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KEAM Previous Year Question Papers: Get Solutions


KEAM Previous Year Papers: It is very helpful for the candidates appearing for the KEAM 2023 exam to practice the KEAM previous year’s question papers from this article. We highly recommend solving the KEAM previous year papers to prepare effectively. KEAM is a state-level entrance exam to select candidates for UG engineering and other courses in various colleges across Kerala. KEAM 2023 will be organised by the Commissioner of Entrance Examination (CEE), Kerala.

The dates for the state-level entrance exam is yet to be confirmed. Candidates preparing for the KEAM exam can download the KEAM previous year papers from here. They should diligently solve the previous year’s KEAM question papers and analyse their preparation from time to time. This article will provide details on KEAM engineering previous year’s question papers with PDF downloads.

Latest Updates:
– KEAM option registration window opened on September 15, 2022
– The trial allotment list release date on September 18, 2022. The first KEAM 2022 seat allotment list release date is September 21, 2022.
– KEAM 2022 provisional category list was released on August 20, 2022.
– CEE Kerala extended the last date for candidates to make corrections in their KEAM 2022 forms. Per the official notice, candidates could submit their corrections by August 17, 2022, 3 pm.

KEAM Model Question Paper/Previous Year Papers: Overview

Before getting into the details of the KEAM model question papers, let us have an overview of the KEAM exam.

Exam ParticularsDetails
Exam NameKerala Engineering Architecture Medical
Exam CategoryUndergraduate
Exam LevelState Level
Conducting BodyCommissioner of Entrance Examination, Kerala 
Commonly Known AsKEAM
Programs Covered B.Tech
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Mode of ExamOffline
Number of Papers2
Exam Duration150 minutes for each paper
Official Websitecee.kerala.gov.in

To prepare well for the exam, candidates should be thorough with the KEAM syllabus and KEAM exam pattern. They should finish the syllabus as early as possible and start taking KEAM mock tests, and Kerala SET question papers with answers PDF download.

KEAM Previous Year Question Papers PDF

The previous year’s KEAM questions and answers PDF download for Paper 1 and Paper 2 are as under.

YearPaper 1 (Physics & Chemistry)Paper 2 (Mathematics)
2020KEAM 2020 Paper 1KEAM 2020 Paper 2
2019KEAM 2019 Paper 1KEAM 2019 Paper 2
2018KEAM 2018 Paper 1KEAM 2018 Paper 2
2017KEAM 2017 Paper 1KEAM 2017 Paper 2
2016KEAM 2016 Paper 1KEAM 2016 Paper 2
2015KEAM 2015 Paper 1KEAM 2015 Paper 2
2014KEAM 2014 Paper 1KEAM 2014 Paper 2
2013KEAM 2013 Paper 1KEAM 2013 Paper 2

How To Take KEAM Model Question Paper/Tests on Embibe?

Follow the steps under to take KEAM mock test 2023 on Embibe for free.

  • 1st Step: Visit embibe.com. Candidates must log in if they have not signed up. 
  • 2nd Step: Choose “Engineering” under “My Goal“.
embibe mock test for Engineering
  • 3rd Step: Now click on “KEAM” from the list of exams on the top side of the page.
mock test for keam 2022
  • 4th Step: Now candidates will see the list of study resources available at Embibe. Choose “Test” from the section.
Embibe mock test series
  • 5th Step: The candidate will be provided with various test series. Select the test series according to the requirement.
  • 6th Step: Click on the “Start Test“, and the test will open in a new tab. Now, read the test instructions carefully and check the box against the statement confirming the same.
  • 7th Step: Lastly, click on “Start Test“.

KEAM Previous Year Papers Online

At Embibe, candidates can take mock tests on KEAM entrance exam model question papers PDF download in the online mode to test their performance.

YearPaper 1 (Physics & Chemistry)Paper 2 (Mathematics)
2020KEAM 2020 Paper 1KEAM 2020 Paper 2
2019KEAM 2019 Paper 1KEAM 2019 Paper 2
2018KEAM 2018 Paper 1 KEAM 2018 Paper 2
2017KEAM 2017 Paper 1 KEAM 2017 Paper 2
2016KEAM 2016 Paper 1 KEAM 2016 Paper 2

KEAM Online Mock Test Series

Candidates can attempt free KEAM model question papers with solutions from the table below.

