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Telangana State Board Class 11 Chapter: List of Subject-wise Chapters


When you start watching a movie, do you directly jump onto the climax or sit through the entire movie to understand the plot? Well, most of you would sit through the movie because only then you’ll be able to understand the movie. Just like that, while preparing for your Telangana Board Class 11 exams, you cannot directly jump onto solving questions. You must start step-by-step, and the first step is to understand and review the chapters. Knowing the chapters is essential while preparing for any exam as it helps you to understand the syllabus and gives you an insight into the topics. 

To make things, even more, simpler for you, Embibe has listed all the Telangana Board Class 11 chapters. With the list, you can also access all the study materials, including 200+ chapter explainers and 450+ practice questions for every chapter on Embibe. Continue reading to learn more about the Telangana Board Class 11 chapters.  

Telangana Board Class 11 Chapters

Small steps lead to big changes, and those steps, if taken in the right direction, will surely lead you to success. Knowing the chapters is the first stepping stone in your Telangana Board Class 11 exam preparation. You must understand the chapters thoroughly, and with Embibe’s chapter explainer videos, you can thoroughly prepare for your exams without any worries. Keep reading to know more about the 11th Telangana Board chapters. 

Telangana Board Class 11 Maths Chapters

With Embibe’s chapter-wise videos and study material, chapters like trigonometry and binomial theorem are going to be a cakewalk for you. The detailed 3D videos help you understand the chapters easily. Click below to access the 11th Telangana Board Maths chapters. 

Chapter DetailsChapter Details
Chapter 1 – FunctionsChapter 12 – Locus
Chapter 2 – Mathematical InductionChapter 13 – Transformation of Axes
Chapter 3 – MatricesChapter 14 – The Straight Line
Chapter 4 – Addition of VectorsChapter 15 – Pair of Straight Lines
Chapter 5 – Product of VectorsChapter 16 – Three Dimensional Coordinates
Chapter 6 – Trigonometric Ratios and IdentitiesChapter 17 – Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios
Chapter 7 – Trigonometric EquationsChapter 18 – The Plane
Chapter 8 – Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 19 – Limits and Continuity
Chapter 9 – Hyperbolic FunctionsChapter 20 – Differentiation
Chapter 10 – Properties of TrianglesChapter 21 – Application of Derivatives
Chapter 11 – Special Points of a Triangles

Telangana Board Class 11 Physics Chapters

You might face problems in chapters like laws of motion and gravitation, but with the right resources, it’s as easy as drawing a line. Embibe has 5 books and 100+ videos giving detailed explanations for every chapter. To access the Telangana Board Class 11 Physics chapters, check the below table. 

Chapter DetailsChapter Details
Chapter 1 – Physical WorldChapter 8 – Oscillations
Chapter 2 – Units and MeasurementsChapter 9 – Gravitation
Chapter 3 – Motion in a Straight LineChapter 10 – Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter 4 – Motion in a PlaneChapter 11 – Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Chapter 5 – Laws of MotionChapter 12 – Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 6 – Work, Energy and PowerChapter 13 – Thermodynamics
Chapter 7 – System of Particles and Rotational MotionChapter 14 – Kinetic Theory

Telangana Board Class 11 Chemistry Chapters

To have in-depth preparation for the Telangana Board Class 11 Chemistry exam, you must be thorough with all the chapters. To help you do that, Embibe is your one-stop solution. On Embibe, you can find Embibe explainer videos that will give you detailed explanations for every chapter and provide you with real-life examples to help you understand better. To access them, click on the links below. 

Chapter DetailsChapter Details
Chapter 1 – Atomic StructureChapter 8 – Hydrogen and Its Compounds
Chapter 2 – Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesChapter 9 – The s-block Elements
Chapter 3 – Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureChapter 10 – The p-block Elements- Group 13
Chapter 4 – States of Matter- Gases and LiquidsChapter 11 – The p-block Elements- Group 14
Chapter 5 – StoichiometryChapter 12 – Environmental Chemistry
Chapter 6 – ThermodynamicsChapter 13 – Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Chapter 7 – Chemical Equilibrium and Acids-BasesChapter 14 – Hydrocarbons

Telangana Board Class 11 Biology Chapters

To have a thorough understanding of chapters like plant kingdom, biomolecules, and human structure, you need to have good resources for your preparation. With Embibe’s explainers and practice questions, you can achieve excellent marks in your exams without any hassle.  Provide a line to introduce the below table

Chapter DetailsChapter Details
Chapter 1 – The Living WorldChapter 12 – Histology and Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Chapter 2 – Biological ClassificationsChapter 13 – Diversity of Living World
Chapter 3 – Plant KingdomChapter 14 – Structural Organisation in Animals
Chapter 4 – Science of Plants – BotanyChapter 15 – Animal Diversity I
Chapter 5 – Morphology in Flowering PlantsChapter 16 – Animal Diversity II
Chapter 6 – Modes of ReproductionChapter 17 – Locomotion and Reproduction
Chapter 7 – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsChapter 18 – Biology in Human Welfare
Chapter 8 – Taxonomy of AngiospermsChapter 19 – Periplaneta Americana
Chapter 9 – The Unit of LifeChapter 20 – Ecology and Environment
Chapter 10 – BiomoleculesChapter 21 – Ecology and Adaptations, Succession and Ecological Services
Chapter 11 – Cell Cycle and Cell Division

FAQs on Telangana Board Class 11 Chapters

Given below are frequently asked questions on Telangana Board Class 11 chapters-

Q. Where can I get Telangana Board Class 11 chapters?

Ans: You can find Telangana Board Class 11 chapters on Embibe.                        

Q. How many chapters are there in the Telangana Board Class 11 Physics?

Ans: There are 14 chapters in the Telangana Board Class 11 Physics.

Q. Which is the most difficult chapter in Telangana Board Class 11 Chemistry?

Ans: Students usually find chapters like p-block elements and s-block elements a bit difficult in Telangana Board Class 11 Chemistry.

Q. Can I get topic-wise videos for Telangana Board Class 11 on Embibe?

 Ans: Yes, you can find Embibe Explainers for every topic of Telangana Board Class 11 on the Embibe App, which will help you understand the chapters thoroughly. 

Q. How does Embibe’s live chat feature help me in my Telangana Board Class 11 exam preparation?

Ans: Embibe’s live chat feature helps clear all your doubts within seconds. Its AI-powered buddy will provide all the answers to your questions for Telangana Board Class 11 within a few seconds. 

Hope this article was helpful to you in understanding the Telangana Board Class 11 chapters. Stay tuned on Embibe for more such articles.

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