• Shubham Dawra pictureShubham Dawra | on 12/3/13 | 10 Rep 

    Is ncert book enough for good marks in board exam?

    I'm not so good in maths, but i think that I can complete book before maths exam. Would that be enough to get 85+ marks?

  • team picture team | on 12/3/13 | 3690 Rep
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    Shubham, yes if you properly skim NCERT books, line by line and do some previous question papers that should be enough for getting you good marks in the board exam

  • RMMS | on 12/3/13 | 495 Rep
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    Yes. You get 90 to 94 marks from the book problems ( examples,exercises,miscellaneous ).

    If you are clear with the concepts of NCERT you can still get centum..

  • Saiteja picture Saiteja | on 12/3/13 | 0 Rep
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    No my dear I think it is not sufficient. Because I experienced the same situation.You need some extra books to get good marks and NCERT Books are enough for getting pass marks.

  • sachin picture sachin | on 12/3/13 | 0 Rep
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    yes if you finish each and every exercise with solved example then it is easy for u

  • game changer picture game changer | on 12/3/13 | 0 Rep
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    you dumb cbse students ..u get so easy n direct questions ..n u can easily score 95-100 marks ..n then also u cant cmplete ncert...cbse sucks

  • Rafi picture Rafi | on 12/3/13 | 10 Rep
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    i think you should also refer to "Mathematics" by R. D. Sharma. It's a bit excessive for CBSE boards, but it's complete and of a good standard and embodies everything you require for the board.

  • Shubham Dawra picture Shubham Dawra | on 12/3/13 | 10 Rep
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    But it has very large number of ques, i will never be able to complete the sylabus.. :/

  • Ashiish  picture Ashiish | on 13/3/13 | 0 Rep
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    best book r.s. agarwal for less tym nd grt no.

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