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Government jobs Vs Private Jobs, which is better and why

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The start of the millennium saw a surge in the literacy levels across the country. More and more people not only started completing their basic matriculation but the number of people going in for higher studies also increased. As a result, the working class witnessed a surge in not only manpower but also brainpower. But today instead of being proud of its increasing crowd of well educated youths, India is facing an acute shortage of jobs to accommodate them. In an age which is repeatedly being hit by recession and lack of jobs, to have a job is a huge achievement, irrespective of it being in the public or the private sector.

The private sector offers maximum number of jobs available in the country. The private sector attracts the young talent of the country due to the following reasons-

  • Selection procedure is fair and is mostly based on the talent and merit of the candidate.
  • Attractive starting salaries and high growth potential through merit based promotion.
  • Fast paced working style and environments give employees job satisfaction.

But the fast paced working lifestyle of private jobs is the primary culprit of the major lifestyle diseases which are booming today. Also, despite its attractive advantages, a private job can never be fully dependent on in an age where recession is on the rise. People in the senior most position also stand to lose their job on any given day in the private sector.

In  a country which is held together by the reins of government and its politics, to have a government job is considered the most safe and lucrative option. Despite the many advantages which a job in the private sector has over a government job, most people in India prefer a government job for the following few reasons-

  • Pension
  • Financial services, such as mortgages at a low rate of interest offered by the respective department where the employee is working.
  • Promotions and pay raises at specified intervals.
  • Relatively stronger immunity against job loss.
  • More relaxed, congenial working style.

There are negative aspects to a government job as well. Mundane lifestyle and low growth opportunities combined with low salary hike and low starting salary, lead to the degrading of its shiny outer façade.