• bhrigupant27234 | on 17/5/13 | 0 Rep 

    Difficulty Level - BITSAT 2013

    Is the level of questions & their type almost same in all the exams...... I mean a couple of friends of mine had their BITSAT yesterday, & most of 'em were saying that the paper is way too easy and almost all the questions are formula based....... If you're thorough with the formulas & remember them correctly at the time of exam, then you can get the answer quite fast enough... So MY QUESTION IS, Will this pattern of exam & difficulty level be continued till 31st May.... I've my BITSAT on 21st May...

  • venktesh swami picture venktesh swami | on 17/5/13 | 0 Rep
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    i think pattern and difficuilty level is randomly chosen

  • durgesh picture durgesh | on 18/5/13 | 0 Rep
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    in bitsat exam, is different questions are asked on each day ?????? but in arihant bitsat book, one-one question paper is given for all the years (2005-2012) and is this book is good or not???kindly reply soon....please....

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