• warriorgtu | on 28/6/13 | 60 Rep 

    JEE Main Choice filling?

    Should i keep my choices according to last year cutoffs and my rank or should i keep choices in order of top colleges first?

  • abhishek | on 29/6/13 | 2608 Rep
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    Definitely look at last year cut off ranks and keep them in mind while filling the choices.

    Do some homework before filling the choices, its very important. Because if you get chance for upgradation you will get admission in any one choices filled by you only.

    When ranks are out, see where can you get admission on the basis of last year ranks and then make a priority list based on your interest and ranking of institutes.

    Your 1st choice should be top institute where you get branch of your interest.

    Let us say if you are getting CSE in NIT warangal and surat, go with NIT warangal

  • warriorgtu | on 29/6/13 | 60 Rep
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    what if i get cse in some NIT(for eg surat) and not in NIT Warangal according to last year ranks shuold i keep NIT warangal or NIT surat 1st in my priority list????

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