• Shubham jaim pictureShubham jaim | on 23/9/12 | 10 Rep 

    Reference books for practice for jee advanced and jee mains

    Please suggest reference books for maths and chem to practice for jee advanced and mains... I want 1 which along with practice questions, have solved question and summary of chapter... If possible, hints of difficult question also but it's least important...

  • sairam kotha picture sairam kotha | on 23/9/12 | 3054 Rep
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    the new jee pattern is completely different there will be some thing called jee main and advanced for iits and nits includes board weightage ncert books are enough but within few days the government or hrd department passes orders to all the schools and colleges to follow the new system of JEE (the new exam is called JEE) which is common for all the national institutions take care of ur 12th score buddy

  • sairam kotha picture sairam kotha | on 23/9/12 | 3054 Rep
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    ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Morrison & Boyd Solutions to Morrison Boyd Reaction mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Parmar Chawla INORGANIC CHEMISTRY NCERT Inorganic Chemistry Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee IIT Chemistry by O.P. Aggarwal GENERAL CHEMISTRY J.D. Lee O.P. Aggarwal R.C.Mukerjee

    Maths ALGEBRA High school mathematics by Hall and Knight IIT Maths by M.L. Khanna CALCULUS AND ANALYTIC GEOMETRY G.N.Berman Calculus and analytic geometry by Thomas and Finney Coordinate geometry by Loney IIT Maths by M.L. Khanna I.A.Maron VECTORS IIT Maths by M.L. Khanna

  • Mohamed Atyab | on 23/9/12 | 303 Rep
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    Maths i would suggest M.L Khanna. Chemistry H.C Srivastava and your CBSE text book should do.

  • Hareesh_Muni picture Hareesh_Muni | on 23/9/12 | 2654 Rep
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    Mathematics: Problems Plus in JEE Math by Das Gupta. This is one the best books out there for practice.

    Chemistry: (i) Organic Chemistry by Solomons and Fryhle

    (ii) Reactions, Rearrangements and Reagents by Sanyal

    (iii) Inorganic Chemistry by J.D.Lee

    (iv) Also there used to be a book for Qualitative Analysis' reactions which I'm unable to recall. I found that book very helpful for my JEE prep.

    (v) NCERT +1 and +2 books.

    (vi) Numerical Problems in Physical Chemistry by Bahadur.

    Good luck!

  • gargayush792 picture gargayush792 | on 23/9/12 | 155 Rep
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    Dear Shubham,

    All the books above mentioned are quite good. But personally, again it may be entirely my opinion, I don't guess JEE requires such lofty authors and so many books. JEE now has gone way too basic and it would be good if you practice from a single book for each subject. You don't have the time or the need of so many books. I never relied on many books during my preparation. According to me the books i feel would be adequate for your preparation with questions are-

    Physical Chemistry- P.Bahadur

    Organic chem- OP Agarwal Inorganic- NCERT

    Maths- A DasGupta (Definetily the best book for JEE I can bet)

    Physics- Arihant series and new pattern by Arihant

    Refer to problems for other sources and test series form time to time and if you do it good enough i can bet this collection is good enough to end you up in top 500. Just don't fall for too many sources at same time and go for too high standard wuestions.

  • nikhilsharma picture nikhilsharma | on 23/9/12 | 170 Rep
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  • shubham picture shubham | on 11/12/12 | 0 Rep
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    best link for this >> http://phokateducation.weebly.com/tips-and-tricks.html

  • saurabh picture saurabh | on 11/12/12 | 0 Rep
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    for new jee advance patern

    physic- cengage 6 volumes

    chemistry- all op tandon

    maths vpm& rd sharma

  • daksh malik picture daksh malik | on 16/5/13 | 0 Rep
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    maths rd sharma physics pradeep publications chemistry : rc mukherjee i bet that they are the best books i have ever seen .. no doubt that u will face some difficulty in solving but u will definately clear jee main and advanced by doing this ... thank u

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