• abhishek | on 23/7/13 | 2608 Rep 

    Good News, CSAB rolled back second round allocation results

    CSAB notice reads:

    1. Upgradations done after second round allocation stand rolled back.

    2. Full 3rd Round allotment will be made and results displayed on 23July 2013 evening.

    3. Spot rounds registration and choice filling to continue concurrently with third round reporting at RCs.

    4. Unlike previous years, spot rounds choices will cover all institutes and all branches, not limited to vacant seats. This will ensure zero merit violation.

    5. The above will ensure “STRICTLY NO MERIT VIOLATION” and “NO VACANT SEATS”.

    6. CSAB-2013 regrets uncertainty and hardship to the students, including shifting institutes after admission to erroneously admitted institutes.

    7. Detailed notice to follow.

  • shin chan | on 23/7/13 | 0 Rep
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    will there be any advantage for the people who were not allocated seats .....?

  • virgo.sourav | on 23/7/13 | 0 Rep
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    Yes we can expect that.

  • Abhishek Roul | on 23/7/13 | 10 Rep
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    whats the good news ? I got good nit with good branch in upgradation , now i have to forget about that and see the next allocation.

  • lavya picture lavya | on 23/7/13 | 0 Rep
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    advantage for only those people whose rank is better than 2nd round allotees !!!

  • ankitbaghel51454 | on 23/7/13 | 0 Rep
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    can we lock the seat given to us in 2nd round ..???

  • vijaycharan_12345 picture vijaycharan_12345 | on 23/7/13 | 0 Rep
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    hey do i have a chance?? i was a alloted a seat in smvdu biotechnology in 2nd round but i din't chose it and din't report centre. so they have taken my roll number from the entire counselling system.. i am not understanding what to do......

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