• Shubham rajput pictureShubham rajput | on 18/3/13 | 5 Rep 

    If i want to do self study...which books are best for jee?? and from where the jee questions are made?

    strong textiit jee

  • Hareesh_Muni picture Hareesh_Muni | on 18/3/13 | 2654 Rep
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    The following books might be of help to you in JEE-Advanced preparation:

    Physics: Concepts of Physics by H.C.Verma, MCQs in Physics by Bharati Bhawan publishers

    Mathematics: Problems Plus in IIT JEE Math by Das Gupta, MCQs in Math by Bharati Bhawan publishers

    Chemistry: Physical and Inorganic Chemistry by O.P.Tandon, Organic Chemistry by Solomons and Fryhle, Numerical Problems in Physical Chemistry by Bahadur.

  • hunt picture hunt | on 18/3/13 | 0 Rep
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    O P Tandon will sue you man!

  • jsbs picture jsbs | on 18/3/13 | 0 Rep
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    Physics: hc verma , dc pandey (all parts), irodov (optional) Chem: fiitjee rsm , ncert books Math: TMH , mcq by a das , i a maron, sl loney nd hall knight series, fiitjee rsm

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  • subodh 55 | on 19/3/13 | 15 Rep
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    maths arihant must

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