Weightage of each topic in jee main syllabus

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Below we have arranged all topics that come in jee main syllabus in decreasing order of their weightage, according to this you can plan your preparation for JEE Main 2014.

Topic Weightage
Coordinate Geometry Medium
Modern Physics Medium
Current Electricity Medium
Electrostatics Medium
Heat and Thermodynamics Medium
Integral Caculus Medium
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability Medium
Optics Medium
Periodic table and Representative Elements Medium
Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry Medium
Atomic Structure Medium
Chemical Bonding Medium
Complex numbers and Quadratic Equation Medium
Magnetics Medium
Matrices and Determinants Medium
Statistics and Probability Medium
Three Dimensional Geometry Medium
Vector Algebra Medium
Alkyl Halides Low
Aromatic Compounds Low
Binomial Theorem and Its Application Low
Carbohydrates,amino acid and Polymers Low
Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives Low
Centre Of Mass, Impulse and Momentum Low
Chemical Equilibruim Low
Chemical Kinetics Low
Differential Calculus Low
Differential Equation Low
Electrochemistry Low
Electromagnetics Induction & AC Low
Environment Low
Gaseous State Low
General Organic Chemistry Low
Gravitation Low
Hydrocarbon Low
Ionic Equilibruim Low
Kinematics Low
Laws of motion Low
Mathematical Reasoning Low
Mole Concept Low
Nuclear Chemistry Low
Permutations and Combinations Low
Redox Reaction Low
Rotation Low
Sequences and Series Low
Sets, Relation and Function Low
Simple Harmonic Motion Low
Solid State Low
Solids and Fluids Low
Solution and Colligative Properties Low
Statics and Dynamics Low
Stereochemistry Low
Surface Chemimstry Low
Thermodynamics Low
Trigonometry Low
Unit,Dimension and Vector Low
Waves Low
Work,Power and Energy Low