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CS Entrance Books 2022


If you are planning to take the Company Secretary or CS entrance exam, you must be well prepared. You can use several resources to help you prepare for the exam, but one of the most important is getting the right books. We have compiled a list of the best CS entrance books to help you get started. This list includes books on all the subjects you will need to study for the exam.

CS entrance books cover all syllabus topics, from Essentials of Good English to Fundamental Arithmetical Operations and Business Environment. It will give you the best idea about what is required to crack the exam and how you should study for it. So if you are looking for help in the preparation, read on!

CS Entrance Books 2022: Download PDF

Here is a list of some of the best reference reading material for the CS entrance exam that you can use to prepare for the exam effectively. These are official reference materials which you can download from the table below:

PapersSubjectsCS Entrance Reference Material PDF
Papers 1, 2, and 3
Business Communication (50 marks) 
Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning (50 marks)
Economic and Business Environment (50 marks)
Download PDF
Paper 4Current Affairs, Presentation, and Communication Skills (50 marks)Download PDF

CS Entrance Books: Best Reference Materials

In the following table, you can find the best books written by experienced authors for CS entrance preparation:

Taxmann’s Question Bank with Mock Test Papers – CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET)(Dr) K.M. Bansal, Adv. Ritika Godhwani, Dr Ritu Gupta 
Taxmann’s CRACKER for Company Law (Paper 2 – Company Law) CS N.S. Zad, CS Divya Bajpai 
CSEET New Syllabus – Current Affairs, Presentation, and Communication Skills CA Vivek Dharamshi 

Best CS Entrance Books: Subject-wise

from the format of the test to the types of questions you can expect. With their help, ace the exam and get into the CS program of your choice.

Economic and Business Environment

Micro Economic TheoryH. L. Bhatia
Macro-economic – Analysis and PolicyD.D. Chaturvedi
Business StatisticsR. S. Bhardwaj
StatisticsR. S. N. Pillai and V. Bagarathi
EconomicsSamuelson and William D. Nordhans
Economic & Business Environment (CSEET – New Syllabus)CA Vivek Dharamshi 
Advanced Economics TheoryP. N. Chopra
A Manual of Mercantile LawsM.C. Shukla
Business Studies Text Book for Class 10+2NCERT
Business StudiesPoonam Gandhi
Business LawsD. Chandra Bose

Business Communication

Taxmann’s CRACKER for Business CommunicationAdv. Ritika Godhwani 
CSEET (New Syllabus) – Business CommunicationCA Vivek Dharamshi 

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

Taxmann’s CRACKER for Legal Aptitude & Logical ReasoningCA (Dr.) K.M. Bansal , Adv. Ritika Godhwani
Legal Aspects of BusinessRashmi Aggarwal , Rajinder kaur 
CSEET – Logical Reasoning Full Syllabus  CA Vivek Dharamshi 
CSEET (New Syllabus) – Legal Aptitude CA Vivek Dharamshi 

FAQs on CS Entrance Exam Books 2022

Below we have discussed some of the most frequent questions in the CS entrance books:

Q: Does ICSI provide study materials?

Ans: Yes, ICSI provides study materials. You can find CS entrance reference study materials in this article. 

Q: Is it possible to download the study materials online?

Ans: Yes, candidates can get the required study materials from the ICSI website. The official website provides PDFs of textbooks, study guides, and previous year’s papers.

Q: What are the subjects covered under the syllabus of ICSI CSEET? 

Ans: The subjects covered under the ICSI CSEET syllabus are Business Communication, Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning, Economic and Business Environment, Current Affairs, Presentation, and Communication Skills. 

Q: How do I start preparing for CS entrance?

Ans: The first step towards preparation is carefully studying the syllabus topics. It would be best if you also looked at the ICSI entrance exam pattern, which will help you understand the question types for every section.

Q: What are the books needed for CS?

Ans: We have provided the best books for the CS entrance exam in this article.

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We hope this detailed article on the CS Entrance Books helps you. If you have any queries, you can visit our website and ask your queries and we will be glad to help you. 

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