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Andhra Pradesh Police SI Salary 2023


Andhra Pradesh State Level Police Recruitment Board recruits candidates for Sub Inspector (SI). The AP Police SI salary and job profile should be the prime interest of candidates applying for the SI post. The overall AP Sub Inspector salary is based on the revised pay scale introduced by the Government of India. The authorities also provide various perks and allowances for aspirants selected for AP Police SI. 

The AP Police SI salary ranges from INR 44,570 to INR 1,27,480/-. Continue reading the article to know the details in hand salary, perks and allowances, and salary structure offered to the candidates working as an AP Police SI.

AP Police SI In Hand Salary

The Andhra Pradesh Police SI salary will be offered to the selected candidates based on the seventh pay commission. The AP Police Sub Inspector’s in-hand salary is the amount estimated after deductions, basic pay and allowances. 

AP Police SI Perks and Allowances 

The APSLPRB offers perks and allowances along with the AP SI salary. The following is a list of the perks and allowances the selected candidates receive:

  • Uniform & washing allowances
  • Loans relating to welfare
  • House rent allowance
  • Allowance for petrol
  • Hospital facility
  • Risk allowances
  • Compensation

AP Police SI Job Profile 2023

The following is the list of roles and responsibilities that fall into four major areas of the police sector:

  1. Investigation & Prosecution
  2. Law & Order
  3. Work at Railway Police Stations
  4. Work as General Station House Officer

Law and Order Sub Inspector

  • Organising flashes and patrols for personal supervision to detect and prevent criminal activity.
  • Maintenance of law and order & anti-terror operations. In addition, unlawful assemblies are dispersed.
  • Responsibilities also include effective monitoring of anti-social elements.
  • Maintaining activities in political, communal, caste, and other segments of society.
  • Identifying possible problems and taking appropriate precautions to avoid them.

Investigation and Prosecution Sub Inspector

  • The Sub Inspector is responsible for all cases that fall under his jurisdiction.
  • They are responsible for providing the complainant with a copy of certain reported cases and sending the original F.I.R. and copies of the to the court to their higher authorities.
  • They should diligently report to the crime scene and carefully examine the evidence for the purposes of investigation.
  • They must ensure that the evidence is secured immediately and that the crime scene is well preserved for future investigation.

Station House Officers: Sub Inspector 

  • Police administration responsibilities will be handed over to the SI of the respective police station. 
  • The duties involve the optimum utilisation of facilities and resources and proper station management. 
  • Manage work at the police station in a manner that the public gets all necessary and immediate responses. 

Railway Police Stations Sub Inspector

  • Railway Police Sub Inspectors must carry out all responsibilities of local police. 
  • They must maintain the law and order on platforms, cloakrooms, parcel offices, etc.
  • They should provide assurance of security arrangements.
  • They must initiate quick actions in case of incidents.

FAQs on Andhra Pradesh Police SI Salary 2023

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions on Andhra Pradesh Police SI salary 2023:

Q: What is the salary offered by the AP police to a SI?

Ans: The AP Police SI salary ranges from INR 44,570 to INR 1,27,480/-.

Q: What perks and allowances are offered to an AP Police SI?

Ans: Uniform & washing allowances, loans relating to welfare, house rent allowance, allowance for petrol, hospital facility, risk allowances, and compensation are the perks and allowances offered to an AP Police SI.

Q: What is the AP Police SI in-hand salary?

Ans: The AP Police Sub Inspector In Hand Salary is the amount estimated after deductions, basic pay and allowances. 

Q: What is AP Police SI Selection Process?

Ans: The AP Police SI exam consists of three stages, i.e., Preliminary Term, PMT & PET and Final Written Exam

Q: Where can I apply for the AP Police SI post?

Ans: The candidates can apply for the AP Police SI Post on the official website of APSLPRB.

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