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IIT Ropar placements – Placement details yearwise


IIT Ropar Placements 2015

Top Placements

  • Amazon offered a package of Rs 29 lakh per annum.


IIT Ropar Placements 2014

Average Package Offered

IIT Ropar Avg Package 2014

IIT Ropar Avg Package All years

IIT Ropar 2012 Placements Key Statistics : 

No of Students Registered for IIT Ropar Campus Placements : 83

No of Students Received Placements Offers in IIT Ropar Campus Placements : 82

IIT Ropar Placements Salary Packages : 

Average Salary for ME in IIT Ropar Placements 2012 : Rs 7,13,823

Average Salary for EE in IIT Ropar Placements 2012 : Rs. 6,51,739

Average Salary for CS in IIT Ropar Placements 2012 : Rs. 11,69,375

Average Salary offered for IIT Ropar Students  : Rs. 8,44,979.22

IIT Ropar Placements of the 2nd graduating batch (2009-2013)

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, Samsung, Cisco, Cognizant, Texas Instruments, ONGC, L & T, HPCL, Ericsson etc. were also recruiters for he second batch of placements. The average salary across all branches is Rs. 10.70 lakhs per annum. The highest package offered in India is Rs. 17.45 lakhs per annum. The highest package offered overseas is US $ 1,25,000 per annum. Moreover, a number of graduates are going for higher studies in reputed institutes such as Texas A & M University, TIFR and the IIMs.

IIT Ropar Placement News of the 1st graduating batch (2008-2012)

Placement this year has been a little easier and better (in terms of salary package offered and more students getting placed). It is mainlybecause the recruiters’ size this year has been more compared to last year.Last year, when the first batch graduated from IIT Ropar (classescommenced in 2008), the placement stood at 87 per cent.The number of companies has increased with new ones coming to thecampus. Of 100 students studying in IIT Ropar in the final year, 12 have pre-placement job offers.

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