Manipur Board of Education (BEM) 2024

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  • Written by Saif_Ansari
  • Last Modified on 10-08-2023
  • Written by Saif_Ansari
  • Last Modified on 10-08-2023

About Manipur Board Examination 2024

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Established through a 1972 Act of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur, oversees academic and recognition matters for schools. The Act’s 2004 amendment extended recognition jurisdiction for standards I to VIII. Currently, 786 high and higher secondary schools (226 Government, 103 Government aided, 457 Private) affiliate for class X certification. These schools are either government or privately managed.

Apart from class X exams, the Board shapes curriculum, syllabus, and textbook distribution for classes I to X. It exclusively administers class X public exams. A common question examination for class VIII, aiming at uniformity and quality, began in 2010-2011. While schools conduct these exams and assess answer scripts, mark tabulation is submitted to the Board and the Directorate of Education(Schools), Manipur Government.

Board NameBoard of Secondary/Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (Manipur Board)
Short FormBSEM or BHSEM
ChairmanShri Th. Kirankumar
HSLC Exam DateMarch (Every Year)
Schools/Colleges Affiliated786
Official Website

Manipur Board Class 12 Exam

Application Process: October to November 2023 (Tentative)

Exam Date: February 2024 (Tentative)

Manipur Higher Secondary Education Council was established in 1992 under the Manipur Higher Secondary Education Act, 1992 (Manipur Act 4 of 1992). Before the formation of the Council, the state's +2 courses were administered by the Manipur Board of Secondary Education as a Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate course in...

Manipur Board Exam Pattern / Marking Scheme 2024

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In order to ace the Manipur Board examination with flying colours, all aspirants must be well-versed in the exam pattern, especially the grading system or the marking scheme. 

Manipur Board Class 10 Marking Scheme

Students are required to score at least 33% marks on the question paper, which consists of a total of 100 marks. That means they must score at least 33 marks out of 100. Those who fail to do so will have to opt for supplementary examinations. The criteria are the same for all subjects—compulsory and optional ones.

Now, based on the marks obtained by the students, the division or rank shall be given to the students, which are of three types as follows:

  • 1st Division; for those who score 330 marks or above.
  • 2nd Division; those scoring 225 and above but not more than 300.
  • 3rd Division; for those getting only 165 and above but below 225.

The division above is calculated out of 500 marks (or 600 if an additional subject is taken). The question paper is divided into two: theory and practice. The theoretical part of the question paper includes 90 marks for Mathematics and Sciences; the rest 10 marks are meant for the practical exam. 

Manipur Board Class 12 Marking Scheme

The marking scheme of the Manipur Board Class 12 exam is also somewhat similar to that of Class X. Let us quickly glimpse at the overall marking scheme of the BSE Manipur Board.

The question paper includes a total of 100 marks. Of 100, 70 marks are meant for theory and 30 for the practical exam. While the weightage varies depending on the subject in the curriculum, students can also learn about the topic-wise weightage below.

BSEM Top-wise Weightage:

ObjectivePercentage of Marks

Manipur Board Class 11

Application Process: July 2024 (Tentative)

Exam Date: Feb to April 2024 (Tentative)

The Manipur Council of Higher Secondary Education was established in 1992 under the Manipur Higher Secondary Act of 1992. The Council amalgamated the +2 courses of the Manipur Board of Secondary Education into higher secondary courses under the Manipur Council of Higher Secondary Education (COHSEM). The main goal of the...

Manipur Board Books 2024

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Manipur books offer students a unique and enriching educational experience that sets them apart from conventional learning materials. These books are not just pages bound together but windows to a world of knowledge, culture, and inspiration. One of the most captivating aspects of Manipur books is their ability to infuse local stories, history, and traditions into the curriculum. This personalized touch connects students to their roots, fostering a sense of pride and identity. Learning becomes a journey of discovery rather than a mundane task when students can relate to the content.

Beyond the classroom, Manipur books extend a bridge between education and empowerment. They serve as stepping stones for young minds to dream bigger, think innovatively, and positively impact society. By showcasing local success stories and role models, these books inspire students to believe in their potential and strive for greatness. Manipur books stand as beacons of authenticity and reliability in a world inundated with information. They offer a well-structured and comprehensive foundation, nurturing critical thinking and analytical skills essential for a successful future.

NCERT Books for Manipur Board
Class 12 NCERT Book
Class 11 NCERT Book
Class 10 NCERT Book
Class 9 NCERT Book
Class 8 NCERT Book
Class 7 NCERT Book
Class 6 NCERT Book

Manipur Board Class 10

Application Process: September 2023 (Tentative)

Exam Date: March to April 2024 (Tentative)

The Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) administers the Class 10 exams for students in Class 10 who attend schools affiliated with the Manipur State Board. The Manipur Board conducts a public examination i.e., the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination. The Board issues the syllabus, declares the exam dates,...

