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Embibe was founded in 2012, with an aim to truly personalise and democratize education. We believe that no two students are the same. Then how can their learning methods be the same? So we built the most powerful education platform ever invented. Embibe leverages AI and data science to make education truly personalised for every child. On Embibe, your child gets access to world class learning content that is mapped to their syllabus. They will discover rich and engaging video content for 45,000+ concepts that covers the entire syllabus for schools across CBSE, ICSE, and multiple state education boards. Apart from schooling, they can prepare for different competitive exams from various fields including engineering, medical, banking, teaching, insurance, among many others.

Everything Embibe does is backed by data. So when we say that we can help your child improve their performances, we mean it! We first analyse your child’s knowledge levels and identify their strong and weak subjects. Based on this analysis, we recommend learning material which will help your child fix knowledge gaps that are not just related to the current grade but also mapped to weaknesses they might carry in topics from past grades. This learning content is served in a rich engaging manner that keeps them interested and helps them understand concepts better.

Then comes in our adaptive practice feature. Powered by our AI engine, the practice questions adapt to your child's levels so that their confidence gets a boost. And all along the way, we help guide them to the right answers with tips and hints. At the end of the practice session, we provide detailed feedback not only on concepts that were right and wrong but also on the way your child attempted the questions. Did they spend too much time on a question? Did they make careless mistakes? Were they overconfident? This personalised feedback will help your child understand how ready they are for their exams.

When your child is ready to take a test, we offer tests that are mapped to the difficulty level of actual exams. Test from previous years question papers or take one of our tests that highlight the test quality score that shows how close that test is to the difficulty level of real tests. The test section also allows you to take Custom Tests where your child can create their own tests comprising single or multiple subjects/topics based on their preferences. Once done with the test, the personalized feedback analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of their weaknesses and strengths.

Embibe lets you discover the student in your child. We know that parents can often feel helpless when it comes to their child’s learning journey and constant interventions are not always welcome by children. With Embibe, you can now keep an eye on everything your child learns through the Embibe for Parents app. You get real time updates of their learning progress so you can keep a track of their syllabus completion. You can get involved by choosing from pre-set lesson plans or creating your own lessons for them to revise and test them on their knowledge too. From the personalised feedback you can see their strengths and weaknesses and create revision plans accordingly. And what’s more is that we’ve got a great way to help you keep your child focussed. Unlock customised rewards of your child’s favorite activities based on them completing tasks you have assigned to them. It could be a movie night, a pizza night or even a trip to their favorite museum. With Embibe, you get to be the teacher you never thought you could be.

For once, you as parents can take control of conversations in parent-teacher meetings. With Embibe’s detailed analysis and personalised feedback, you will be in a position to meaningfully discuss your child’s progress and study plan.Engage with teachers with data backed insights about your child’s knowledge levels. Discuss lesson plans and weak topics that need practice. Engage with teachers on how they are performing and where they need more attention. Finally, a way for you to truly measure the return on your education investment.


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