Online Mock Test Series
Test Series 1 – Physics & Chemistry
Test Series 1 – Mathematics
Test Series 2 – Physics & Chemistry
Test Series 2 – Mathematics
Test Series 3 – Physics & Chemistry
Test Series 3 – Mathematics
Test Series 4 – Physics & Chemistry
Test Series 4 – Mathematics
Test Series 5 – Physics & Chemistry
Test Series 5 – Mathematics

Advanced Feedback Analysis of Embibe

At Embibe, candidates can also get a detailed analysis of every test they take if they unlock the Advanced Feedback Analysis. This analysis will tell how candidates took their tests and pinpoint the areas they are weak at, thereby helping them in the exam preparation.

The Advanced Feedback Analysis will tell the following for each test:

  • Subject-wise score.
  • The number of correct attempts, incorrect attempts, and unattempted questions for each subject.
  • First look time – the time it takes to go through the entire paper.
  • Then look accuracy – Attempt accuracy during the first look time.
  • How candidates have attempted the paper, selected the questions to answer, etc.
  • The number of questions in each subject where the candidate went overtime, made careless mistakes, etc.
  • Subject-wise analysis.
  • Question-wise analysis.
  • Detailed solutions.

With knowledge of all the above points, candidates will know where to focus. This will make the exam preparation easier and help them improve their scores.

Candidates can unlock the Advanced Feedback Analysis using Embiums, similar to currencies that can be earned by solving engineering entrance exam practice questions on Embibe.

Benefits of Solving KEAM Previous Year Papers

Solving KEAM question papers has the following advantages.

1. Know The Exam Pattern

Attempting the previous year’s KEAM question papers will help the candidates understand the KEAM exam pattern of the exam, the number of questions in each section, the type of questions asked, etc., in a better manner.

2. Understand The Difficulty Level

Attempting KEAM previous year questions can help candidates get an idea about the difficulty level of the exam – whether the exam questions are easy, difficult, or have a moderate level of difficulty.

3. Build The Strategy

Solving KEAM’s previous year’s papers helps candidates build a proper strategy to take the exam – how to attempt the questions, how much time to be allocated to each section, etc. This is very important if candidates want to convert their knowledge to marks.

4. Identify Areas of Weaknesses

Solving KEAM previous year papers and analysing the performance will help candidates identify their knowledge gaps, gaps in time management, question selection skills, etc. They can then focus on those particular aspects where they are weak and can improve on them.

How to Solve KEAM Previous Year Papers?

KEAM candidates can cultivate the following habits as they solve KEAM previous year papers.

  • Allocate fixed time for both Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  • Candidates should go through the entire paper and focus on questions they are confident about in the exam.
  • Do not make any guess attempts to avoid a penalty for incorrect answers.
  • After finishing the questions that candidates are sure of, they should attempt the next level of questions.
  • Keep track of the time spent on each question and section.

After solving each of the previous year’s KEAM question papers, candidates should analyse their performance in-depth, find out their areas of improvement, topics that need to be studied again, etc.

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FAQs on KEAM Previous Year Question Papers

Some of the most commonly asked questions on KEAM previous year papers are as under.

Q. Is it necessary to solve the previous year’s KEAM papers before the KEAM exam?

Ans: No, it is not mandatory to solve the previous year’s papers before the exams. However, it is important to understand what type of questions were asked in the exam.

Q. What should I do if I am finding KEAM sample papers hard?

Ans: Candidates should not get disheartened if they find the sample papers difficult. They can consider it a good sign that they got a good opportunity to focus on their weakness and improve it.

Q. Where can I practice KEAM previous year’s tests for free?

Ans: Candidates can take the free KEAM previous year tests online at Embibe.

Q. How do I get the KEAM previous year’s question papers year-wise online as a PDF?

Ans: At Embibe, candidates will receive KEAM previous year’s question papers as PDFs. In this article, we have provided all the links.

Q. When will the CEE release the KEAM 2023 question paper?

Ans: CEE releases the KEAM question paper along with the answer key after the conclusion of the exam.

We hope this article on KEAM previous year question papers helps you. Download the Embibe learning app to start your preparations for KEAM 2023. You can also solve practice questions and take mock tests for free. Remember to bookmark us to get all the latest exam notifications. If you need to know anything about the exam, do reach out to us by writing a mail at [email protected] or call 1800313002020 (Toll-Free) or +91-7666597555. We will surely help you.

Stay tuned to Embibe to catch all the updates about KEAM 2023!

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