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GUJCET Previous Year Papers 2023: Download Free PDFs


GUJCET Previous Year Papers:  GUJCET exam 2023 will be conducted in April 2023. Aspirants preparing for GUJCET 2023 can download the GUJCET papers in PDF format using the direct links given below. GUJCET question papers are available online on this page so that aspirants can directly download them from this article.

Solving the previous year’s GUJCET papers and mock test series can help candidates obtain good marks on the test. They can learn from their errors as well as enhance their test-taking strategy. Embibe recognises the need for planning to achieve candidates’ goals to ace the exam. Therefore, we have presented the GUJCET previous year’s papers in English to round off the GUJCET preparation. We have the GUJCET last year’s paper in PDF format and online examinations available in this article.

Latest Updates:
– January 06, 2023 – GSEB released the GUJCET application 2023 on the official website.

How to Attempt GUJCET Previous Years Papers on Embibe?

Aspirants are required to follow the steps mentioned below in order to attempt their GUJCET previous years’ papers on Embibe successfully:

  • 1st Step: Go to the Embibe website- www.embibe.com
  • 2nd Step: Click on the “Take a Test” option.
  • 3rd Step: Now, select “GUJARAT-CET” from the left side of the window.

    NEET mock test– 
  • 4th Step: Now, in front of the Previous Year Test, click on “Show All.”

  • 5th Step: Select any test and click on “Start Test.”
  • 6th Step: You will land on the Instructions page. Click on “I have read and understood the instructions.” Press “Start Test.”

Now, go ahead and solve the GUJCET Previous Year Papers. For effective preparation, it is recommended that candidates complete as many mock examinations and past term papers as possible.

GUJCET Paper PDF Download

Candidates can download the GUJCET previous year’s question papers PDF in English for free from the link below:

GUJCET 2017 Question Paper
GUJCET 2016 Question Paper
GUJCET 2015 Question Paper
GUJCET 2011 Question Paper For Chemistry and Physics
GUJCET 2011 Question Paper For Maths

Benefits of Solving GUJCET Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year’s GUJCET paper can help candidates in a variety of ways:

  • It gives candidates an idea about the difficulty level of the paper.
  • Candidates get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • They identify the particular chapters and concepts asked frequently
  • They improve their overall test-taking strategy, including their time management skills and the ability to select the right questions to answer.
  • It helps in building their stamina and focus.

Note: We at Embibe have ensured that GUJCET aspirants have access to free practice questions and mock examinations. We recommend that candidates take our practice exams and evaluate themselves before taking the actual exam.

GUJCET Exam Pattern

Before using GUJCET previous year’s papers, ensure you understand the GUJCET exam pattern. The engineering component of the GUJCET test is split into three sections. The exam takes place in a paper-and-pencil format, with a negative marking of 0.25 for each incorrect answer. The following is a list of the GUJCET exam pattern:

SectionsTotal Number of Questions/Maximum MarksTime Duration
Paper 1: Physics & Chemistry80/80120 minutes
Paper 2: Mathematics40/4060 minutes
Total120/120180 minutes (3 hours)

GUJCET Syllabus 2023

Candidates should also be familiar with the GUJCET syllabus to avoid missing any topics. It is generally advised to take the GUJCET previous years’ papers once they have finished the course. It will give them a better idea of how much time they will likely get on the exam. Examine the following sections of the GUJCET Syllabus for all three subjects:

GUJCET Syllabus for Physics

  • 1st Unit: Nucleus
  • 2nd Unit: Electromagnetic Induction
  • 3rd Unit: Communication System
  • 4th Unit: Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter
  • 5th Unit: Semi-Conductor Electronics
  • 6th Unit: Wave Optics
  • 7th Unit: Ray Optics
  • 8th Unit: Electrical Charge and Field
  • 9th Unit: Atoms
  • 10th Unit: Alternating Current
  • 11th Unit: Current Electricity
  • 12th Unit: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
  • 13th Unit: Magnetism and Matter
  • 14th Unit: Electromagnetic Waves
  • 15th Unit: Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

GUJCET Syllabus for Chemistry

  • 1st Unit: Chemistry in Everyday Life
  • 2nd Unit: Solutions
  • 3rd Unit: Polymers
  • 4th Unit: Solid State
  • 5th Unit: Surface Chemistry
  • 6th Unit: Complex Salts or Coordination Compounds
  • 7th Unit: Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
  • 8th Unit: F-Block Elements
  • 9th Unit: Phenols and Ethers
  • 10th Unit: P- Block Elements II
  • 11th Unit: Aldehydes
  • 12th Unit: Halo-Alkanes & Halo-Arenes
  • 13th Unit: Bio-molecules
  • 14th Unit: Chemical Kinetics
  • 15th Unit: Ketones and Carboxylic Acid
  • 16th Unit: Electro-Chemistry
  • 17th Unit: Alcohol
  • 18th Unit: General Principle & Processes of Isolation Elements

GUJCET Syllabus for Mathematics

  • 1st Unit: Permutation & Combination
  • 2nd Unit: Sets, Relations & Functions
  • 3rd Unit: Indefinite Integration
  • 4th Unit: Matrices Determinants
  • 5th Unit: Three-Dimensional Geometry
  • 6th Unit: Limit
  • 7th Unit: Vectors
  • 8th Unit: Theory of Equations
  • 9th Unit: Complex Numbers
  • 10th Unit: Definite Integration
  • 11th Unit: Probability


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FAQs on GUJCET Previous Year Papers

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions on GUJCET Previous Year Papers:

Q: Why should I practice the GUJCET previous year’s papers?

Ans: Practicing from previous years’ papers will give you a better idea of how questions are asked in the final exam.

Q: What is the time duration of the GUJCET exam?

Ans: The time duration of the GUJCET exam is 180 minutes.

Q: Is there a negative marking system for incorrect answers?

Ans: Yes, there is a negative marking system for incorrect answers in the GUJCET exams. Before using these GUJCET previous years’ papers, make sure you understand the GUJCET exam pattern. The exam takes place with a negative marking of 0.25 for each incorrect answer.

Q: Will GUJCET mock tests help in preparation?

Ans: Yes, they are very helpful in preparing for exams. At Embibe, we have GUJCET mock tests, which provide a complete evaluation of your performance.

Q: What are the total marks for the GUJCET exam?

Ans: GUJCET exam will consist of a total of 120 questions. The maximum mark for the examination will be 120 marks.

On Embibe, you can also take GUJCET mock tests for free and obtain a complete evaluation. If you have any issues or queries about this article about GUJCET’s previous year papers, you can visit our website and write to us with your queries. We will assist you in the best way possible.

Embibe wishes you the best of luck in your upcoming exam!

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