CG PET 2023

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  • Written by nikhil
  • Last Modified on 23-05-2023
  • Written by nikhil
  • Last Modified on 23-05-2023

About CG PET 2023

About Exam

The Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board (CPEB) will conduct Chhattisgarh Pre-Engineering Test (CG PET). This exam is also known as CG Vyapam and is a state-level test. Candidates take this exam to enter the engineering field and its different branches, which is conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Raipur.

After clearing this exam, candidates can get admitted to a variety of well-known Chhattisgarh universities and colleges. CG PET Application 2023 has been released online on the official website. Candidates who have completed 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and one of the technical vocational topics could apply for the exam by the stated timeline.

CG PET 2023 Exam Brochure


The exam brochure for CG PET 2023 exam has been released by the exam authorities. 

CG PET 2023 Brochure

CG PET 2023 Latest Updates

Exam Pattern

The CG PET 2023 Application Form was released on May 17, 2023, by the DTE authorities.

CG PET 2023 Important Dates

Exam Syllabus

CG PET is a state-level engineering exam through which candidates are admitted to the dairy farm technology, agricultural engineering, food technology and alternative engineering branches. The important dates for the CG PET exam 2023 are given below:

CG PET Events Important Dates 
CG PET Application Form Availability May 17, 2023
Last Date to Submit CG PET Application Form June 8, 2023
CGPET 2023 Form Correction Facility June 9 to 11, 2023
CGPET Admit Card June 19, 2023
CGPET Exam Date June 25, 2023
Release of Provisional Answer Key To be announced
Last Date to Raise Objections in the Answer Key To be announced
Release of Final Answer Key To be announced
Declaration of CG PET Result To be announced
Counselling for CG PET Qualified Candidates To be announced


CG PET 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Study Plan to Maximise Score

All applicants must review the comprehensive eligibility requirements to determine whether or not they are qualified to apply for the CG PET entrance examination. Candidates can apply only if they meet CG PET eligibility requirements, including nationality, residence, and qualifications.

Nationality: Students applying for the CG PET exam must be a resident of Chhattisgarh and have the state’s domicile.

Age Limit Criteria for CG PET 2023

The minimum age for agriculture engineering is 16 years as of December 31 of the admission year, and 17 years for dairy technology.

As of July 1, 2023, the upper age limit for applicants in various categories is as follows:

Category Upper Age Limit
General Category 30 Years
PWD (General Category) 35 Years
SC/ST/OBC/Female of Chhattisgarh 33 Years
PWD (SC/ST/OBC/Female of Chhattisgarh) 38 Years

Education Qualification for CG PET 2023

Must have passed the 12th or equivalent exam with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English from the Chhattisgarh board or a similar board.

Language Proficiency for CG PET 2023

Question papers are available in English and Hindi.

CG PET 2023 Application Form

Previous Year Analysis

Filling up the application form serves to be the first step to appearing for the CG PET 2023 exam. Check all the details regarding the CG PET application form here.

How to Apply for CG PET 2023 Exam?

The following steps must be followed to appear for the CG PET 2023 exam:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website for registration, viz.
  • 2nd Step: Enter the information, such as the name, email address, and phone number.
  • 3rd Step: Candidates can log in and complete the main application form. 
  • 4th Step: Aspirants must enter their educational, personal, and contact information on the primary application form.
  • 5th Step: Choose the examination centre at per convenience.
  • 6th Step: Other details, such as a passport-size photograph and signature, must be provided.
  • 7th Step: Candidates are urged to print a copy of their completed application form for future reference.

CG PET Application Fees 

Applicants of various classes pay the application fee shown below:

Categories Application Fees
General ₹200
OBC ₹150
SC/ST/PH ₹100

CG PET 2023 Exam Pattern

CG PET has a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every incorrect answer. The questions are asked from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The question paper can have objective-type questions (Multiple choice questions), and options are provided for all the questions.

According to the CG PET exam pattern, there are 3 subjects, and150 questions are asked during the exam (50 questions from each subject). 1 mark is awarded for each correct answer.

Subject Total No. of Questions Marks Assigned to Each Subject
Physics 50 50
Chemistry 50 50
Mathematics 50 50
Total 150 150

CG PET Exam Syllabus 2023

The Directorate of Technical Education of Chhattisgarh state prepares the CG PET curriculum, and all participating applicants must use it for better test preparation. Candidates must thoroughly read and complete the syllabus themes and sub-topics to prepare for the examination.

