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  • Written By Abhishek_verma
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NCERT Books for Class 8: Download Free PDF

NCERT Books for Class 8: The NCERT books are recommended by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and all major boards across the country. As a result, these books are immensely helpful to students. The NCERT books for Class 8 are designed in accordance with the most recent syllabus. Students can use this article to download CBSE Class 8th books in order to perform well in both board and competitive exams.

All of the pdfs for NCERT Class 8 books are provided in this article. Students can download the textbooks for all subjects as pdfs directly from this page. Books like the NCERT Science book Class 8 and NCERT Class 8 Maths book pdf are available in English, Hindi, and Urdu. Students can download the NCERT books for each chapter by clicking on the links provided below in this article.

NCERT Books Class 8 – Overview

A wide range of Class 8 Books are available in the market. Moreover, NCERT has now adapted to the digital age and has provided Class 8 NCERT Books in online formats for all classes on their official website. As a result, students can now access 8th Class NCERT book much more easily. The subject-wise download links of Class 8 NCERT books are given below.

NCERT Books Class 8: All Subjects

Below we have provided all the details about NCERT books for Class 8 all subjects along with the links to download the Maths, English, Science, Social Science, and Hindi Books for free. Students can download the CBSE Class 8 NCERT books by clicking on the aforementioned links.

The NCERT Books are as per the CBSE Class 8 syllabus and comprise all the essential and relevant chapters. The topics are explained interactively to help students understand the fundamental concepts clearly. NCERT Class 8 Books also have sufficient activities, examples, and exercises for students to learn the concepts thoroughly.

NCERT Class 8 Maths Book Pdf

The 8th standard NCERT Maths textbook is available in English, Hindi, and Urdu mediums. Students can download the NCERT Class 8 Maths book pdf by clicking on the download links provided in the table below:

NCERT Class 8 Maths Book Pdf:

Book NameDownload Link
Class 8 Mathematics (English)Download Here
Class 8 Ganit (Hindi)Download Here
Class 8 Riyazi (Urdu)Download Here

Download NCERT Class 8 Maths Book Pdf Individual Chapters:

Class 8 Mathematics Book PDF Download In EnglishClass 8 Maths Book PDF Download In Hindi
Chapter 1 – Rational Numbersअध्याय 1 – तर्कसंगत संख्याओं
Chapter 2 – Linear Equations in One Variableअध्याय 2 – एक चर में रैखिक समीकरण
Chapter 3 – Understanding Quadrilateralsअध्याय 3 – चतुर्भुज को समझना
Chapter 4 – Practical Geometryअध्याय 4 – व्यावहारिक ज्यामिति
Chapter 5 – Data Handlingअध्याय 5 – डेटा संधारण
Chapter 6 – Square and Square Rootsअध्याय 6 – वर्ग और वर्गमूल
Chapter 7 – Cube and Cube Rootsअध्याय 7 – घन और घन जड़ें
Chapter 8 – Comparing Quantitiesअध्याय 8 – तुलना मात्राएँ
Chapter 9 – Algebraic Expressions and Identitiesअध्याय 9 – बीजगणितीय अभिव्यक्तियाँ और पहचान
Chapter 10 – Visualising Solid Shapeअध्याय 10 – दृश्‍यमान ठोस आकार
Chapter 11 – Mensurationअध्याय 11 – क्षेत्रमिति
Chapter 12 – Exponents and Powerअध्याय 12 – व्यय और शक्ति
Chapter 13 – Direct and Inverse Proportionsअध्याय 13 – प्रत्यक्ष और व्युत्क्रम अनुपात
Chapter 14 – Factorisationअध्याय 14 – गुणनखण्ड
Chapter 15 – Introduction to Graphsअध्याय 15 – रेखांकन का परिचय
Chapter 16 – Playing with Numbersअध्याय 16 – नंबरों के साथ खेल रहा है

NCERT Science Book Class 8

The Class 8 NCERT Science book is available in English, Hindi, and Urdu mediums. Students can click on the respective NCERT Science Book Class 8 download links to get the NCERT Class 8 Science book:

Download NCERT Science Book Class 8:

Book NameDownload Link
Class 8 Science (English)Download Here
Class 8 Vigyan (Hindi)Download Here
Class 8 Science (Urdu)Download Here

Download NCERT Science Book Class 8 Individual Chapters:

The separate chapters for NCERT Science Book Class 8 are tabulated below

Class 8 Science Book PDF Download Chapter-wiseNCERT Books PDF Class 8 Science Chapter-wise (Hindi)
Chapter 1 – Crop Production and Managementअध्याय 1 – फसल उत्पादन और प्रबंधन
Chapter 2 – Microorganisms: Friend and Foeअध्याय 2 – सूक्ष्मजीव: मित्र और शत्रु
Chapter 3 – Synthetic Fibres and Plasticsअध्याय 3 – सिंथेटिक फाइबर और प्लास्टिक
Chapter 4 – Materials: Metals and Non-Metalsअध्याय 4 – सामग्री: धातु और गैर-धातु
Chapter 5 – Coal and Petroleumअध्याय 5 – कोयला और पेट्रोलियम
Chapter 6 – Combustion and Flameअध्याय 6 – दहन और ज्वाला
Chapter 7 – Conservation of Plants and Animalsअध्याय 7 – पौधों और जानवरों का संरक्षण
Chapter 8 – Cell Structure and Functionsअध्याय 8 – सेल- संरचना और कार्य
Chapter 9 – Reproduction in Animalsअध्याय 9 – पशुओं में प्रजनन
Chapter 10 – Reaching The Age of Adolescenceअध्याय 10 – किशोरावस्था की आयु तक पहुँचना
Chapter 11 – Force and Pressureअध्याय 11 – बल और दबाव
Chapter 12 – Frictionअध्याय 12 – घर्षण
Chapter 13 – Soundअध्याय 13 – ध्वनि
Chapter 14 – Chemical Effects of Electric Currentअध्याय 14 – विद्युत प्रवाह के रासायनिक प्रभाव
Chapter 15 – Some Natural Phenomenaअध्याय 15 – कुछ प्राकृतिक घटना
Chapter 16 – Lightअध्याय 16 – प्रकाश
Chapter 17 – Stars and the Solar Systemअध्याय 17 – सितारे और सौर मंडल
Chapter 18 – Pollution of Air and Waterअध्याय 18 – वायु और जल का प्रदूषण

NCERT Books Class 8: Social Science Book

The NCERT Books of Class 8 Social Science has three parts namely, History, Civics, and Geography. The Class 8 Social Science books are available in English, Hindi, and Urdu mediums. Students can download the NCERT Class 8 Social Science textbooks for all three parts in the language of their choice from the table below:

Download Complete NCERT Textbook Class 8 Social Science:

Book NameClass 8 Social Science Book PDF Download
Class 8 Social Science Book 1 (Geography) – Resource and DevelopmentDownload Here
Class 8 Social Science Book 2 (History) – Our Pasts – IIIDownload Now
Class 8 Social Science Book 3 (Civics) – Social and Political Life – IIIDownload Here
कक्षा 8 सामाजिक विज्ञान पुस्तक -1 (भूगोल) – संसाधन एवं विकासDownload Here
कक्षा 8 सामाजिक विज्ञान पुस्तक -2 (इतिहास) – हमारे अतीत – IIIDownload Now
कक्षा 8 सामाजिक विज्ञान पुस्तक -3 (नागरिकशास्र) – सामाजिक एवं राजनीतिक जीवन – IIIDownload Here
Class 8 Geography Book (Urdu Medium)Download Here
Class 8 Civics and Political Life Book (Urdu Medium)Download Here
Class 8 History BooksDownload Here

Download NCERT Books Class 8 Individual Chapters of History:

Class 8 Social Science – Our Pasts – III
Chapter 1 – How, When and Where
Chapter 2 – From Trade to Territory
Chapter 3 – Ruling the Countryside
Chapter 4 – Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
Chapter 5 – When People Rebel
Chapter 6 – Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
Chapter 7 – Civilising the “Native”, Educating the Nation
Chapter 8 – Women, Caste and Reform
Chapter 9 – The Making of the National Movement: 1870s – 1947
Chapter 10 – India after Independence
कक्षा 8 सामाजिक विज्ञान – हमारे अतीत – III
अध्याय 1 – कैसे, कब और कहाँ
अध्याय 2 – व्यापार से साम्राज्य तक कंपनी की सत्ता स्थापित होती है
अध्याय 3 – ग्रामीण क्षेत्र पर शासन चलाना
अध्याय 4 – आदिवासी, दिकू और एक स्वर्ण युग के कल्पना
अध्याय 5 – जब जनता बग़ावत करती है 1857 और उसके बाद
अध्याय 6 – बुनकर, लोहा बनाने वाले और फैक्ट्री मालिक
अध्याय 7 – देशी जनता” को सभ्य बनाना राष्ट्र को शिक्षित करना
अध्याय 8 – महिलाएँ, जाति एवं सुधार
अध्याय 9 – राष्ट्रीय आंदोलन का संघटन
अध्याय 10 – स्वतंत्रता के बाद

Download NCERT Books Class 8 Individual Chapters of Geography

Class 8 Social Science – Resource and Development
Chapter 1 – Resources
Chapter 2 – Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
Chapter 3 – Mineral and Power Resources
Chapter 4 – Agriculture
Chapter 5 – Industries
Chapter 6 – Human Resources
कक्षा 8 सामाजिक विज्ञान – संसाधन एवं विकास
अध्याय 1 – संसाधन
अध्याय 2 – भूमि, मृदा, जल, प्राकृतिक वनस्पति और वन्य जीवन संसाधन
अध्याय 3 – खनिज और शक्ति संसाधन
अध्याय 4 – कृषि
अध्याय 5 – उद्योग
अध्याय 6 – मानव संसाधन

Download NCERT Books Class 8 Individual Chapters of Civics

Class 8 Social Science – Social and Political Life – III
Chapter 1 – The Indian Constitution
Chapter 2 – Understanding Secularism
Chapter 3 – Why do we need a Parliament?
Chapter 4 – Understanding Laws
Chapter 5 – Judiciary
Chapter 6 – Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
Chapter 7 – Understanding Marginalisation
Chapter 8 – Confronting Marginalisation
Chapter 9 – Public Facilities
Chapter 10 – Law and Social Justice
कक्षा 8 सामाजिक विज्ञान – सामाजिक एवं राजनीतिक जीवन – III
अध्याय 1 – भारतीय संविधान
अध्याय 2 – धर्मनिरपेक्षता की समझ
अध्याय 3 – हमें संसद क्यों चाहिए?
अध्याय 4 – कानूनों के समझ
अध्याय 5 – न्यायपालिका
अध्याय 6 – हमारी आपराधिक न्याय प्रणाली
अध्याय 7 – हाशियाकरण की समझ
अध्याय 8 – हाशियाकरण से निपटना
अध्याय 9 – जनसुविधाएँ
अध्याय 10 – कानून और सामाजिक न्याय

NCERT Books for Class 8: English Book

As per the CBSE Class 8 English syllabus, students have two NCERT Class 8 English book PDFs. Honeydew is the Class 8 NCERT English textbook. Besides that, It So Happened is the supplementary textbook for Class 8 English:

Download NCERT Books for Class 8 Complete Textbook:

NCERT Class 8 English Book Honeydew PDFDownload Here
NCERT Class 8 English Book It So Happened PDFDownload Here

Download Individual Chapters of ‘Honeydew’

Honeydew Chapter-WiseEnglish 8th Class Textbook PDF Download Chapter-wise
Chapter 1:
• The Best Christmas Present in the World (Story)
• The Ant and the Cricket (Poem)
Download Here
Chapter 2:
• The Tsunami (Story)
• Geography Lesson (Poem)
Download Here
Chapter 3:
• Glimpses of the Past (Story)
• Macavity: The Mystery Cat (Poem)
Download Here
Chapter 4:
• Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory (Story)
• The Last Bargain (Poem)
Download Here
Chapter 5:
• The Summit Within (Story)
• The School Boy (Poem)
Download Here
Chapter 6:
• This is Jody’s Fawn (Story)
• The Duck and the Kangaroo (Poem)*
Download Here
Chapter 7:
• A Visit to Cambridge (Story)
• When I set out for Lyonnesse (Poem)
Download Here
Chapter 8:
• A Short Monsoon Diary (Story)
• On the Grasshopper and Cricket (Poem)
Download Here
Chapter 9: The Great Stone Face–IDownload Here
Chapter 10: The Great Stone Face–IIDownload Here

