BITSAT is more competitive than IIT JEE says Times of India, do you agree ?

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Lakhs of Students in India dream in their sleep and in the day of getting through IIT JEE to the most prestigious institutes in the country, the Indian Institutes of Technology,but  Times of India recent article reads that BITSAT is much more competitive than IIT JEE, the article apparently took help of statistics of number of seats available in BITS and IIT’s and number of students applying for the entrance examinations of both the institutes. The statistics show that while IIT JEE is taken by 5.2 Lakh this year while the seats available are 9,600 taking the applicants per seat ratio to 54 while BITSAT 2012 which is going to be held from 10th May is going to be taken by 1.36 Lakh students while the seats available are 2,000 taking the applicants per seat ratio to 68.

After IITJEE , VIT reportedly has the highest  applicant to seat ratio of 48, then followed by AIEEE With 31 and Manipal with 27. ” The BITSAT has been growing in popularity among students since it was introduced in 2005. Over the last 2-3 years, number of applicants has increased enough to make the exam more competitive than the IIT-JEE,” says S Mohan, associate dean of admissions at BITS.

But what do you think ? Is BITSAT more competitive than IIT JEE ? is applicant to seat ratio a right indicator of the competitiveness of any examination ?