Candidates must thoroughly read and finish the syllabus themes and sub-topics to prepare for the test. Applicants applying for B.Tech courses should prioritise the curriculum and all subtopics to achieve high scores on the test.

CG PET Physics Syllabus 2023

Check the table given below to know the CG PET syllabus for Physics:

Unit Number Chapter Name Chapterwise Unit
1 Measurement Units and Dimensions
Fundamental and Derived Units
Dimensional Analysis
2 Kinematics Linear motion in one and two dimensions
Cases of uniform velocity and uniform acceleration
The general relation between position and velocity
Uniform circulation motion
3 Force and Laws of Motion Force and inertia
Newton’s Law of motion
Uniform Circular motion
4 Work Energy and Power Work done by force
Elastic Collisions
Potential Energy
The potential energy of a spring
5 Rotational Motion and Moment of Inertia Rigid Body Rotation
Angular Momentum Conservation of its Momentum
Moment of Inertia
Theorems of the parallel and perpendicular axis
6 Gravitation Acceleration due to gravity and its variation
The universal law of gravitation
Motion of satellites
Escape velocity
Synchronous satellite and polar satellite
7 Properties of Solids and Fluids Elasticity
Hook”s Law
Young”s modulus
Shear and bulk modulus
Surface energy and surface tension
Fluid pressure
Atmospheric pressure
Viscosity of fluids
Kinetic theory of gases
Gas laws
Kinetic energy and temperature
8 Heat and Thermodynamics Heat
Heat conduction in one dimension
Stefan’s law and Newton’s law of cooling
Convection and radiation
The first and second laws of thermodynamics
9 Oscillation Periodic motion
Simple harmonic motion
Oscillations in spring
Laws of the simple pendulum
10 Waves Transverse and longitudinal wave motion
Speed of sound
Principle of superposition
Progressive and stationary waves
Beats and Doppler effect
Beats and Doppler effect

CG PET Mathematics Syllabus 2023

CG PET Mathematics syllabus is given here in the table below:

Unit Number Chapter Name Chapterwise Unit
1 Algebra Algebra of complex numbers
Graphical representation of complex numbers
Modulus and argument of complex numbers
The square root of a complex number
Triangular inequality
Cube roots of unity
The geometric and harmonic progression
Arithmetic-geometric and harmonic means between two numbers
Sum of squares and cubes of first Natural numbers
Quadratic equations
Relations between roots and coefficients
Permutations and combinations
Binomial Theorem (any index) exponential and logarithmic series
Adjoint and the inverse of the matrix
Elementary properties of matrices
Partial fraction
Application in solving simultaneous equations up to three variables
2 Trigonometry Trigonometry functions and their graphs
Addition and subtraction Formula involving multiple and submultiples angles
General solutions of triangles equations
Relations between sides and angles of triangles
Solutions of triangles
Trigonometrically functions
Height and distance (Simple Problems)
3 Coordinate Geometry of Two Dimensions Rectangular Cartesian coordinates
Straight-line pair to a straight line
Tangents and normal system of circles
Conic section Parabola
Properties tangents and normal
4 Coordinate Geometry of Three Dimensions Rectangular coordinate system
Direction cosine and direction ratios
Equation of place in standard forms
The perpendicular distance from a point
Equation of a line angle between two lines
5 Vector Algebra Definition of vector
Addition of vectors
Scalar and vector products
Components in three-dimensional spaces
Triple products
Simple application in geometry and mechanics
6 Differential Calculus Function polynomial
Rational trigonometric
Logarithmic and exponential
Inverse function
Limit continuity and differentiability of functions
Differentiation of rational
Trigonometric and exponential functions
Application of derivative in elementary problems in mechanics increasing and decreasing functions
Maxima and Minima of the function of one variable
Roll”s theorem and mean value theorem
7 Integral Calculus Integrations as the inverse process of differentiation
Integration by the parts
By substitution and by partial fraction
Definite integral
Areas under simple curves
8 Differential Equations Formulation of the differential equation
Order and degree
Solutions of differential equations by separation of variable method
The homogeneous linear differential equation of first order
9 Statistics Probability addition and multiplication laws
Conditional probability
Binomial distribution
Simple problems in correlation and regression
10 Numerical Methods A solution of the equation by the methods of bisection
False-positions and Newton-Raphson
Numerical integration by trapezoidal and Simpson”s Rule

