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KCET Previous Year Papers: Download Previous Year PDFs


KCET Previous Year Papers: Preparing to appear for KCET 2023 but feeling you still lack behind? There can be many ways to improve your preparations, but one of the recommended preparation tips is solving KCET previous years’ question papers. The practice of solving previous years’ KCET papers is not only recommended by teachers but also followed by toppers.

The papers help candidates understand the structure of the exam, understand the difficulty level and also get an idea of the frequently asked questions. Continue reading the article to access the model KCET question paper 2023 pdf download and answer key for and more.

KCET Previous Year Question Papers: Download PDFs

The KCET previous year question papers with solutions pdf from 2009 to 2021 can be downloaded from the table below:

YearKCET Last Year PapersKCET Answer Key
KCET Physics 2021 Answer Key
KCET Chemistry 2021 Answer Key
KCET Maths 2021 Answer Key
KCET Physics 2020 Answer Key
KCET Chemistry 2020 Answer Key
KCET Maths 2020 Answer Key
KCET 2019 Answer Key
KCET 2018 Answer Key
KCET 2017 Answer Key
KCET 2016 Answer Key
KCET 2015 Answer Key
KCET 2014 Answer Key
KCET 2013 Answer Key
KCET 2012 Answer Key
KCET 2011 Answer Key
KCET 2010 Answer Key
KCET 2009 Answer Key

NOTE: So, now you have all the KCET previous year’s question papers with solutions pdf downloads for the last 12 years. We hope it will boost your preparation. You can also get KCET model question paper 2023, which will help you prepare.

KCET Previous Years Questions- Mock Tests

You can also click on the links given below to take KCET previous year question papers with solutions (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths) of the last 5 years in the online mode:

KCET Previous Year PapersMock Test
KCET 2021 Question Paper – PhysicsKCET 2018 Question Paper – Physics
KCET 2021 Question Paper  – ChemistryKCET 2018 Question Paper – Chemistry
KCET 2021 Question Paper – MathsKCET 2018 Question Paper – Maths
KCET 2020 Question Paper – PhysicsKCET 2017 Question Paper – Physics
KCET 2020 Question Paper – ChemistryKCET 2017 Question Paper – Chemistry
KCET 2020 Question Paper – MathsKCET 2017 Question Paper – Maths
KCET 2019 Question Paper – PhysicsKCET 2016 Question Paper – Physics
KCET 2019 Question Paper – ChemistryKCET 2016 Question Paper – Chemistry
KCET 2019 Question Paper – MathsKCET 2016 Question Paper – Maths

Candidates must clearly know the KCET exam pattern – the no. of questions in each subject, time duration, the marking scheme, etc. This will help them develop an effective test-taking strategy as they take mock tests and solve KCET question papers. They will be able to appear for the actual exam with full confidence.

Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) will likely conduct the KCET for engineering in August 2023. The Mathematics section holds 60 marks, and the Physics and Chemistry exams hold a total of 120 marks (60 marks for each subject).

Advantages of Solving KCET Previous Year Questions

The following is the list of advantages candidates can access through solving KCET previous years’ questions:

  • Solving KCET past year question papers will give candidates a clear idea about the exam pattern, the type of questions asked in the exam, and the difficulty level of the questions.
  • Taking previous year’s KCET question papers tests in a time-bound manner, just like the actual exam, will help candidates improve their time-management and problem-solving skills.
  • Solving the KCET previous year’s papers will help candidates analyse their strong and weak areas.
  • Various topic-wise weightage of the exam questions can be easily understood.

How To Solve KCET Previous Year’s Questions?

To make the best use of the KCET previous year’s papers and develop an efficient test-taking strategy, solve them in the following manner:

  • 1st Step: Allocate time slots of 80 minutes for each exam subject. You must take the tests just like you would take the actual exam. Keep Mathematics for 1 day and Physics and Chemistry for the next day.
  • 2nd Step: During the allocated time, start your test. Go through every question as it appears in the paper and assesses whether you can solve it.
  • 3rd Step: If you are sure about a question, attempt it. But do not answer it in a hurry. Because then you might make silly/careless mistakes.
  • 4th Step: If you are unsure about a question but think it is worth giving a shot, mark it. Do not try to attempt it at that point.
  • 5th Step: As for questions you have no idea about, skip them.
  • 6th Step: Once you have completed the entire paper and attempted all the questions you were sure about, try to answer/solve the marked questions.
  • 7th Step: Keep track of the time all through the test. Make sure you do not spend too much time on any questions. Basically, you should learn to move on.
  • 8th Step: Once you have taken the tests for all three subjects for a particular year, analyse your performance in each test and find out your weaknesses.

Cultivating the habit of taking tests in the above manner will ensure you finish the paper on time with maximum accuracy.

How to Analyse Performance Through KCET Previous Year Questions?

The following are the steps through which candidates can analyse their performance through KCET previous years’ question papers:

  • Track the chapters and concepts candidates are weak in.
  • The concepts and chapters candidates couldn’t answer at all (despite trying).
  • Chapters and concepts where candidates spent a lot of time.

FAQs on KCET Previous Year Question Papers

Here are some frequently asked questions on previous year’s KCET question papers:

Q: When is KCET 2023 this year?

Ans. The KCET 2023 exam will tentatively be conducted in June 2023.

Q: Is KCET only for Karnataka students?

Ans. Yes, KCET is only for Karnataka students. For students outside Karnataka, candidates can appear for the COMEDK examination.

Q: Is there any negative marking in the KCET examination?

Ans. There is no negative marking in the KCET examination.

Q: What are the passing marks for KCET?

Ans. 12 out of 50 is considered the passing mark for the KCET examination this year.

Q: Do I need to practice KCET question papers for better scores?

Ans. Yes, practising the previous year’s KCET question papers can help you get better scores since you will get familiarised with the exam, pattern and variety of questions which are asked in the examination. We have included the KCET previous year’s question papers with solutions pdf download in this article for candidates looking for them.

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We hope this detailed article on KCET’s previous year’s papers helps you. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best for KCET 2023.

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