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    JEE Main Result?

    JEE Main Result is scheduled to be announced on 7th May 2013.

    What sort of result will we get? JEE Main Rank? or Only Marks? or only eligibility result for JEE Advanced?

    Please don't speculate. Support your answer with proper source.

  • KULDEEP MEENA picture KULDEEP MEENA | on 25/4/13 | 35 Rep
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    just marks and eligibility for jee advance

  • Pardeep Singh Saini  picture Pardeep Singh Saini | on 30/4/13 | 20 Rep
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    The CBSE will declare only your JEE Main score and eligibility status for JEE Advanced on 7 May 2013. The complete result of JEE Main, taking Class 12 score also into consideration, will be declared on 7 July 2013.

    Source: JEE Main 2013 Brochure downloaded from jeemain.nic.in

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