Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE) 2024

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  • Written by Saif_Ansari
  • Last Modified on 17-08-2023
  • Written by Saif_Ansari
  • Last Modified on 17-08-2023

About DBSE Board Examination 2024

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The Delhi Board of School Education (DBSE) is the official education board for imparting education and understanding other academic activities in the union territory. The Board aims to promote conceptual understanding over rote learning, use child-centric pedagogy, and prioritise practical learning beyond textbook-based teaching. The Board prepares the curriculum and extra-curricular activities for its affiliated schools. It also aims to prepare students who are passionate about sacrificing for their country, who will contribute to the nation’s building and who take responsibility for their country beyond all religion, caste, and class differences. 

The curriculum extended by the Board is also relevant for higher education and aspirational careers as well. It also provides options for specialised learning and encourages curiosity among students to help them build self-confidence. All the schools affiliated to the Board follow the rules and regulations set by the Board for its syllabus, examinations and other educational activities.

Name of BoardDelhi Board of School Education
Short FormDBSE
DepartmentDepartment of Education (DOE) Delhi
Delhi Education MinisterManish Sisodia
Government Schools in DelhiAround 1000
Private Schools in DelhiAround 1700
Official Website
AddressJaitpur Kalindi Kunj Road, Khadda Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, 110044

Delhi Board Class 12 Exam

Application Process: October 2023 (Tentative)

Exam Date: February to April 2024 (Tentative)

Delhi Board Class 12 exams are one of the most crucial exams for students in Delhi as they determine their admission into some of the top universities in the country. The Delhi Board of Senior Secondary Education conducts the Class 12 exams annually in the month of March. These exams...

DBSE Board Grading System / Marking Scheme

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The Delhi Board of School Education marking scheme or grading system is the bifurcation of results secured according to the marks obtained by the students in their respective classes’ final examinations. The grading system helps students know the grade they will be awarded on obtaining specific marks percentage. Thus, it is important for the students to know the Delhi Board marking scheme/ grading system for their classes. The marking scheme differs according to board and non-board classes or examinations. In the sections ahead, we have provided the DBSE grading system for primary, secondary and senior secondary classes.

NCERT Textbooks for DBSE Board

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) creates textbooks for classes 1 to 12. All the schools that prescribe the NCERT curriculum consider these books as primary education sources in all classes. Subject-matter experts curate the NCERT textbooks, and the content is updated as and when required per the latest changes in the topics that may make an impact.

It is done to keep the students updated with the latest developments in the concepts they are studying. CBSE and several state education boards prescribe the NCERT syllabus for their primary, secondary and senior secondary classes as the primary source of education. 

NCERT aims to promote foundational understanding among students during their respective academic years. NCERT also performs research in education to upgrade the textual material. It designs, publishes and distributes textbooks, NCERT solutions, additional reading material, etc., for teachers and students. 

Delhi Board NCERT Books
Class 12 NCERT Book
Class 11 NCERT Book
Class 10 NCERT Book
Class 9 NCERT Book
Class 8 NCERT Book
Class 7 NCERT Book
Class 6 NCERT Book

Delhi Board Class 11

Application Process: November 2023 (Expected)

Exam Date: March or April 2024 (Expected)

The Delhi Board of Higher Secondary Education is another name for the Delhi Board of Senior Secondary Education (DBSSE). It is an independent department within the Ministry of Secondary Education, Delhi. It is responsible for the examinations for classes 10 and 12, often known as secondary and senior secondary public...

DBSE Grading System for Primary Classes

The grading system for primary classes under the Delhi Board of School Education depends on the percentage scored by the students in the annual examination. The higher the marks scored, the higher the grade and remark. The marking scheme consists of grades from A* to D. A* is awarded to students who obtain 90% or higher marks percentage in the final exam, and the remark attached with it is ‘Outstanding’. Grade D is the lowest grade which is given to students who secure less than 35% in the exam. Such students must study harder and improve their understanding of the chapter topics, to perform well in the final examination. 

90% to 100%A*Outstanding
75% to 89 %AExcellent
56% to 74 %BVery Good
35% to 55 %CGood
Below 35 %DScope for improvement

DBSE Secondary School Grading System

The grading system for Delhi Board of School Education for board classes 10 and 12 is based on a 7-point scale. The highest value is given to A+, while D is the lowest grade a student can obtain. The grade points are also allocated to students depending on their range of marks. Grade points range from 10, being the highest, to 4, being the lowest. Students preparing for the secondary and higher secondary exam should be aware of the grading system to put in their best efforts to obtain maximum marks in their final exams. The grading system for DBSE secondary school is given in the table below:

Range of MarksGradeGrade Points

Delhi Board Class 10

Application Process: October 2023 (Tentative)

Exam Date: February to April 2024 (Tentative)

The Board of Higher Secondary Education (BHSE) of Delhi provides non-formal education in Delhi. The board conducts exams across different levels- primary, middle and high. It conducts the exams like any other autonomous body with discretionary powers. It is advisable that the students follow the regular schedule of the exam...

