Final decision on ISEET on April 14, MHRD will try to convince IIT’s in a meeting on April 11

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Lately IIT Council’s of  most of the IIT’s including IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay have expressed serious concerns on the implementation of ISEET from 2013 and also the pattern of ISEET and Ministry of Human Resources Development has earlier constituted a core group to try persuade IIT’s for the acceptance of ISEET as the entrance examination for it’s under-graduate courses from 2013, before the IIT Council meet which will be held on April 14 of this year where the final decision on the  implementation of ISEET might be taken MHRD is holding a meeting with the Directors of all IIT’s and representatives of different IIT Councils to try convince IIT’s .


Though IIT’s are not opposing the requirement of reforms in IIT JEE and nor the implementation of new entrance examination, some of the concerns expressed by the Council are:

  • Weightage to 12th board examination scores
  • Formula for weightage of 12th board scores for ISEET .
  • ISEET constituting only objective questions
  • Control of IIT’s on the entrance exam
Though there is a serious push back from all the IIT’s , MHRD seems to be pretty serious on the implementation of the examination from 2013 and is trying hard to convince all the stake holders.
  • a_sandeep

    I support ISEET. I want it to replace all the entrance exams. But I request the weightage given to Class 12 exam should be reduced or another common exam(subjective) should replace class 12 board exam weightage.

  • vaibhavg_159

    after CWG,2G,COAL scams….ye kuch nya layi hai hmari goverment….

  • vaibhavg_159

    After CWG,2G,Coal Scams……ab ye kuch nya layi hai hmari goverment…IIT’s will be effected immensely…..Aieee aspirants will face tougher challenges ahead them….
    Good job goverment……let come the nxt election evry1 will kick u off…..

  • Rahul Arora

    Go to Hell Sibal !!! SIBAL – A Biggest Threat for Lahks of Students. You r always ‘wrong’. Firstly u ruined the Board Pattern and now interfering in IIT JEE – a Prestigious Method for selection of Hardworking Students. WHY CAN’T U DO UR WORK INSTEAD OF INVOLVING POLITICS IN EXAMINATION METHODS ??? Have u seen the mental ability of students who are opting for Science ??? I will tell u there r many who don’t Deserve. There r about 75% of students who feel it just a prank. But it is not. Science is not for disturbing elements in classroom, it is for those who really want to do something and have the spirit. YOU ARE NOT SOLVING PROBLEMS YOU ARE CREATING PROBLEMS. I request u to don’t intervene in examination methods. You methods only ruins our lives!!!

  • jindalshubham56

    sibal sir have you ever try to see the threats behind the iseet . why are you involving 12th board exams and aptitude test in iit,aieee and others…..          but you must made it necessary to get 80% marks in 12th board for every students, so that the students who just give iit for prank will not give it   and cut all the reservation method in these exams. 

  • KSR

    many a student who are good at core subjects are being bundled back only becoz of lack of communication skill. there should be a common test like ISEET where is ENGLISH is privileged.     KSR VIJAWADA

  • Animesh Pant

    The aptitude test should’nt be included….rather the cut off percentage should be increased