How to prepare yourself for JEE Main?

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JEE Main, entrance examination to get admission in NIT, CFTIs,other SFTIs and eligibility test for JEE Advanced. The syllabus of JEE Main is derived from class XI and XII syllabus.

Some important points for students appearing in JEE Main 2014

Most of the students will appear for JEE Main and board examination simultaneously, they should keep in mind that in exams like jee main speed is the most important. In board examination students can spend more time on one question but in JEE Main they should not waste more time on one question. If you understand any problem, quickly try to eliminate wrong options in given 4 options.This will help you to get to right answer quickly.

Regular study in small sessions is much better than one long stretch.

If you have completed 50% syllabus of XI, its ideal time to start JEE Main preparation. But let me tell you if you are in XII and haven’t started JEE Main preparation yet, it’s never too late. Start it from today. Write down the amount of time you wish to devote to JEE (Main), allocating separate time slots for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. As you study, you will develop a list of your problem areas, which will direct you further. It may require you to rearrange your priorities.

There are many approaches to solve a single problem

You can use more than one approach to solve a single problem, but its not necessary to know about all these. If you are solving one problem using approach A and your friend used approach B, don’t go behind approach B. Jump to new problems.

Keep a track of your preparations

Keep a note of the questions you could not solve at the first attempt. Rework all the questions you had solved incorrectly.Do not make any problem a prestige issue. If you fail to do a problem in a reasonable amount of time, consult your teacher. May be the problem requires a technique you are not aware of.

JEE Main is essentially a preparation to solve problems with speed that can only come through sufficient practice.