CG PET Chemistry Syllabus 2023

Check the table given below to get an idea about the CG PET Chemistry syllabus:

Unit Number Chapter Name Chapterwise Unit
1 Atomic Structure Constitution of nucleus
Bohr”s atom model
Quantum numbers Aufbau principle electronic configuration of elements
De-Broglie relation
Shapes of orbital
2 Chemical Bond Electrovalent covalent and covalent bonds
Hybridization (sp)
Hydrogen bond
Shapes of molecules (VSEPR theory)
Bond polarity resonance
Elements of VBT
3 Solutions Modes of expressing concentrations of solutions
Types of solutions
Raoult’s law of colligative properties
Non-ideal solution
Abnormal molecular weights
4 Solid State Crystal lattices
Unit cells
Structure of ionic compounds close-packed structure
Ionic Radii
Imperfections (Point defects)
Properties of solids
5 Nuclear Chemistry Radioactive radiations
Radioactive decay
Group displacement law
Structure and properties of the nucleus
Nuclear reactions
Disintegration series
Artificial transmutation
Isotopes and their uses
Radiocarbon dating
6 Chemical Equilibrium Chemical equilibrium
Law of mass action Kp and Kc
Le Chatelier principle and its applications
7 Ionic Equilibrium Ionic Equilibria in solutions
Solubility product
Common ion effect
Theories of acids and base hydrolysis of salts: pH: buffers.
8 Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics Enthalpy
First law of thermodynamics
Hess”s Law
Heats of reactions
The second law of thermodynamics; entropy
Spontaneity of a chemical reaction
energy change and chemical equilibrium
9 Chemical Kinetics The rate of a reaction
Factors affecting the rate
Rate constant
Rate expression
Order of reaction
First-order rate constant-expression and characteristics
Arrhenius equation
10 Electrochemistry Oxidation
Oxidation number and ion-electron methods
Electrolytic conduction
Faraday”s laws
Voltaic cell
Electrode Potentials
Electromotive force
Gibb”s energy and cell potentials
Nernst equation
Commercial cells
Fuel cell
Electrochemical theory of corrosion

CG PET 2023 Sample Papers

Topper List Success Stories

Downloading sample papers can be done by visiting the official website of the board. The sample papers are easily accessible on the website, so there is no need for you to log in to the account. And if you really want to experience the same experience as sitting in the test hall, you must take the mock tests at Embibe. Follow the instructions below to access the CG PET sample papers 2023:

  • Go to the official website of CPEB.
  • Click on the link stating ‘Sample Papers’.
  • The sample papers of each subject will appear on the screen.
  • The candidates can download the sample papers and start solving them for preparation.

Check CG PET sample papers for more information.

CG PET 2023 Mock Test

Exam counselling

Embibe offers CG PET mock tests for. The mock tests are created by some of the expert subject matter specialists who have their domain knowledge. To access the mock tests, candidates have to log in to the official webpage of Embibe and log in/sign up with their email ID or phone number. In the next step, they must select the exam goal as CGPET under Engineering and then select “Done”. This will make them enter the 3D-crafted world of Embibe, where candidates can take and practice as many mock tests as they want.

CG PET 2023 Preparation Tips

Exam talks

Candidates can use the following study suggestions to improve their CG PET exam preparation and get certified for the exam:

  • Prepare Study Timetable: Candidates are encouraged to make a proper timetable for all topics after learning the syllabus and exam pattern. Candidates must create a sensible table that they can refer to daily. To begin, evenly split the time allotted to each subject. Additionally, they must adhere to a rigid daily regimen and prevent sporadic or weekend preparation sessions. The most critical factor here is consistency. Divide portions according to the available time and schedule study time accordingly.
  • Practice Previous Year Question Papers: All candidates must practise with the previous year’s question papers. Candidates must practise as many sample papers as possible to understand the weighting of themes from each subject, as well as to identify their weak areas and focus on them for improvement.
  • Keep brief notes and revise sparingly: Make small notes regularly when studying for the exam. Candidates can write abbreviated forms, formulas, or abbreviations to avoid rereading the entire syllabus.
  • Avoid last-minute Preparation: Only take new topics from subjects during the final preparation lap. This will only add to the turmoil and confusion. Rather, use the time to review the units, topics, and concepts that the candidates have already learned. Candidates should be determined and highly subjective regarding the syllabus to be changed in the last week. They should study the things that are weak and need to be improved.
  • Stress Relievers: Putting too much pressure on oneself during preparation is not a great idea. Candidates are encouraged to incorporate stress relievers whenever they are feeling stressed. They can watch their favourite show on TV, go to the movies, go on a short trip, or play their favourite indoor or outdoor games.

