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KCET Sample Papers 2024: Download Previous Year Paper (PDFs)


KCET Sample Papers 2024: Certainly, every applicant wants to score well. However, scoring well demands dedication and hard work. Embibe believes every candidate must have an equal opportunity to learn and excel. Therefore, in this article, we have provided KCET’s previous year’s question papers as sample papers for practice. To learn and excel more quickly, candidates should maximise practice time. Yes, KCET Sample Paper practice is a magic word because it just changes the game.

Practising the KCET sample papers 2024 is the best strategy for aspirants to qualify for the entrance examination. It helps candidates acquire confidence and time management skills. Aspirants also learn about the paper pattern and do away with loopholes early. The sample papers provided in this article are an essential resource to help prepare for the exam. Scroll down to get more details about KCET Sample Paper PDFs & Solutions.

KCET Sample Papers 2024

While sample papers do play a significant role, comprehending the exam pattern is equally important in improving the scores. All aspirants must be well-acquainted with the paper pattern. Check the KCET exam pattern 2024 in the table below for details regarding the paper, such as the duration of the KCET exam, marking scheme, types of questions, and the total number of questions:

Exam ParticularsDetails
Mode of ExaminationOffline
Duration of Exam1 Hour 20 Minutes per paper
Medium of PaperEnglish and Kannada
Number of PapersPaper 1 – Mathematics
Paper 2 – Physics and Chemistry
Total Number of Questions120
Number of QuestionsMathematics – 60 Questions
Physics – 60 Questions
Chemistry – 60 Questions
Type of QuestionsObjective Type Questions
Marking schemeOne mark will be awarded for every correct answer
There will be no negative marking for any incorrect answer

How To Attempt KCET Mock Tests at Embibe?

Following are some of the steps by which KCET mock tests can be attempted at Embibe:

  • 1st Step: Visit embibe.com. Candidates who are not registered are recommended to register.
  • 2nd Step: Once signed in, click the “Take a Test” button under the search field.
  • 3rd Step: Now click on “KCET” from the list of exams on the left side.
  • 4th Step: If candidates wish to take a “Full Test” or “Previous Year Test”, they should scroll down and click on the “Show all” button. All the test names will appear on the screen with two options: “More Info” and “Start Test”.
  • 5th Step: Click on the “More Info” button for maximum marks, number of questions, and test duration.
  • 6th Step: Click on the “Start Test” button. Read the instructions carefully and check the box against the statement confirming the same.
  • 7th Step: Click on “Start Test”. A message will prompt candidates to log in. We recommend candidates take the test after login in to save their test details.
KCET Subject-wise Mock TestKCET Subject-wise Mock Test
KCET (UG) Physics Full Test – 1KCET (UG) Mathematics Full Test – 1
KCET (UG) Chemistry Full Test – 1

Importance of KCET Sample Question Papers 2024

Sample papers are the most important study material that every candidate must practice as it will increase their chances of qualifying for the KCET 2024 examination. Here are some points that highlight why a candidate should refer to or practice the KCET question paper or sample papers:

  1. By solving KCET model papers 2024 with solutions, candidates will get to know their weaknesses and strengths. It will benefit them in planning the study hours for the exam according to the focus areas.
  2. Better time management is always helpful in preparation for competitive exams.
  3. The pattern of the KCET sample paper is similar to the exam, so candidates will know how to answer the questions.
  4. The candidate will get a better way to strategise the planning of the exam by analysing the strong and weak areas.
  5. Getting good marks in sample papers will motivate the candidate.
  6. Planning at the time of the commencement of the exam will be easy.

KCET 2024 Sample Papers PDF Download

The total number of candidates appearing for KCET is increasing every year. Aspirants must prepare well to give their best in examinations and pass with flying colours. Before practising the sample papers and model KCET question paper 2024, the candidate must thoroughly check the KCET 2024 syllabus to understand the important topics. Sample papers play a crucial role in exam preparation. Candidates will better understand exam patterns, clarity on weak sections, and time management.

YearKCET Sample Papers/Previous Year PapersAnswer Key
KCET 2022BiologyKCET Biology 2022 Answer Key
MathematicsKCET Mathematics 2022 Answer Key
Physics KCET Physics 2022 Answer Key
ChemistryKCET Chemistry 2022 Answer Key
KCET 2021PhysicsKCET Physics 2021 Answer Key
ChemistryKCET Chemistry 2021 Answer Key
MathsKCET Maths 2021 Answer Key
KCET 2020PhysicsKCET Physics 2020 Answer Key
 ChemistryKCET Chemistry 2020 Answer Key
 MathematicsKCET Maths 2020 Answer Key
 BiologyKCET Biology 2020 Answer Key
KCET 2019PhysicsKCET 2019 Answer Key
 ChemistryKCET 2019 Answer Key
KCET 2018PhysicsKCET 2018 Answer Key
KCET 2017PhysicsKCET 2017 Answer Key
KCET 2016PhysicsKCET 2016 Answer Key
KCET 2015PhysicsKCET 2015 Answer Key
KCET 2014PhysicsKCET 2014 Answer Key

FAQs on KCET Sample Papers

Here we have provided the answers to some frequently asked questions related to the KCET exam sample papers:

Q: Will solving sample papers help me crack the KCET 2024 exam?

Ans: Yes, solving KCET sample papers and CET model question paper 2024 will benefit your exam preparation.

Q: Where can I get KCET mock test for?

Ans: You can get a KCET mock test at Embibe.

Q: Is there any negative marking in the KCET 2024 examination?

Ans: No, there will be no deduction for incorrect answers in KCET 2024.

Q: What is the KCET 2024 paper pattern?

Ans: KCET 2024 will comprise two papers – Paper I (Mathematics) and Paper II (Physics & Chemistry).

Q: Do questions repeat in KCET?

Ans: Usually, questions do not repeat, but the general format and idea of the questions remain the same.

Now that you know everything about the KCET Sample Papers, we hope that this article proves to be helpful for you. Do not forget to go through the KCET important chapters and useful KCET preparation tips in strategy building towards cracking the exam.

If you have any queries, connect with us on the Embibe app, and we will surely assist you in the best possible way.

Stay tuned to Embibe to catch all the updates on KCET 2024!

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