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Karnataka State Board Class 11 Books 2023


Which of the following is more likely to be appealing? A written explanation of a chemical reaction or a depiction of that chemical reaction in a video or image. Undoubtedly, the second choice will help most of you learn more effectively. It is because visual learning involves many more sensory organs compared to reading a back-and-white textbook. But where to find the Karnataka State Board Class 11 Books in the form of 3D videos? Are they even available on the internet?

You will be amazed to know that Embibe provides all the chapters of the 11th Karnataka State Board exam in the form of 3D videos. It has 70+ exclusive books, 50+ interactive videos, and 1000+ practice questions to give students an opportunity to learn and practice concepts from its online books. Scroll down to learn more about the Karnataka State Board Class 11 books.

KSEAB Class 11 Subject-wise Books

Visuals are an important component of learning. Various experiments have proven that visual learning helps retain memory longer than merely reading books. To help you prepare better for the Karnataka State Board Class 11 exams, Embibe provides you with more than 70 exclusive books, which are in the form of 3D videos! We have provided subject-wise breaks in the tables below. Scroll down and start learning now!

KSEAB Class 11 Physics Books

Physics helps us understand how the world around us works. From cars to light bulbs and cell phones to muscles, everything is Physics. Therefore understanding these concepts is very important to analyse how the world works. In the table below, access all the Karnataka Board Class 11  Physics books, where each chapter has been divided into smaller sections to help you understand better.

Embibe Big Book for Physics for Karnataka State Board Class 11

KSEAB Class 11 Chemistry Books

Chemistry can appear to students as a mysterious world which is difficult to break into. However, Chemistry is full of puzzles, and solving any puzzle, no matter how difficult, can be extremely satisfying. Check out the Karnataka Board Class 11 Chemistry books from the table below and start exploring the world of Chemistry.

Embibe Big Book for Chemistry for Karnataka State Board Class 11
Chemistry (Vol 1)
Chemistry Part II Textbook for Class XI

KSEAB Class 11 Biology Books

Unlike the other two major branches of Science, Biology is a synthesis of basic science and art. If you enjoy art and creativity and have strong analytical skills, you will undoubtedly love Biology. In the table below, you can find all the relevant Karnataka Board Class 11 Biology Books with Solutions.

Embibe Big Book for Biology for Karnataka State Board Class 11

KSEAB Class 11 Mathematics Books

Mathematics is extremely important in our lives. The laws of mathematics govern everything around us and failing to understand them can lead to serious problems in life. In the table below, access all the Karnataka Board Class 11 Maths books that will help you to understand the essential concepts.

Embibe Big Book for Mathematics for Karnataka State Board Class 11
MATHEMATICS Textbook for Class XI
NCERT Exemplar Mathematics – Class 11

Steps to Access KSEAB Class 11 Books on Embibe

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get access to books for Class 11 Karnataka Board Exams:

  • 1st Step: Visit the website: Embibe 
  • 2nd Step: Use your mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Select Goal as ‘Karnataka Board’ under “Excelling in School”.
  • 4th Step: Click Next and select ‘11th Karnataka State Board‘.
  • 5th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
  • 6th Step: Once done, click on the desired books 

FAQs on Karnataka State Board Class 11 Books

Some of the frequently asked questions on Karnataka State Board Class 11 books are as follows:

Q: Where can I find the best books for Karnataka State Board Class 11 exam?

Ans: All the relevant books for Karnataka State Board Class 11 exam are available on Embibe. You can find the direct links for all the books in this article.

Q: Which book is the best for 11th Karnataka State Board exam?

Ans: We recommend Embibe Big Books for students of Karnataka Board Class 11 exams.  In these books, you will get handpicked questions from all the best books for a particular subject.

Q: What is the difference between NCERT and Karnataka State Board?

Ans: Karnataka State Board syllabus is the same as that of CBSE. Students can refer to the NCERT books in addition to the KSEAB books to score better marks.

Q: How to score full marks in KSEAB Class 11 exam?

Ans: Referring to the books on Embibe can help you score excellent grades in the 11th KSEAB exam. The Ebooks at Embibe offer thorough explanations with the aid of 3D videos and real-life examples that will help you understand the concepts easily.

Q: How many books are there on Embibe for Karnataka Board Class 11 Science?

Ans: There are 15+ books for Karnataka Board Class 11 Science on Embibe.

We hope this article on Karnataka State Board Class 11 Books helps you prepare for your exams. For more such articles, stay tuned to Embibe.

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