CG PET 2023 Admit Card

About Exam

CG PET Admit Card will be available to download on the official webpage. Only candidates who had successfully submitted their application and the money could download admit cards. It’s an essential document; therefore, students should bring it on exam day.

On the admit card, candidates can find their name, registration ID, exam date, exam time, test centre, photograph, signature, and test instructions on the admission card. On the day of the exam, you must bring one picture id evidence in addition to your admission card for identification. Under no circumstances will a candidate be permitted to take the examination without presenting their photo ID and admission card.

CG PET 2023 Exam Centres

About Exam

The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Raipur, will announce a list of CG PET test locations for all interested candidates. The exam centres for CG PET 2023 are the locations where the admission authorities will administer the entrance examination.

Candidates must choose their preferred CG PET exam centre when filling in the application form. Because the list of districts will be included in the application form, candidates can select their most convenient CG PET exam district.

Exam District Code
Sarjuga 11
Koriya 12
Bilaspur 13
Dantewada 14
Dhamtari 15
Durg 16
Bastar 17
Janjagir Champa 18
Jashpur Nagar 19
Kanker 20
Kabirdham 21
Korba 22
Mahasamund 23
Raigarh 24
Raipur 25
Rajnandgaon 26
Bijapur 27
Narayanpur 28
Gariyaband 29
Baloda Bazaar 30
Balod 31
Bemetara 32
Mungeli 33
Kondagaon 34
Surajpur 35
Balrampur 36
Sukma 37

CG PET 2023 Result

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates can check their results by entering the roll number on the website’s login window. Along with announcing the results, the Board will also release the CGPET final answer key on its website. The website will issue a merit list by the candidates’ ranks. The shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a counselling process.

CG PET 2023 Counselling

Admit Card

Aspirants must attend the counselling rounds in the sequence listed on this schedule. It is divided into three rounds. CG PET counselling is divided into six steps. The following are some of them:

1st Step: Register Online for CG PET Counselling

Those who will pass the CGPET 2023 exam are eligible for counselling. Candidates must first complete an online application form to be considered. Individuals who are Chhattisgarh residents will be eligible to register online.

2nd Step: Fill in the Blanks with the Options

Students must log in to their accounts to choose the number of colleges and courses they want to attend. Any number of options are available to the candidate.

3rd Step: Modifications and Preferences

Changing the number of colleges and courses listed on the Online Registration Form is possible. The registration form must be printed for future reference by students. During document verification, they will be required to present the application form.

4th Step: Verification of Documents 

At various document verification facilities, applicants must present original documents and a set of photocopies. These documents and certificates will be scrutinised to confirm the candidate’s identity.

5th Step: Assigning Seat

Students will be assigned seats based on their rank and course preferences. They will be required to pay the CGPET 2023 counselling fee by challan. After the seat allocation is announced, candidates must download the allotment letter.

6th Step: Reporting to the College

After obtaining the allotment notice, students must report to the assigned college for admission processes and fee payment.

FAQs on CG PET 2023

Exam Answer key

Following are some of the common questions on the CG PET exam that candidates can have on their minds:

Q: Is CG PET online or offline?

Ans: The CG PET exam will be conducted in offline mode.

Q: Who conducts CG PET counselling?

Ans: Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board or DTE Raipur will conduct CG PET counselling.

Q: When will CG PET 2023 Admit Card be available?

Ans: The CG PET 2023 admit card will be released on June 19, 2023.

Q: What is the exam date of CG PET 2023?

Ans: The CG PET 2023 exam will be conducted on June 25, 2023.

Q: When was the result of CG PET announced?

Ans: The CG PET result will be declared on the official website.

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