IIT Madras student commits suicide over love failure

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Reportedly IIT Madras  second-year civil engineering student Kuldeep Yadav has committed suicide yesterday over love failure, Kuldeep hails from Agra, UP and was found dead with his legs dangling in the air at around his room No 111 in the Narmada Hostel in IIT Madras campus.

Though Kuldeep did not leave behind a suicide note, the last message on his mobile from a girl batch mate indicates a love failure, Students and Faculty at IIT-M are shocked with the un-fortunate incident .

The suicides at the prestigious tech institutes are increasing every year, whether it is due to study pressure or personal issues and to deal with the suicide problem, Earlier IIT Bombay alumni has donated Rs 2.5 Crore to help reduce pressure on students through counselling. Apparently such measures are needed in all IIT’s.

Reportedly student suicides raised 26%  in india  from 2006 to 2010, according to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau 5,857 student suicides were reported across India in 2006, the figure jumped to 7,379 in 2010.