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Embibe Live Classes


Embibe Live Classes: Embibe has revolutionized education platforms to transform how students learn and prepare for exams. One of the key features of Embibe is its live classes. These interactive sessions aim to bring learners nationwide to learn, discuss and solve problems in real time with subject matter experts. Embibe’s live classes allow students to ask questions, receive personalised feedback, and engage in lively discussions with their peers. The platform offers live classes for various exams, including JEE, NEET, CBSE, ICSE, Banking, SSC and more.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, online classes have become essential for students to gain a competitive edge. Embibe offers a comprehensive suite of online learning resources, including live classes. With Embibe’s live classes, students can access high-quality education from anywhere, at any time, using just their laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Embibe’s live classes are great for students who want to do well in their board exams or get into top engineering or medical schools in India, or a government job aspirant. So, if you want to learn better and reach your goals, these live classes can help you a lot. 

Features of Embibe Live Class

Embibe’s Live Classes have various features that are designed to give you the best learning and problem-solving experience. The features that are included in the live classrooms are as follows:

Interaction With Teacher

Embibe aims to revolutionize the way of learning. When you join a live class, you can talk to the teacher by typing in a chat box. If you have any questions or need help understanding something, you can ask right then and there! Your teachers can even give you feedback that is just for you to help you do your best in the exams. This means you’ll have extra help from experienced teachers who want you to succeed!

In-class Experience

It’s common to watch videos on YouTube and other places to learn about new things. But with Embibe, you can do something even cooler than that! We have live classes where you can learn and answer the teacher’s questions on your computer or phone. The teacher will also give you the right answer and explain it, even if you got it wrong. So you can learn more and get better at the topic!

In-class Performance Report

We have also provided a feature through which students can track their overall performance. During the live class, the teacher asks many questions that you have to answer. With our performance tracking feature, you can check how many questions you have answered correctly and how many questions you got wrong.

Furthermore, you can track your question attempt accuracy and in-depth details on attempts. Here are the details of the attempts that you will get:

  • Perfect Attempts
  • Wasted Attempts
  • Too Fast Correct
  • Incorrect Attempts
  • Overtime Correct
  • Overtime Incorrect
  • Unattempted

Post-Class Assignments

Once you are done with the class, you will get post-class assignments to gauge how much you have learned in the class. These post-class assignments will also help you to revise the topics that you have learned. Based on your performance in the assignment, you will know the topics that you have to give extra emphasis on, and that will make you confident of achieving your academic goals.

Post-Class Tests

After you finish a live class at Embibe, you can take post-class tests on the topics discussed. This will let you know how much you have learned in the class. Moreover, you will get personalized feedback on your performance on the test. The feedback will tell you how to improve your exam-taking strategy, time-management skills, and problem-solving capabilities. This will give you a unique experience to make your learning outcome maximum.

Upcoming Live Classes by Embibe’s Subject Experts

Embibe allows you to check and note upcoming live classes before the assigned date. This way, you can ensure you do not miss any important classes essential for your academic growth. Various live classes will be scheduled by the best educators, and that gives you a chance to interact with them and solve your doubts and not miss any important classes.

Past Classes by Embibe’s Subject Experts

At Embibe, you can also watch past classes of subject matter experts. After watching the live class of any subject expert, you can find all the previous live online classes of that subject expert. Thus, even if you have missed previous live classes of that teacher, you can access them after the class. Furthermore, you can use those previous online classes to revise any topic.


Check some of the most frequently asked questions below:

What are the benefits of online classes?

Live classes provide real-time interaction between students and teachers. They allow for immediate feedback, clarification of doubts, and personalised attention to each learner.

What exams are covered in Embibe’s online classes?

Embibe offers online classes for various exams, including JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, BITSAT, SSC, and UPSC CDS, among others.

What are the features of Embibe’s live classes?

Through Embibe’s live online classes, you can interact with the teacher, answer in-class questions asked by the teacher, get a performance report, and take post classes assignments and tests.

What is the difference between live classes and recorded classes?

Live classes provide learners with real-time interaction with teachers and subject-matter experts, whereas recorded classes are pre-recorded and lack the immediate interaction and feedback of live classes.

Are Embibe’s live classes helpful?

Yes. Embibe’s online live classes are very helpful. Students can understand the concepts easily through AI driven methods used in Embibe classes.

How do I join a live class?

Ans: To join a live class, students can check the below-mentioned steps:
1st Step: Interested students can register at Embibe.com
2nd Step: Use your mobile number/email to log in.
3rd Step: Select your Goal under the specific section.
4th Step: Click Next and select ‘category’.
5th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
6th Step: Once done, you can take latest mock tests and attempt the All India Test Series from the lists of available resources.

What equipment do I need to participate in a live class?

The equipment needed to participate in a live class is to have a smartphone and a working internet connection.

How to record a live online class?

Candidates can find the recording of the Embibe live class immediately after the online live class ends.

Can I ask questions during a live class?

Yes, during a live class, students can ask questions from the chat option that is available while the live class is being conducted.

What happens if I miss a live class?

If students miss a live class, they can later view the recording of the live class.

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