NCERT Textbooks Solutions

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The NCERT Solutions are reference study materials that provide detailed answers for all the questions asked in intext exercises in the NCERT textbook chapters. NCERT Solutions play an essential role in students’ academics. They help them ascertain the correct and most effective way to answer various questions best. Students can also study independently with the help of NCERT Solutions and check their answers against those given in NCERT Solutions. Thus, it builds a strong foundation in the chapter topics and improves their chances of securing excellent marks in the final exam.

Once students learn a topic, they should refer to NCERT Solutions for practice. It will enhance their answer-writing efficiency and improve their problem-solving skills. We have provided NCERT Solutions for classes 6 to 12 in the table below. Embibe has created these solutions with detailed and step-wise answers to the questions for students’ convenience. 

CBSE Board NCERT Solutions
NCERT Solutions Class 12
NCERT Solutions Class 11
NCERT Solutions Class 10
NCERT Solutions Class 9
NCERT Solutions Class 8
NCERT Solutions Class 7
NCERT Solutions Class 6

DBSE Board Exam Sample Papers

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Solving the sample papers for Delhi Board classes help students be better prepared for the final exam. Practising sample papers introduces students to the question paper pattern; thus, they can create their own style of answering it. Many students prefer to answer the easy sections first and then go to the difficult ones, which may be the vice versa for other students. Thus, solving DBSE Board subject-wise exam sample papers will help students find which way to attempt the exam question paper is most suitable for them. 

Also, students who solve sample papers can practice a variety of questions. Thus, it further deepens their understanding of the topics and helps them know how to answer difficult or tricky questions and questions where they are required to implement more than one concept. The table for DBSE sample papers for classes 6 to 12 is as below:

DBSE Sample Papers
DBSE Class 12 Sample Papers
DBSE Class 11 Sample Papers
DBSE Class 10 Sample Papers
DBSE Class 9 Sample Papers
DBSE Class 8 Sample Papers
DBSE Class 7 Sample Papers
DBSE Class 6 Sample Papers

Delhi Board Class 9

Application Process: August/September 2023 (Tentative)

Exam Date: Feb or March 2024 (Tentative)

The Board of Higher Secondary Education (BHSE), Delhi, regulates the educational activities for Classes 1 to 12. It delivers high-quality education to Board students so they can compete in those exams conducted at the national level. This board is similar to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in terms...

DBSE Board Practice and Mock Tests

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Students who take mock tests for their DBSE class subjects can score much better marks in the final examination than their classmates. It is because students get a simulated experience of the actual test while taking mock tests. They must answer all necessary questions within the allotted time and learn to review their answers before submitting their answer sheets. Embibe’s mock tests provide detailed feedback on the test performance. This helps students focus on the areas they need urgent attention. The links to take DBSE Board mock tests for classes 6 to 12 are tabulated below:

DBSE Mock Tests (FREE)
DBSE Class 12 Mock Tests
DBSE Class 11 Mock Tests
DBSE Class 10 Mock Tests
DBSE Class 9 Mock Tests
DBSE Class 8 Mock Tests
DBSE Class 7 Mock Tests
DBSE Class 6 Mock Tests

DBSE Notes and Revision Notes

Students cannot read the whole textbook for each subject before an exam. They must have notes for all the chapter topics in brief so that they review them for the exam. While studying a topic, students should note down all the important points from it. Students should also practice sample questions and take mock tests to know different tactics to answer the questions and write them down for future reference. To help students reduce their workload, we have provided notes for Delhi Board classes 6 to 12. Refer to the table below to access the DBSE notes and revision notes.

DBSE NotesRevision Notes
DBSE Notes for Class 12Class 12 Revision Notes
DBSE Notes for Class 11Class 11 Revision Notes
DBSE Notes for Class 10Class 10 Revision Notes
DBSE Notes for Class 9Class 9 Revision Notes
DBSE Notes for Class 8
DBSE Notes for Class 7
DBSE Notes for Class 6

Delhi Board Class 8

Application Process: To Be Announced

Exam Date: March 2024 (Tentative)

The Delhi Board of Higher Secondary Education, also abbreviated as DBSE is an autonomous education board situated in Delhi and was constituted under the ‘Trust Act 1882’. DBSE is a prominent school board that provides high-quality education to students studying in different standards, from Classes 6 to 12. All schools...

DBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers

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The best way to know how the questions are asked in the board exams is to solve the papers themselves. They introduce students to the types of questions asked and how to attempt a section most effectively. It helps students learn time management and attempt all the necessary questions in the exam, review their answers and attempt extra questions also. Solving DBSE board previous year question papers also reduces their fear of the exam and prepares them mentally for their board exam. 