NCERT Textbooks Solutions

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NCERT Textbook Solutions are invaluable resources for Manipur Board students. These solutions align seamlessly with the curriculum, offering clear explanations and exercises that help students grasp subjects effectively. These solutions are particularly beneficial for Manipur students due to their simplicity and language clarity, aiding understanding.

NCERT solutions encourage critical thinking and practical application, nurturing well-rounded knowledge. They serve as a reliable foundation for exam preparation, offering diverse questions to enhance problem-solving skills. Additionally, they bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and real-life scenarios, making learning relevant and engaging.

By following NCERT solutions, Manipur Board students can confidently approach exams equipped with a comprehensive understanding of subjects. These solutions aren’t just educational tools but essential companions on the journey to academic success.

Now, let us take a look at the NCERT textbook solutions below:

NCERT Solutions
NCERT Solutions Class 12
NCERT Solutions Class 11
NCERT Solutions Class 10
NCERT Solutions Class 9
NCERT Solutions Class 8
NCERT Solutions Class 7
NCERT Solutions Class 6

Manipur Board Class 9

Application Process: May

Exam Date: January 2024 (Tentative)

Manipur Board Class 9 exams are conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM). The board was founded in 1972, and its headquarters is in Ministerial Block, Imphal. BSEM is a state board that makes a constant effort to provide the best education to the students of Manipur. The...

Manipur Board Exam Sample Papers

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Manipur Board Exam Sample Papers play a pivotal role in the preparation journey of students. These papers are a treasure trove of insights, offering a glimpse into the format, difficulty level, and question patterns of the actual board exams. Firstly, Sample Papers provide students with a real-time experience of the exam environment. They simulate the actual exam conditions, helping students build confidence and reducing anxiety.

Secondly, these papers are an effective diagnostic tool. By attempting them, students can identify their strengths and areas that need improvement. This self-assessment enables focused study, enhancing overall performance. Furthermore, Sample Papers refine time management skills. They acquaint students with the time required for each section, aiding in effective time allocation during the actual exam.

Additionally, these papers enable practice and repetition. Repeatedly solving Sample Papers enhances familiarity with the question patterns, increasing accuracy and speed. Moreover, Sample Papers often cover a range of difficulty levels, catering to various abilities. This diversity prepares students to face any challenge the actual exam might present.

Manipur Sample Papers
Manipur Board Sample Papers for Class 12
Manipur Board Sample Papers for Class 11
Manipur Board Sample Papers for Class 10
Manipur Board Sample Papers for Class 9
Manipur Board Sample Papers for Class 8
Manipur Board Sample Papers for Class 7
Manipur Board Sample Papers for Class 6

Manipur Board Class 8

Application Process: Soon Announced

Exam Date: February 2024 (Anticipated)

The Board of Secondary Education Manipur (BSEM) is a school education board in Manipur, India. BSEM controls, regulate, organises, and looks after the matters associated with school education in Manipur. The board was established in 1972. The BOSEM Board of Secondary Education, Manipur is the governing body for the 8th...

Manipur Board Mock Test Series 2024

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Manipur Board mock tests are pivotal for the comprehensive exam readiness. These tests emulate the actual exam environment, helping students adapt to time constraints and pressure. This familiarity boosts confidence and reduces stress. Furthermore, mock tests diagnose strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted improvement. Effective time management is honed as students practice allocating time for different sections.

Mock tests foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Diverse questions encourage the creative application of knowledge, enhancing analytical abilities. Progress tracking is another advantage. Comparing performance across mock tests provides insights into growth and areas needing focus.

Manipur Board mock tests prepared by Embibe are vital tools for students’ success. They build confidence, identify gaps, refine time management, and nurture analytical skills. With these assets, students approach the board exams with assurance and readiness.

Manipur Mock Tests
Manipur Board Mock Tests for Class 12
Manipur Board Mock Tests for Class 11
Manipur Board Mock Tests for Class 10
Manipur Board Mock Tests for Class 9
Manipur Board Mock Tests for Class 8
Manipur Board Mock Tests for Class 7
Manipur Board Mock Tests for Class 6

Manipur Board Class 7

Application Process: Soon Announced

Exam Date: February 2024 (Anticipated)

The Board of Secondary Education Manipur commonly known as Manipur Board or BSEM is an educational body that is responsible for conducting exams in the state of Manipur. The BSEM is responsible for the prescribing syllabus and preparing, printing and distributing the textbooks for Classes I to X. It also...

Manipur Board Previous Year Question Papers

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Manipur Board Previous Year Question Papers hold immense significance for students. They offer a glimpse into the actual exam format, question patterns, and difficulty levels.

