Here’s how to score 400+ in BITSAT

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I have seen many people joining coaching centres imitating their friends. In the intitial few months, they are very enthusiastic but their excitement begins to die out as they try solving Irodov’s physics, Olympiad questions, and other hard stuff. That is the point where your rank gets almost decided whether you will be getting ranks under 100,1000, etc. or will even get selected or not.

Considering giving up nature of students, i have prepared a plan for a student to get a score of 400plus in BITSAT and securing good rank in other entrance examinations too. Since this is a plan for 2 years hence it’s important to make it full of fun so as to keep it going-

I hope most of you must have joined coaching institutes and even if you haven’t ,you can change the plan accordingly.

First, Here is a rough schedule of a student in 11 class having a coaching-

7am -2pm is school time &

4pm-7pm is coaching time.

If you are attending both of these places regularly, you are left with approximately 4 hours after excluding sleeping time (6 hrs) and time for other stuff.

Additionally, you will get time on Sundays, holidays. And yeah, you won’t maintain 100% attendance at school.

2. Build very strong concepts.

This is one of the line you must have read everywhere. But there is depth to it, concept building doesn’t mean cramming or solving problems but understanding it by visualising it.

For example, if 2 blocks are there, one above the other and i am applying force in a direction shown then if you imagine it happening then you can automatically say the other block will move in a direction shown in next figure.



See, you if do it this way it’s easy.

3. Never hesitate in learning new concepts– It’s quite common(i have experienced it too), whenever we are preparing for a test in our coaching or anywhere and while doing that, if we are not able to solve any question we simply learn the solution or it’s method so as to get a good score. At that point nobody gives bullshit about concepts but this is wrong.

This is a wrong habit and should be avoided, rather leave that question at that time, mark it, give your test and then try to solve it.

4 Always analyse your paper and shortcomings. –

It’s natural, after giving our paper; we just calculate our score, come to home and start watching some movie. But if you want your rank under top 100, it’s not simple, you should analyse your mistakes and after 2-3 days redo that paper and see if you can score full.

I know many of you would say that we already know the solutions, what’s the need?

To them I will say just do that paper again and see if you can get 450/450, I challenge that most of you won’t be able to do it.

5.  Do not go for too many books, select some in the beginning and focus on it. Reading many books not only creates confusion but creates a fear of them.

I will mention some at the end of the post too.

6.  At the end of the day, tell someone how your day was. To anyone, your mother, your sir, your girlfriend/boy-friend anyone you feel, who truly want you to get selected. This will not just make you happy, but you will also get to know how you could do better.

If you don’t have anyone, maintain a diary and start writing in it. When you will compare your previous day’s performance with today, you will see yourself, the difference, and start working on it. This strategy will allow you to remain consistent in the amount you study every day.

I did the same, I maintained a diary in which I used to write what I did since morning to the point of time I was writing, and the next day the same task was repeated but then I used to see the difference of labour between the two days and start compensating for that from the next day.

7. English Section of BITSAT can be prepared by just reading articles from Hindustan Times. Reading an article is not supposed to be boring, I hope. “Logical reasoning is one thing you can’t develop” is what most people say, but I feel that playing ‘SUDOKU’ and solving ‘Rubik’s Cube’ can help. Solving questions on ‘sequence and series’ can also be of great help. Both of these things can sharpen your mind immensely. Not only for BITSAT both of the above things will improve your communication skills and enhance your way of thinking.

7. Enjoy your preparation

Challenge/bet yourself that if you are able to master any chapter in 1 or 2 days you will watch some movie.


Recommended books-


Coaching notes, HCV

Arihant Objective book

For challenging questions- Irodov


Coaching notes, NCERT -common

Physical-RC Mukherjee

Organic-Morisson and Boyd

Inorganic-just do NCERT and coaching notes. They are more than enough.


Coaching notes, TMH objective maths, for some challenging problems-Mtg Olympiad questions.


So, what are you waiting for?

Press the trigger and start studying.