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Cambridge Board Lower Secondary- Stage 7 Books


Did you know that in comparison to the other boards, the Cambridge board has widespread international recognition as an international education board. Surprised? Well, students who study at Cambridge board have an advantage when applying to universities abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom. Do you also wish to study there? But, confused how to fulfill that wish? Either way, you are at the right place as we will guide you through it and provide you best Lower Secondary Stage 7 Books.

Today’s world is changing at a rapid rate, and so is the education sector. Now, we are surrounded by e-books and digital classrooms. Embibe understands this change and offers them to students in a fun and interactive way. Students can now watch books like movies and learn from them. Along with e-Books, Embibe offers mock test series, 1000+ practice questions, and much more. Scroll down to learn more.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Stage 7 Subject-wise Books

Books have the power to introduce us to the world of imagination and act as doorways that connect us to the world outside. Embibe provides these Cambridge board books that leave a great impact on us through its interactive explainer videos. They help illuminate the mind and pack it with knowledge. Check the links below to get those books for:

Subject Book 
MathsLower Secondary Stage 7 Maths Book
ScienceLower Secondary Stage 7 Science Book

Cambridge Lower Secondary Stage 7 Maths Books

Maths is not just a subject with complicated formulas and tons of calculations but also an important aspect of your everyday life. Figuring out distance, taking loans, making budgets, and many other things involve Maths. So, study this subject thoroughly with the books available on Embibe to relate to it.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Stage 7 Science Books

Science is present in every walk of your life. The fabric we wear, the things we use, everything is just products of advancement of Science. Learn about all these things from the books provided in the table below to have conceptual clarity. 

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FAQs on CB Lower Secondary- Stage 7 Books

Below we have provided some of the commonly asked questions on CB Lower Secondary- Stage 7 Books:

Q.1: Can I find any Science workbook for Cambridge Board lower secondary stage 7 on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can get a Science workbook for CB lower secondary stage 7 on the Embibe app for. This workbook is prepared by top subjects experts according to the recent exam trends.

Q.2: What subjects are included in the Cambridge Board stage 7 syllabus?

Ans: The board offers first language, second language, Science, Maths, and one more subject in the area of Science to the students in lower secondary stage 7.

Q.3: How many stages are present in the Cambridge Board?

Ans: Cambridge Lower Secondary is basically a programme that aims to help students take their knowledge to the next level. There are four stages in the Cambridge Board namely Cambridge Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary, and Advanced.

Q.4: Does Embibe offer mock tests for Cambridge lower secondary stage 7?

Ans: Yes, Embibe offers mock test series for the Cambridge lower secondary stage 7 exams anytime online.

Q.5: Are practice questions available on Embibe for lower secondary 7th stage?

Ans: Yes, you can find tons of practice questions mapped to several topics included in the lower secondary 7th stage on the Embibe app.

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