Kapil sibal meets IIT Directors on ISEET, meeting ends with no decision

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Earlier a meeting was scheduled on 11th April by MHRD Minister Kapil Sibal to discuss the implementation of ISEET for all centrally funded engineering institutions from academic year 2013 , as several IIT senates from old IIT’s such as IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay have expressed serious concerns on the pattern of ISEET or new pattern JEE to be implemented from 2013.

Reportedly the meeting ended with no apparent conclusion while both the parties maintained that MHRD and IIT’s are now on the same page and that the meeting was fruitful and positive, the meeting concluded with action of IIT Directors to discuss the reforms of IIT JEE with their respective senates and revert back to MHRD on the same.

Some of the concerns expressed by IIT senates are:

  • Weightage to 12th board examination scores
  • Formula for weightage of 12th board scores for ISEET .
  • ISEET constituting only objective questions
  • Control of IIT’s on the entrance exam
There’s one more meeting that will be held with IIT Council’s on April 14th where some decision on conflict might be resolved.


  • vaibhavg_159

    atleast 2-3 years should be given in hands to students to prepare pattern proof……don’t rush into any decission….

  • Rahul_ism

    Previously also all the initiatives by sibal were failed event. Why now he is playing with the future of India. Everyone knows that this system is going to collapse in first year of itself. Even then if he want then why not in multiple phases. Why he is so egoistic to cover institute.

  • evilshinichi95

    dis is confusing..!!

  • http://KK.TID klkl3

    can any1 explain me what is iseet main exam (in detail). i know that there is English comprehensing , critical thinking and logical reasoning but i wanna know that what is asking  in three of them ( eg;  from English comprehensing section==> vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms they must be ask) like that i want full detail of iseet.
                               if any1 know the structure of iseet so please
                                                ======================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                   REPLY

  • Jacopo annese

    Karna toh hai!! Jo bhi karna hai do it quick!!! Time waste karne see aap ka Kuch nahii jaaegaa par students ka time zaroor jaaegaa!! Socha achcha hai ab implement bhi kar doo na yaar!!

  • Shivika


  • Shivika

    This fellow is not going to think anything better for our future 12 board percent should not be added b,coz iit and subjective exam is very different they are foolish bcoz they think implementing iseet would decline the business of coaching institutes . It will never happen as coaching institutes have very important role in our life. Pls anybody do something these people hate us they want to destroy our career


       @Shivika , I AGREE WID U……..100%

  • gvjhg

    kapil is doing excellent job by briging all iits,nit ,iiits,deemed unives. undr one exam . in this way a stud. culd focus only one exam .it does not lwr. his chance of sel. as he could sit for iits 2 times in a yr. stu. mst.  undrstand that only 40% whetage to bords could not lwr his chance of selection (60%=24marks,80=32,90=36marks,100=40)& a stud. who prepare for comptition only from 9th or 11th stand. could easily get 70-80% marks in bords as he has neglected bords in comparision to a poor stu. who prepare only for boards . if we stop thinkig only about 10000 stu. going to iits yearly it would be great move for other 9-10 lakhs stud. who go in nits,iiits,deemed universities