• bittoo picturebittoo | on 12/4/13 | 35 Rep 

    which rank predictor is better fiitjee or resonance or careerpoint

    my jee main score is 221 and cbse board marks is 83 percent resonance predicts my rank 12000 to 14000 fiitjee predicts 5000 and cp predicts 5000-10000 which one is more close please reply what in your opinion can be my rank

  • Siddharth picture Siddharth | on 12/4/13 | 160 Rep
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    Resonance is better,

  • abhishek | on 12/4/13 | 2545 Rep
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    Have you used rank predictor on 100Marks, here is the link

  • Guest ASBI picture Guest ASBI | on 25/5/13 | 0 Rep
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    fiitjee is better...hav a luk at the previous year statistics... here is d link...dis yr cutoff has gone down by 5 marks...so fiitjee must be correct..resonance predicted cutoff to be 125-130(gen) but its 113.fiitjee said it to be 108-118


  • maansi picture maansi | on 5/6/13 | 0 Rep
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    i got 166 in jee mains general category and 94% in boards belonging to delhi region my expected rank would be?

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