IITians becoming accountant’s is a total waste of talent – Nobel Laureate Prof. Venki Ramakrishnan

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Earlier IIT Bombay has organised techfest, where in it has invited some of the eminent people in technology to deliver lectures at the institute, including Nobel Laureate Prof. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.

Addressing students at IIT Bombay during the techfest Prof. Venki expressed his disappointment on really smart students including IITians joining finance and management and wasting their talent.

Prof.Venki said “One needs to be sufficiently smart to get into finance or management profession. One cannot be an idiot and be successful in finance or management. I agree with that. But one does not need to be in the top 0.1 percent, which is what you IITians are, You guys getting into finance or management is a total waste of your talent. Why is government spending all this money in IIT’s to create engineering and science graduates ? It is not for you to go and become an accountant for a multinational company.”

“So what you guys should do is THINK BIG ! Don’t settle for corporate jobs, yes at the outset you will be making lot of money but your life will end up being, you might live in south mumbai and your life will be from your apartment to your good car to your office , but it will be very boring, but if you aim high and say to yourself that you want to invent new technologies, new sources of energy or technologies that save lives, you will make fundamental discoveries for better tomorrow, this is what top people should aim for and not settle for mediocre corporate lives” Said Prof. Ramakrishnan.

Professor Ramakrishnan has earned many honours besides the Nobel prize. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society, EMBO, US National Academy of Sciences and Fellow of Trinity College. He was awarded The 2007 Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine, he was also honoured with the 2nd highest civilian award The Padma Vibhushan by the Indian Government in 2010.

  • ajay11133

    Dear Sir,

    I absolutely agree with you. Career is not all about money. It is about people too. When we look for money, we base our success indicators on material success. It might provide luxuary of living and comfort, but over a period of time, it will disconnect your from you near and dear ones. Earning or asipiring money is not necessary bad concept, but one needs to think on what cost. At the same time, one need to ponder where he or she can utilize potential with full passion, curiosity and happiness. I believe family and society is the place where we live so, we should not comprise these only for the sake of money. One can not buy happiness by money.


    PhD Scholar, TISS

    MM, AIM, Manila

    PG in PPM

    Faculty, ITM

  • http://marshal marshal

    todays young people are thinking of getting settled in their life and even govt is not filling the vacant post in various sectors

    one new thing govt has incresed the retirement age of senoirs which is not correct in present context as lakhs of youth are qualified but they dont get job

  • yogdev11

    first india remove all reservation from education and job after that we talk about all invention . if in your team there is 5 member and 2 member comes through education quota and 2 from job reservation they how could one pure mind feel comfort with rest of 4 member . i know the pain of reservation . for the same paper a person is qualified who have 30-40 less marks then you and for me “i’m not qualified ” . is it not the waste of talent .

  • SatishVedi

    I I totally agree with Prof Venki, But I would like to point out one little thing that is the choice made by IITans or any other students to get salaried job had been generated in their mind since KinderGarten by Parents, Teachers, colleagues, Friends etc. Now anybody reciting the same song throughout their life would not suddenly change their tune.I have great respect towards all my teachers but Unfortunately they themselves are not trained to produce “Innovators”, but are excellently qualified for producing accountants, and they are doing their job so well that even IITs which are supposed to be producing Technologists, Innovators, Engineers. and Scientists are Producing accountants.

  • pankajkandwal2006

    Dear all, as said above, some of IITian’s are doing MBA and all. These talented peoples are wasting their talent doing so. In India, the status of engineering is too poor. Why do great invention not happen in India (except few ones)? Why we are not able to make sophisticated instruments with high precision and accuracy? The top class students are selected in IITs but if they do so, from where the technology will grow? I agree money is required, but don’t we have some moral duty towards our-self or our country? I surprised knowing that till now not a single high power laser has been made in India. Up to today, these high grade instruments and materials are procured from abroad. Why our peoples not able to make them?

  • Jeyannathann Pillai

    Why cant people get a life. This is directed at a comment in the wall. Here the topic is IITians going for management jobs and some lame persons are quoting Reservations as a reason. I feel its pure escapism and quoting a assertive action for brain drain is purely illogical. I feel a change in mentality among students and mainly testing pattern needs to be changed wherein innovative minds in schools are found out and sent to IITs rather than people who slog for 2 years solving the problems. Am not against hard work , I just wish that innovation is encouraged in the minds of students and is celebrated for knowledge driven economy is the order of the day and years to come. Btrw now it has become quite fashionable to blame everything on reservation and quote some stupid SMS jokes and irrelevant statistics, which isnt their actual thoughts….but COPIED….. This is what am against….

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  • Amit Joshi

    They are interested in money.