Placement is becoming a tougher challenge than JEE for IITians

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Though in IIT campus placement highest pay package has gone around 80 lakhs in computer science department, but situation is not same for other students. Average annual pay package for graduates this placement season has not exceeded Rs 10 lakh; this is even lower for students taking up core engineering jobs. Placement is not balanced, someone is getting a pay package of 80 Lakhs per annum and others less than 10 LPA. Big pay package to few students put an unnecessary stress on other students. The pressure to get a high-paying job is intense. All parents expect 60-80 lakhs pay package for their child but it is not possible.

Generally students think that to clear JEE is biggest challenge of his life but that’s not true.To get a high package job is becoming a tougher challenge than JEE. “It is perceived that every IITian gets multiple offers and is spoilt for choice. Four years ago when I qualified in the JEE, my relatives and family members told me that I would soon be earning in dollars,” said a final year IIT-B student from the civil engineering department who has not yet been placed. Along with that is the cold fact that not many students from this department get international offers. “The pressure to live up to their expectations is constantly weighing on me,” he added.

For students coming from smaller towns situation is much worse, their parents want their child to be placed in international firm. A former dean said he had a lot of trouble convincing a parent who was asking his daughter to not take up a job and wait for something better. The student hails from a small town in Andhra Pradesh and was getting an offer in a leading software company in Bangalore. But her parents wondered how she was offered so little. “They asked their daughter why she was being offered so little when other students from the institute were getting offers of Rs 80 lakh,” he said.

Reportedly this year only one students got pay package of 80 LPA. The average is not more than Rs 11 lakh for students from the computer science department and even less for the ones from the core engineering departments.