• Jayesh Ghatkar | on 14/6/13 | 0 Rep 

    FIITJEE Rank Predictor

    How reliable is FIITJEE Rank predictor ??.. i m scorin 173 in advanced n it says abt 2400 rank,. Should I be banking on it .?? If no, den what could be my rank den ?

  • kartikeya picture kartikeya | on 14/6/13 | 223 Rep
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    i personally dnt trust any rank predictor, specially fiitjee as it is way too lenient. so just take it fr granted ur rank to be about 1-1,5k above dat predicted to be on safer side. Someone getting 125 in mains and fiitjee predicts his rank to be within 10k, now u make ur call. Accrdng to me ur rank will lie btwn 3000-3500

  • Jayesh Ghatkar | on 15/6/13 | 0 Rep
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    okk .thanks lot,. at least i might get Kharagpur or Madras den ...!

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