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Uttar Pradesh Class 10 Important Topics


Do you want to score 90%+ marks in your UP board Class 10 exams? Well, you may consider this to be tough, isn’t it? After all, more than 20 lakh students appear for the UP Board  Class 10 exams each year. Thinking that you can stay ahead of such a huge competition can make you nervous, but it is not impossible. No one can stop you from excelling if you streamline your preparation and have the right strategy. Well, for that purpose, Embibe is there to help you. 

Embibe will help you prepare most efficiently. If you are determined, focused and familiar with all the important Uttar Pradesh Board Class 10 topics, you can stay ahead of your peers. Embibe covers all the important topics with exciting 3D learning videos and interactive time-based mock tests that will mould your preparation strategy in the right direction allowing you to score 90+ in no time. 

Access UP Board Class 10 Important Topics

Since the UP board is one of the most important boards, you will need to start your preparation accordingly for the Class 10 exams. Once you are familiar with the syllabus, you will need to note down all the important topics you should be preparing. This will eventually play an important role in enhancing your focus and improving your scores.

When you start your preparation with Embibe, you can start from the ground level and move ahead. Embibe’s 3D learning videos will make learning fun and easier for you. You can also refer to the NCERT books available on Embibe.

Furthermore, all the topics are covered in these videos, which makes learning interactive. Once you are done learning the chapters, you can take the time-based mock tests from Embibe. 

The mock tests from Embibe give you a detailed analysis of your performance. Since these mock tests are time-based and are made as per the regulations of the UP board, you can as well be familiar with your performance and improve accordingly. If you want to learn all the important topics, you can find more details about the same in the sections below. 

UP Board Class 10 Topics: Science

Science involves a lot of topics for chapters like Chemical Reactions, Metals and Non-metals, etc., that you will need to prepare carefully. When you are appearing for the board exams, you may learn all the important topics on Embibe for the 10th UP board.

As a result, exam preparation becomes a lot easier by referring to these topics. You can find the important topics for UP Board Class 10 Science in the table below:

Sl NoChaptersTopics
1Chemical Reactions and EquationsChemical Changes and Equations
Types of Chemical Reactions
Effects of Oxidation
2Acids, Bases and SaltsAcid-Base Indicators
Chemical Properties of Acids and Bases
Nature of Acids and Bases
3Metals and Non-metalsPhysical Properties of Metals and Non-metals
Chemical Properties of Metals
Reactions of Metals with Non-metals
4Carbon and Its CompoundsThe Covalent Bond in Carbon
Versatile Nature of Carbon
Chemical Properties of Carbon Compounds

You can get more information about UP Board Class 10 Science from Embibe.

UP Board Class 10 Topics: Maths

If you are a UP board Class 10 student, you need to start your preparation from Embibe. Referring to important topics can help you score higher marks in exams. In the table below, you can find the important topics for UP Board Class 10 Maths:

Sl NoChaptersTopics
1Real NumbersEuclid’s Division Lemma
The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic HCF and LCM
2PolynomialsBasics of Polynomial
Geometric Meaning of the Zeros in Polynomials
Relationship between Zeros and Coefficient of Polynomials
3Pair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesIntroduction
Graphical Method of Solution
Algebraic Method of Solution
4Quadratic EquationsIntroduction
Solution of Quadratic
EquationsNature of Roots

You can find more important topics for UP Board Class 10 Maths from Embibe. 

FAQs on UP Board Class 10 Topics

Some of the frequently asked questions about UP Board Class 10 important topics are given below:

Q. Where can I get practice questions for UP Board Class 10?

Ans: All the important topics for UP board Class 10 are available on Embibe for. You can find all the practice questions once you log in to Embibe. 

Q. Can I score 90+ marks in UP Board Class 10 exams?

Ans: Practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, the key to scoring 90+ marks is constantly practising all the chapters. You can find all UP Board Class 10 study materials on Embibe and eventually start your preparation.

Q. Are important topics for UP Board Class 10 available on Embibe?

Ans: All the important topics for UP board Class 10 are available on Embibe. You can log in to the platform and check each chapter’s important topics. 

Q. Can I follow the NCERT books for UP Board Class 10? 

Ans: You can follow the NCERT Books for UP Board Class 10. 

Q. When is the UP board Class 10 exams 2024?

Ans: The UP board Class 10 exams will tentatively be held in March 2024. 

We hope this article on 10th UP board topics was helpful and you found all the relevant materials for exam preparation. Till then, you may refer to Embibe for more information on the 10th UP board exams. 

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