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  • Last Modified 01-06-2021

Last minute preparation for AIPMT 2015


The AIPMT 2015 is drawing closer and closer. As you read this, you probably don’t have more than a few days left for your preparation!! What is the best way to spend your time? How can you maximize your score? If your first exam had not really gone well, you must have been grateful to get a second shot. But how to make best use of that time?

This is the last mile, with just a few days in your hands. (Edit, the AIPMT is tomorrow!! All the best!)

The most important thing you can do right now is analyse.

It is important to analyse where you have reached and where you need to be. Especially now that you are starting the last mile on your road. Analyse which topics you are strong at and which of your topics need help. Are you good in biology? Or is chemistry your strong subject? Do you struggle with the physics paper?

Students think they know their strengths and weaknesses but do they really? For example ‘I’m weak in physics’ doesn’t tell you anything. What can you do about being weak in physics? Will you study the entire physics syllabus back to back? There’s no time for that! But suppose if you said ‘I’m weak in electrostatics’ then you can work on studying that chapter better. But still, to read the entire theory, solve practice problems, learning problem solving methods. That will take you days to do! There’s no time for that either! But what if you knew, “I don’t know Faraday’s law”. Then the solution is simple! In just half an hour you can study that one concept, solve questions and fix that weakness.

Embibe can help you with those tricky concepts.

Short guidelines for the last day and exam day

  • Don’t stay up very late!!
  • Keep yourself hydrated-Drink enough water.
  • Make sure you carry some chocolate with you in the exam hall. Keep your energy as high as possible during the exam.
  • Make a list of the important formulae that you tend to forget.
  • A little yoga can go a long way. It is important for you to be calm and at your best during the exam.
  • Don’t have a heavy meal in the morning. Have several short meals throughout the day for energy.

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