• Shubhsy | on 1/12/12 | 0 Rep 

    How should i prepare for IIT JEE 2014 ?

    Hi guyz....I am in class 11 presently and am so confused regarding preparation for iit.Should I take coaching for iit next year or not? My skul level syllabus will be finished this year of 11 and 12 class.....

  • team picture team | on 1/12/12 | 3690 Rep
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    you should prepare for IIT JEE 2014 like any IIT JEE, because IIT JEE always tests for your concept clarity and aptitude in the same, yes first thing to do is to study your school text books (NCERT) because IIT JEE syllabus has been increasingly getting aligned to school syllabus and it will continue to happen in the future too.

    Now as far as the format of IIT JEE 2014 is concerned if IIT Joint Admission Board decides to change the format of JEE , you will still have one complete year to prepare for the new format.

    One last thing is , prepare for your 12th board as if there will be weightage for your 12th board scores , though there is no weightage for 12th board scores for admission into IIT for the academic year 2013, one needs to be in top 20 percentile and it might so happen that in 2014 also they continue that.

  • Shubhsy | on 1/12/12 | 0 Rep
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    ohkkk...thanq.....so,i shud nt join any institute...ryt?.. i will take dlp of any 2 institutes and will prepare at my own as my skul level syllabus(NCERT) of 11 and 12 both is gonna over in my 11 class itself...i will hav one complete year for JEE prep.......ryt???j....

  • Bhavishya pathak picture Bhavishya pathak | on 3/3/13 | 0 Rep
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    Sir i waste my 11th nd now wants to prepare for iit 2014. how i will this 12th as well as 11th with jee level books

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