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    About ragging in NIT Warangal

    I watched a video recently on youtube about a leaked ragging tape about NIT Warangal.is it true such type of ragging like pulling once pants off,stripping naked etc are going on in NIT Warangal please answer

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    Dude intro kind of ragging happens everywhere and staff was very strict after that video.

    Don't worry, you are very lucky if you are getting seat there, go for it

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    Man, nit warangal is a nice college. Even if some senior forces you to strip down, go for it. This would be lost in long run. Don't ruin your career for the fear of standing naked in front of some other guy/girl.

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    Ragging - very organized & hi tech

    After the initial joining formalities got over and the parents returned to their hometown after leaving their wards in the hostel, began the ragging which was a very organized and hi tech event it was 16 years before as i write it today. The seniors used to have meetings where complete planning for the ragging events took place and the work was distributed between the seniors to keep the freshers constantly engaged in the ragging activities so that they do not even get time to think of anything, forget about complaining to the college authorities. The seniors as they called it - the ragging was commando training. I still haven't forgotten the unity funda that was so much heavily emphasized, all 26 students of the batch were brothers and sisters and should live with utmost unity, we should at any point of time be aware who amongst us was where and doing what. There were so many norms of the ragging and one so called mistake by one fresher costed heavily and all the batchmates had to suffer the punishment for that mistake in the name of unity funda. The ragging was heavy mental and physical ragging and the most tiring part was that we were not allowed to sleep, we were given daily assignments to complete in the night and can anyone believe all 26 of us were supposed to sleep in one room which had 3 beds and we did it for a month, so our state of mind can be gauged, atleast my mind had stopped working and there was no way i could have complained about ragging to professors or anti-ragging squads. The seniors were very organized and some one from the seniors was always there to keep the freshers engaged and they always kept an eye on us.

    -Extracted from http://recw1999.blogspot.in/

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