Download Individual Chapters of ‘It So Happened’

It So Happened Chapter-wiseEnglish 8th Class Textbook PDF Download Chapter-wise
Chapter 1: How the Camel got his HumpDownload Here
Chapter 2: Children at WorkDownload Here
Chapter 3: The Selfish GiantDownload Here
Chapter 4: The Treasure WithinDownload Here
Chapter 5: Princess SeptemberDownload Here
Chapter 6: The FightDownload Here
Chapter 7: The Open WindowDownload Here
Chapter 8: JalebisDownload Here
Chapter 9: The Comet – IDownload Here
Chapter 10: The Comet – IIDownload Here
Chapter 11: Ancient Education System of IndiaDownload Here

NCERT Books Class 8: Hindi Book PDF

NCERT Class 8 Hindi has two books – one textbook (Patyapustak) and one supplementary book (Poorak Patyapustak). ‘Vasant’ and ‘Durva’ are the books for students taking Hindi as their second language. Whereas the books ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’ and ‘Sanshipt Budhcharit’ are for supplementary reading. Click on the links given below to download the NCERT Class 8 Hindi books of your choice:

Download NCERT Books for Class 8 Complete Textbook:

Bharat Ki Khoj
Sanshipt Budhcharit

Learn 8th CBSE Exam Concepts

Download Individual Chapters of ‘Vasant’

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1ध्वनि (कविता)
2लाख की चूड़ियाँ (कहानी)
3बस की यात्रा (व्यंग)
4दीवानों की हस्ती (कविता)
5चिठ्ठियों की अनूठी दुनिया (निबंध)
6भगवान के डाकिए (कविता)
7क्या निराश हुआ जाए (निबंध)
8यह सबसे कठिन समय नहीं (कविता)
9कबीर की साखियॉं
10कामचोर (कहानी)
11जब सिनेमा ने बोलना सीखा
12सूरदास चरित (कविता)
13जहाँ पहिया है (रिपोर्ताज)
14अकबरी लोटा (कहानी)
15सूर के पद (कविता)
16पानी की कहानी (निबंध)
17बाज और साँप (कहानी)
18टोपी (कहानी)

Download Individual Chapters of ‘Durva’

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1गुड़िया (कविता)
2दो गौरैया (कहानी)
3चिठ्ठियों में यूरोप (पत्र)
4ओस (कविता)
5नाटक में नाटक (कहानी)
6सागर यात्रा (यात्रा वृत्तांत)
7उठ किसान ओ (कविता)
8सस्ते का चक्कर (एकांकी)
9एक खिलाड़ी की कुछ यादें (संस्मरण)
10बस की सैर (कहानी)
11हिंदी ने जिनकी जिंदगी बदल दी – मारिया नेज्यैशी (भेंटवार्ता)
12आषाढ़ का पहला दिन (कविता)
13अन्याय के खिलाफ (कहानी)(आदिवासी स्वतंत्रता संघर्ष कथा)
14बच्चों के प्रिय श्री केशव शंकर पिल्लै (व्यक्तित्व)
15फ़र्श पर (कविता)
16बूढी अम्मा की बात (लोककथा)
17वह सुबह कभी तो आएगी (निबंध)
18आओ पत्रिका निकालें (अतिरिक्त पठन के लिए)
19आहवान (अतिरिक्त पठन के लिए)

Download Individual Chapters of ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1अहमदनगर का किला
3सिंधु घाटी सभ्यता
4युगों का दौर
5नयी समस्याएँ
6अंतिम दौर – एक
7अंतिम दौर – दो
9दो पृष्ठभूमियाँ – भारतीय और अंग्रेजी

NCERT Books Class 8: Sanskrit NCERT Book PDF

The NCERT book for the Sanskrit language as prescribed for Class 8 is ‘Ruchira’. The NCERT Class 8 Sanskrit textbook download link is given below:

Download Complete Textbook


Download Individual Chapters

Chapter NumberChapter Name
2बिलस्य वाणी न कदापि मे श्रुता
4सदैव पुरतो निधेहि चरणम
5धर्मे मनं पापे पुण्यम
6 प्रेमलस्य प्रेमल्याश्च कथा
8संसारसागरस्य नायकाः
11सावित्री बाई फुले
12कः रक्षति कः रक्षितः

NCERT Books for Class 8: Urdu NCERT Book PDF

There are a total of four NCERT Class 8 books for Urdu including the supplementary book. Students can download the NCERT Class 8 Urdu textbooks from the table below:

Apni Zaban
Urdu Guldasta
Door – Paas
Jaan Pahechan

NCERT Books Class 8 Subject-wise Syllabus

There are seven subjects for CBSE Class 8 students – Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, and Urdu. For the ease of students, we have provided the links to the detailed Class 8 syllabus for some subjects. The textbooks prescribed by NCERT for students of 8th grade cover all these topics/chapters.

Benefits of Referring to NCERT Books for Class 8

There are many advantages of referring to the textbooks prescribed by NCERT. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • In the NCERT books for Class 8, all subjects are standardised and follow the CBSE curriculum. Thus, students need not worry about missing out on any essential concepts.
  • The fundamentals of each topic are explained in an interactive manner in NCERT books for class 8 all subjects
  • The language is easy to follow in NCERT books for Class 8.
  • The activities provided in NCERT books for Class 8 in all subjects will help students relate the bookish knowledge to real-life scenarios. This makes learning more fun!
  • An ample amount of exercises are provided in NCERT books for Class 8 all subjects which help students to test their understanding of the topics.

CBSE Class 8 Preparation Tips

Students appearing for CBSE Class 8 examinations must understand every concept of the NCERT books to score well. To understand all the concepts properly, they should definitely solve the questions given at the end of every chapter of the NCERT books. Some effective preparation tips are given below for the students of CBSE Class 8:

  • You must familiarise yourself with all the topics included in NCERT books for class 8 in all subjects.
  • Having a complete understanding of the test format is essential.
  • Try to solve previous years’ question papers to get an idea about the type and nature of questions.
  • Studying regularly will help you clarify your doubts and also boost your confidence.
  • Take breaks during study sessions to relax your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Books for Class 8

Below are some frequently asked questions on NCERT Books Class 8:

Q1. Which is the best book for class 8 CBSE?
Ans. CBSE Class 8 students can refer to NCERT books to score well in their examinations.

Q2. How can I download NCERT textbooks for Class 8?
Ans. Click on the link to the book you want to download. A new page will open. Click on the download button to download the PDF.

Q3. Can I download NCERT Class 8 textbooks for Science and Maths in Hindi?
Ans. Yes, the NCERT 8th Class book for Science and Maths is available in the Hindi medium on this page.

Q4. From where can I download CBSE Books for Class 8 PDF?
Ans. You can download all CBSE NCERT Class 8 books PDFs through the links provided in this article.

Q5. Where can I ask my doubts about NCERT Textbook Class 8?
Ans. You can post your queries on NCERT 8th Class books in the comment section below.

Practice Class 8 Questions on Embibe

Now that we have provided you with all the details on CBSE 8 Class textbooks, you can start reading and learning the topics provided in these books. Keeping examinations in mind, you need to first cover the syllabus and solve the previous year’s question papers. With the help of resources offered by Embibe, you can learn the concepts easily and score better marks.

You can solve Class 8 Practice Questions and take Class 8 Mock Tests for Maths and Science for free at Embibe. These tests and practice questions are designed specifically to help students in improving their scores. Also, if you are referring to NCERT books to prepare for any other government exam, you can visit the page for NCERT Books for all classes and download them.

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We hope this article on NCERT book pdf Class 8 helps you. We advise you to download the 8th-grade NCERT study materials and start your preparation for the exams. You can also check the NCERT Class 8 solutions prepared by academic experts of Embibe from the link given above.

Please stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news and updates on NCERT Books for Class 8.

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