These papers provide valuable insight into the board’s expectations, allowing students to tailor their preparation accordingly. By practising with these papers, students become familiar with the types of questions asked, boosting their confidence and reducing exam-related anxiety.

Moreover, Previous Year Question Papers are excellent self-assessment tools. By attempting them, students can gauge their readiness, identify strengths, and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

These papers also aid in refining time management skills. Students learn to allocate time wisely for each section, which is crucial during the actual exam.

Practice Manipur Previous Year Question Papers 
Previous Year Papers for BiologyPrevious Year Papers for Chemistry
Previous Year Papers for MathematicsPrevious Year Papers for Physics

Manipur Board Practical Exam 2024

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In Manipur Board’s secondary and senior secondary class exams, practical assessments contribute approximately 10% and 30% of the total subject marks, respectively. These practical exams take place about a month prior to the theory exams, and their successful completion is crucial. Achieving high marks in practicals can enhance the overall subject score significantly. Notably, practical exams are applicable to Science subjects only. The obtained practical marks are incorporated into the final examination scores. To excel, students should be aware of the practical requirements for each subject and prepare in advance to eliminate uncertainties.

Manipur Board of Education (BEM) 2024

Application Process: Soon Announced

Exam Date: February 2024 (Anticipated)

Manipur Board Compartment Exam 2024

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The Manipur Board conducts compartmental exams for students who do not pass all subjects in their regular board exams. These exams are available for classes 10 and 12. Those failing the Manipur Board Class 10 or 12 regular exams can retake the exam to clear their subjects. Successful completion allows progression to the next grade. Students interested in compartment exams must register through forms provided by the Board, facilitated by their school. These exams usually occur approximately two months after the regular exam results are announced. If students do not pass the compartmental exams, they must retake the regular exam in the following academic session.

Manipur Board Important Topic Videos

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For students aiming to achieve top scores in their final exams, a profound grasp of every chapter concept is the golden key. This unlocks the ability to tackle diverse question types and shine in the examination spotlight. Should any concept pose a challenge, fret not! Enter Embibe’s dynamic 3D videos. 

These engaging visuals break down the complexities of Sikkim Board syllabus chapters, transforming learning into an interactive journey. Dive deep into each topic, unravelling its intricacies as you follow along. But the magic doesn’t end there – these videos don’t just talk; they let you walk the path of practice. 

Sample questions await your analytical prowess, while mock tests stand ready to measure your progress. Embibe’s 3D videos aren’t just guides; they’re your companions in conquering the syllabus, mastering concepts, and stepping confidently into your exams.

Embibe has a variety of significant and interesting topics and chapter videos geared towards helping students prepare for their K12, secondary, and higher secondary exams. 

FAQs on Manipur Board

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Here are some most frequently asked questions regarding Manipur Board (BSEM):

Q.1: What is the Manipur Board?

Ans: The Manipur Board of Secondary Education is the educational authority responsible for overseeing secondary and higher secondary education in the state of Manipur, India.

Q.2: What classes does the Manipur Board cover?

Ans: The Manipur Board covers classes 10 and 12, also known as secondary and higher secondary levels. Additionally, Manipur Board also oversees the K12 and provides the curriculum for the same.

Q.3: What exams does the Manipur Board conduct?

Ans: The Manipur Board conducts board exams for classes 10 and 12, which are crucial for academic progression and higher education opportunities.

Q.4: What are compartmental exams?

Ans: Compartmental exams are reexaminations that students take if they haven’t cleared all subjects in their regular board exams. They allow students to clear failed subjects.

Q.5: How can I prepare for the board exams effectively?

Ans: To prepare effectively, create a study schedule, use textbooks, solve previous year question papers, take mock tests, and seek help from teachers and online resources.

Q.6: What is the importance of the Manipur Board previous year question papers?

Ans: Previous year question papers provide insights into the exam pattern, types of questions, and difficulty levels. Practising them helps you understand the format and prepare better.

Q.7: Can I get study materials online for Manipur Board exams?

Ans: Yes, many educational websites offer study materials, sample papers, and video tutorials specifically tailored for Manipur Board exams.

Q.8: How do I register for Manipur compartment exams?

Ans: Registration for compartment exams is typically done through the school. Schools release registration forms provided by the Board. Complete the form and submit it through the school administration. This procedure is effective if you are studying in K12; for secondary or higher secondary, you may have to do it all online on Board’s official website.

Q.9: When are the compartment exams held?

Ans: Compartment exams are usually conducted around two months after the regular exam results are announced. The exact dates are provided by the Board.

Q.10: How can I access Manipur Board syllabus and 3D videos?

The Manipur Board syllabus is available on the official Board website. For 3D videos and other interactive learning resources, you can explore educational platforms that offer comprehensive study materials tailored to the Manipur Board curriculum.

Improve your Manipur Board of Education (BEM) 2024 Score with Embibe's Interactive 3D Lessons.