 100k rank…dt ws out of 232…n dis year its 360…huh…

  • http://googal deepak

    the statistis given are not correct

  • skd

    yes this speculation is made out of wits, constraining the factors, a score around 155 will bring AIR around 21000.

  • aaron chettri

    is it possible to give both class 12th & iitjee in 2012, both for second chance.