DBSE Physics Previous Year Question Paper 
DBSE Physics Previous Year Question Paper Class 12DBSE Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper Class 12
DBSE Maths Previous Year Question Paper Class 12DBSE Biology Previous Year Question Paper Class 12
DBSE Mathematics Previous Year Question Paper Class 10DBSE Science Previous Year Question Paper Class 10

DBSE Practical Exams

The Delhi Board of School Education holds practical exams for board classes 10 and 12 as a part of the annual board exam. Some of the maximum marks for specific subjects are assigned to the practical examination. For Classes 10 and 12, the practical examination is conducted nearly a month before the theory examination is set to begin. Students have to also pass the practical exams. Thus, they must take the practical tests seriously. The marks scored in practical exams are added to those scored in the theoretical exams. DBSE practical exams also provide a good chance for students to improve their marks in a subject. 

DBSE Compartmental Exams

DBSE compartment exams are conducted for students who fail in one or more subjects in Class 10 and Class 12 board examinations or are unsatisfied with their marks and wish to take the exam again. Students who want to sit for the compartment exam must register separately. The registration process is conducted at all schools, and students must apply for registration at their respective schools. The registration process is undertaken after the declaration of the regular exam results. Students who again fail the compartment exam must reappear for the regular examination in the next session.

Delhi Board Class 7 2023

Application Process: November (Expected)

Exam Date: February 2024 (Expected)

The Board of Higher Secondary Education (BHSE) is responsible for the secondary and higher secondary examinations. The Board prescribes the NCERT syllabus for all its classes. Thus Delhi Board Class 7 exam is conducted based on the curriculum set by NCERT. The schools affiliated with BHSE follow the guidelines set...

Important Topics Videos for DBSE Board Exams

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Students must thoroughly understand all their chapter topics to score maximum marks in the final examination. If they find it difficult to understand the concept, they can watch Embibe 3D videos to learn it well. Students can also practice sample questions, take mock tests and solve previous year question papers on the Embibe app for.

Delhi Board of School Education Digital Initiatives

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Digitisation has taken over every field, and education has not been behind. All education boards nationwide have digitised how they impart education and related activities. Some of the digital initiatives of the Delhi Board of School Education are as follows:

  • The Board provides online and SMS/IVR-supported learning from home for the students of Delhi Government schools.
  • The Board extensively uses social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and messaging services like WhatsApp, YouTube and SMS to reach out to the students and update them regarding educational news.
  • Live online classes are conducted for DBSE classes 9 and 11.
  • Everyday classes are conducted to teach students English communication and personality development: classes 10 and 12.
  • The Board conducts Digital Entrepreneurship Mindset sessions for students of classes 9 to 12.
  • For kindergarten to Class 8, there are Happiness, Mission Buniyaad and general activities which involve the students and their parents.

Key Points of DBSE Board

The Delhi Board of School Education aims at providing the best educational facilities to its students. Some of objectives are as mentioned below:

  • Inquiry-based learning and educational philosophy and implementation to enhance students’ involvement in the learning process. 
  • To train teachers to integrate global contexts in everyday classroom teaching and associated activities.
  • Provision of skill-based curriculum framework with room to adapt as per local context.
  • Child-centric assessment which focuses on retaining knowledge, understanding key concepts and mastering skills. This involves multiple assessment strategies such as essays, structured problems, projects, case studies, etc.

Delhi Board Class 6

Application Process: To Be Announced

Exam Date: March 2024 (Expected)

Class 6 is a crucial class in students' academic careers since it exposes them to a more specialised learning. They are introduced to new courses such as Science and Social Science, which creates the foundation for all the concepts they will learn in future classes. It contains subjects that will...

FAQs on DBSE Board

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Q: What is the full form of DBSE?

Ans: DBSE stands for Delhi Board of School Education.

Q: Which Board is better, CBSE or DBSE?

Ans: The curriculum of CBSE and DBSE boards are the same. Also, both education boards aim to provide the best education to their students. Thus, both CBSE and DBSE are good.

Q: Where can I get the DBSE syllabus?

Ans: Students can get the DBSE class-wise syllabus on the Board’s website and the Embibe app.

Q: What is the education system of the Delhi Board?

Ans: The education under Delhi Board follows a three-tier model, including primary, secondary and higher secondary.

Q: Is the DBSE syllabus easy?

Ans: The DBSE syllabus can be considered easy if students develop a thorough understanding of the chapter topics and revise them regularly.

Q: Is DBSE an international educational board?

Ans: No. Delhi Board of School Education is an educational board in the UT of Delhi, India.

Q: When are the DBSE Class 10, 12 Compartment exams conducted?

Ans: The Delhi Board Class 10, 12 compartment exams are usually conducted one month after the declaration of regular exam results.

Q: What is a good DBSE Class 10, 12 board exam score?

Ans: 80% and above can be considered a good score in DBSE Class 10, 12 board exams.

Q: Where can I get sample papers for Delhi Board subjects?

Ans: Students can obtain sample papers for Delhi Board Class 6 to 12 on the Embibe app.

Q: Is there a provision for revaluation of DBSE Class 10, 12 board exam answer sheets?

Ans: Yes. Students must apply for revaluation of their answer sheets within 15 days from the declaration of the result or the time limit set by the board.

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